Sunday, April 5, 2009

What the... SNOW? Seriously?!?!?!

So, it just stopped *blizzarding* here.  I know... snow?  A week before Easter.  Yippee.  Meanwhile, Greyson stands at the window and proclaims his hatred for the damned white stuff.  I did *not* create a snow-loving little man.

Next up, we have me (hi!) avoiding my College Algebra work and Terrorism paper for this week like the plague.  I don't know... when the problem that I attempted in the initial classwork came out SO off base, and the discussion question for the week in Terrorism made me twitch a little with it's "eschatological thinking" in its use of al-Qaeda recruitment...  Yeah.  Not really looking to dive into any of it right away.

Lastly?  I have the initial appointment made for the sleep study I have been referred for on Tuesday, as well as blood work to check my thyroid on Wednesday.  My psych is *really* confused by my body's reaction to, essentially, 25% of the caloric intake I *should* be consuming, yet no downward fluctuation in my weight.  Actually, I have *gained* weight... so yep... she's thinking that all signs are pointing towards possible hypothyroidism.  I wonder how many MORE pills that would mean I would have to take daily... can I up my numbers to 16?  Maybe a nice, round 20?  I know that 15 pills a day currently is just WAY to comfortable right now... (gag).

Oh!  And that doesn't even count the highly likely cholesterol meds (at least for a short while) since one of the meds I have been taking for sleep (in ever-increasing dosages!) has jacked up my cholesterol - AND my blood pressure!  But hopefully, that will remedy on its own without more medication.  I HOPE.

I suppose I should also call my neurologist tomorrow to try and get into see him, too... since it's been almost a month since my MRI.  That will either add a spinal surgery or just even MORE medication to my regime.  YUMMY!

Gah, what I wouldn't give for the body (and the endurance, for the love of everything holy!!) that I had, say eight, 10 years ago?!?  Hells bells.  Eight years ago, 4 hours of sleep a night was REFRESHING.  Now, if I'm LUCKY to even get that much, I feel like I have a sandbox in each eye, and leaden weights tied to each limb.

I wish I could play football again.  I wish I could tear up the volleyball courts without feeling like my muscles were going on strike and just plain LEAVING my body.  Hell, I wish I could jog a half mile and know I wouldn't be feeling like I was 60 afterwards.  *sigh*

I wish I had nothing to bitch about.  Of course, I could just NOT complain... but you know, I just don't remember signing up for this shit.  I'm actively trying to take a better mental grasp of things, but when, at the end of the day, I feel like I have bruises covering 75% of my body... it really just doesn't seem fair, I guess.  The only thing that I *have* been grateful for, medically, is the fact that (at least in the case of my Fibromyalgia) it's not deteriorating... but the pain at times can *really* fool you into feeling like it is.

And this damn snow in April DOES. NOT. HELP. AT. ALL.

Mother Nature can take the crap BACK.

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