Friday, July 24, 2009


I haven't written here in so long, I'm not quite sure how to lay claims to a starting place. 

Going back to school has consumed SO much of me, agreeing to take an extra class and pushing my courses to 6 credits past full-time every term from now on, unless I scream "Stop!" at my advisory board.  Amazingly, I am still managing a 'A' average across all my course, and have remained on the President's List at Kaplan.

Having a bit more time to focus on something other than criminal and constitutional law, criminological assessments and theory, and the general state of deprivation of our country would be a fabulous thing.  I imagine that every waking minute that is not devoted to some form of schoolwork is consumed by Greyson - and with attitude he has developed as of late, is a LOT of time.

I NEED to get going with the rest of my training to become a medical transcriptionist, but I cannot find the motivation to jump in with both feet in the rare occassions that I am not otherwise engulfed to my eyeballs.  It's been SO hard, and I'm amazed that I haven't collapsed in a corner yet - not that the thought hasn't crossed my mind.

This past weekend, we had to make the long drive to Roscommon, Michigan to attempt the creation of an estate for my late great-uncle, as well as retrieve anything of importance from his house.  I knew it would be rough, but I suppose I didn't quite prepare myself for the items that I could come across that dealt with more than just his passing - photos of the grandfather I never got to meet, photos of my dad when he was still able to hold Greyson, numerous photos of my grandmother where it has been discovered that SOMEHOW, we share a slight resemblance.  Photos of funerals.  Funerals of MANY loved ones.  Even things like the grave markers of my uncle's two favorite cats out near the woods.  Yikes.

Overall, the trip was a needed getaway, though not without its stressors.  Greyson unleashed his fury at least ONE of the nights at the hotel, as well as in the car on our journey home, and I can assure you it was far from pleasant.  I think my body is finally closer to being fully recovered from an uncomfortable mattress for three nights combined with the sheer hell of driving 16 hours between Thursday and Sunday.  I may even be underestimating the time a bit, at this point, I couldn't give you an accurate estimate if I tried.

The biggest crisis (at least in my case)?  NO WIFI.  Yep, the WiFi I should have had was apparently out of service the entire stay... which meant nothing less than being unable to access any form of my college login, nor do any research for the papers that I had due shortly after returning home.  In fact, I'm STILL a bit behind - but luckily not behind enough where it has changed my grade.  So that's still a bonus, I suppose.

I have generally had SO much on my mind lately, both with my own things, as well as situations with others.  I can only imagine the personal hells that some of my nearest and dearest are going through right now, and it pains me that I can only do so much, and that I cannot be a shoulder more often than truth.  It is truly times like these where I know who knows that I think of them DAILY, and also come to the sad conclusions on those who apparently don't.  The worst part is that I no longer have any energy beyond what I have already shown in order to convince anyone to take a second look.  I'm done, I'm spent.

Perhaps, I'll find some new footing soon.  In all likelihood, I won't.  Should I even care?  I don't think that I can manage to focus on much more than making my success happen, and the world that my son relies on is consistent and happy.  I can't put him through having a miserable mommy, and damned if I will let anything stand on my way of getting to where I want to be for myself, either.  I'm counting down the courses I have left, and the end is in sight.  Next summer should entertain my last course - at least as far as my Bachelors is concerned.  At this point, I'm considering a short reprieve with working only before tackling my Masters.  I truly do have the goal to work for the FBI, and at the very least, I WILL barrel my way down the path I need to in order to TRY.

For now, all I can hope for is that I can get in some good breaths in the midst of the waves crashing around me right now.  Those who don't support me can gladly get out of my way.

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's no wonder that I like so few people...

There has been some CRAZY shit going down lately, and I just cannot, for the life of me, figure out what anyone is gaining from the situation.  Not the people starting it, not the people continuing it... and especially not the people caught up in the tornado that has formed between the two.

At what age do people seriously finally accept that high school is OVER?  That no one really GIVES a shit anymore... or at least, SHOULDN'T?

Sheesh.  Makes me wanna go all Dexter on people... it's a DAMN good thing that some qualify for special "non-typical-humanity" status, because the state of humanity?  Is piss poor.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

I have a favor to ask.

Can someone send out a memo specifically addressed to my brain that it is not, I repeat, NOT allowed to test the breaking point of my skull by trying to escape its confines?  It's a tad painful, to put it mildly.


Oh yeah, and make sure to staple a copy of today's TPS report to it, and come in on Sunday.  Yeahhhh...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sigh of Relief...

Thank goodness, this term of school is OVER!!!  Terrorism final essay - check.  Stupid flurking Algebra final - check... even though that bastard of a class (which my final grade is a whopping B - I'm pissed, but at least it's not a C) has killed my college 4.0 GPA.  Aaarrrrgh!

Now, I have 2 weeks off.  Until I enter a deeper level of hell which is tackling THREE courses per term instead of the standard two.  So, I'm going from full-time to MORE than full-time... WILLINGLY!  I think I'm literally crazy.  Right now I'm looking at Constitutional Law, Criminology, and Social Problems.  I already TOOK Sociology at the 200 level, so that one shouldn't be too much of a problem at the 300 level.  But, I have yet ANOTHER law class.  And the following term?  Yes, you guessed it - yet ANOTHER law class, Legal Foundations of Criminal Evidence, paired up with Bioethics and Forensic Fingerprint Analysis.


Don't get me wrong - I LOVE what I am doing, and I get absolutely giddy when I think about the career that I am heading towards.  It's just a battle through new territory, since my first college major?  Was MUSIC PERFORMANCE.  Yeah.  I can honestly say that I have gone a complete 180.  Woo boy.

In other news, I'm ready to take a hit out on Mother Nature.  It's almost JUNE, and all week?  It hasn't been a single degree warmer than 65 - and THAT'S highballing it.  It's been raining and yucky for days now, and DAMN if I don't desperately need some sun!  Mother Nature had honestly better get her shit together in the next week and a half, because driving up to BooFoo Michigan will NOT be a fun time simply because of my mission (dealing with my great-uncle's estate, gathering any belongings from "the old country," etc), but if I have to deal with rain and non-summer-like temperatures?  The people at the Probate Court had better hope they've got some medieval armor waiting in the back just for encounters like the one they will have with me.

All week, my brain has been a bit fuzzy - like I'm walking through a haze of confusion.  A lot of things just don't seem to make sense once you scratch past the surface.  Mercury in retrograde - okay, I get that - but, really?  Does it have to fuck with me THIS badly?  C'mon - it took me FOUR FRIGGIN' HOURS to take my Algebra final.  Ouch.  I really should NOT have been staring at quadratic formulas and shit for that long.

I just hope that Greyson actually sleeps through the night tonight, and doesn't decide to start his day at 6am again.  That shit's NOT fun - especially when he was waking me up crying at LEAST every hour all. night. long.  Damn.  *sigh*

Monday, May 11, 2009


My Algebra class is going to KILL my GPA.  Bye bye 4.0.  *sigh*

I'll be lucky to get a B as a final grade in the class.  Rrrrraaaaaahhhhh!

That is all.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Dangers of Coming Home

So, I've been slacking.  I know, I know, what else is new, right?

A week ago, I was basking in the glory that is Phoenix, Arizona.  What I wouldn't give for some of that sun again right now!  Here in Chicago, it's only 55 degrees (again) and looks like it is going to storm.  Tomorrow is supposed to be just as dreary, just as gloomy, and it's doing NOTHING for my sense of motivation.

What I AM surprised about is how fantastically dark and skin-cancer-risking I got in only 2 1/2 days in sunny AZ.  Wow.  I guess I just haven't had such a great dose of sun in quite a long time - it's almost harder to hit up some sun here at home than it is out there simply out of the humidity aspect.  For the love of all that's holy, it's 98% here right now!  Yuck!!!

Also, I only have about 2 1/2 weeks of class left this term.  While I will be happy to see Algebra and Counter-Terrorism go the way of the Mammoth, in June I have elected to take THREE courses at once instead of the general full-term enrollment of only two - and I think that I might lose my mind a little bit more each day.  Especially since MetalliDad has just had his practices switched from Tuesdays to Wednesdays, and, of course, I have back-to-back classes on Wednesday nights.  So, not only do I have to apply myself to seminar, but I have to find something to keep the Munchkin occupied during that two hours each week.  I think I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew, but I want desperately to just GET that degree done, and move on to my Masters degree... the sooner the better!  Besides which, I need some BANK!  LOL

We'll see how things go!  I'm off to work on a paper for that dreaded Counter-Terrorism class - wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Near Disaster of Jury Duty

Yes, folks... I was called in for Jury Duty at the early hour of 8am on Monday morning, to be immediately called to a courtroom for what would be an intense *2 days* of deliberations over which jury members to keep.  I got plopped in the jury box with the first random call, only to find out that the case was an appeal on a VERY high-profile murder trial from 1992.  The problem?  I knew not only the twin sister of the deceased (I had met her shortly after the murder), but also know the sister of the man on trial.

Wow.  At the end of Tuesday, I was dismissed to re-join the general pool of jurors, since this week is apparently a *very* busy week at the County Courthouse.

I had *almost* wished to remain on the panel, if for no other reason than experience in my upcoming career as a Crime Scene Investigator... but how in the world can you be completely unbiased considering personal knowledge of both families involved???

Not only that, but MANY people that I know today were VERY close to either the sisters or the accused.  I know that I will be following this case closely over the estimated three weeks that it is scheduled to take before a verdict has been reached.

I am home from duty all day today, but still have to phone in this evening to find out if I need to report tomorrow... and do the same for Friday, as well.  I'm hoping for either a relief from all duties for the rest of the week, or at least to be utilized for another interesting case.  God only knows what may lie in store behind a different set of courtroom doors...

I DO wish the friends, family, and acquaintances of BOTH parties peace throughout the next few weeks and beyond... I cannot even imagine what any of them may be going through...


Saturday, April 11, 2009

200th Post, Say What?

Wow.  Ahem.  I had no idea I had written so much already.

Moving on...

Wednesday night, I had a polysomnography done, or in layman's terms, an overnight sleep study with more electrodes attached to my scalp, face, chest, shoulders. legs... you get the point... than I had ever imagined.  I think the number topped off at *24*.  And I had to SLEEP like that, with leads coming off of every point, and a nasal cannula & respiratory sensor in/on my nose.  Nice.

Needless to say, even with the current dose of sleep meds, I only got about 5 hours of sleep.  *sigh*

The good news?  That I should have SOME clue as to why I have to be drugged to sleep (and also why only ONE medication has even come close to "fixing" my insomnia, albeit with ever-increasing doses), and also why most nights, before I *do* fall asleep, I feel like my body is going into muscle spasms, flinging legs and arms into twitchy, uncomfortable, relentless movement until I finally close my eyes.  And I should find out by the 20th or so.

Of course, my follow-up appointment isn't until the 28th, but... well, such is life.  Actually, that reminds me, I need to call and re-schedule ANOTHER follow-up I have that they set for May 1st with another of my multitude of doctors.  Heh, I'll be in Phoenix that day. =)

In the spirit of adding more medical care to my repetoire than I ever thought humanly possible for someone who is still able to walk, talk, and breathe, I also need to call a podiatrist.  Yippee, fun... and I can't even see the doctor I used to work for, since he doesn't accept our insurance.  No, I have to find a NEW doctor to poke, prod, squeeze, and X-ray my feet.  My damned right foot has been a constant source of pain for, oh, the last three to four weeks?  And instead of getting better like I convinced myself it would, the last few days have been a REAL doozy, causing me to only walk on the INSIDE of my foot, and making for a really *fun* looking gait.  It's wonderous, I tell you... I'm just trying to figure out WHAT I did to it, since I'm SO beyond buying that it could in any way related to my fibromyalgia.  That just doesn't add up.

By the way, can I just add, WTF?  Because it's not enough that with the fibro, I have random, body-encompassing pain to some degree daily, but also digestive issues, headaches, jaw issues, dental issues, sleep issues... but now, one of the ONLY parts of my body that ISN'T affected?  Yep, my foot takes a dive and decides to join the gang in causing me more personal grief.

Greyson, on the other hand, is becoming a monster.  No, not the previously-discussed "scream at you for an hour just because I feel like it" monster, but rather, of the growing and eating and OH MY GOD YOU HAVE AN APPETITE kind.  I'm pretty much convinced that he has gained two pounds in the last few weeks, and both his hands and feet has grown noticeably in less than a week's time.  Apparently, with Spring, not only do the plants and flowers grow, but also, little boys.

He has given his reading a HUGE leap ahead, and now attempts to sound out new words in a seamless fashion, rather than the typical "little kid" syllabic-chunk way.  He's learned to zip his own coats and jackets now, too, making headroom in the fine motor department.  His letters and numbers look a bit better each day, making me wonder just WHAT it is that has carried him this far.

I cannot take the credit for it, I have never sat down to teach him unless he has started on his own.  I have wanted to foster a childhood in him that is all too easily surpassed in a world where everything seems to be done earlier and sooner and where children look three years older than their actual age before they even ht puberty.  No, I cannot take any of the credit... but I certainly find myself fearing that I will shoulder some, if not all of the blame in time.

I find myself both overglowingly proud and also frightened as he surpasses new things, seemingly, each time I glance his way.  I don't want him to miss a minute of the glory that is being a child, and yet, somehow, I know that in some ways, he will.  No matter what I do, because he has accomplished all these things that grab at my heart and bring tears to my eyes no matter what I HAVEN'T done.  He has perfectly and completely become HIMSELF, seamlessly and effortlessly, all a part of his own, special world... and I am amazed, proud, and choked up at each little segment of this little man's personality and strength.

Somehow, I cannot remember, no matter how hard I try, to figure out just how we have reached this point - him quickly encroaching upon three and a half, and me, stumbling to find my footing at 28.  Each day is filled with a melange of near each emotion I can fathom, and nothing could have *ever* prepared me for this moment in time, this witnessing of *my* child growing more and more into himself every day.

And even knowing what I know now, this all will do nothing to prepare me for another child in the future, if ever and whenever that day comes.  It's like trying to describe a faultless sunset, or the breathtaking beauty that is the northern lights over the phone to someone who can't see through to the outside... each time you try, you feel a bit more secure in your findings, but never truly prepared for what new color or ribbon of light always seems to slip into view just a second later.

I only know that the moments I feel tears start to sting my eyes are far more in the way of pride and overwhelming joy mean much, much more that those when the burn is from a moment felt in sorrow or pain.  My son has taught me that no matter *what* I have or haven't done, that he will keep on going, smiling and showing the world that he is on his way through, changing all he touches.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring... it is so easy to take what we have for granted in a world where others have much worse things to face.  Many, many wishes for healing to Heather and Mike, who lost their precious daughter Maddie this past Tuesday. 

Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, I HAD just finished a nice, long post...

Only to have blogger delete it, and act like it never existed.

Time to go bury my head under a rock.

And it was all full of light and happiness, too! (Okay, well SOME light and happiness... LOL)

Damnit. It's one of THOSE days, isn't it?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What the... SNOW? Seriously?!?!?!

So, it just stopped *blizzarding* here.  I know... snow?  A week before Easter.  Yippee.  Meanwhile, Greyson stands at the window and proclaims his hatred for the damned white stuff.  I did *not* create a snow-loving little man.

Next up, we have me (hi!) avoiding my College Algebra work and Terrorism paper for this week like the plague.  I don't know... when the problem that I attempted in the initial classwork came out SO off base, and the discussion question for the week in Terrorism made me twitch a little with it's "eschatological thinking" in its use of al-Qaeda recruitment...  Yeah.  Not really looking to dive into any of it right away.

Lastly?  I have the initial appointment made for the sleep study I have been referred for on Tuesday, as well as blood work to check my thyroid on Wednesday.  My psych is *really* confused by my body's reaction to, essentially, 25% of the caloric intake I *should* be consuming, yet no downward fluctuation in my weight.  Actually, I have *gained* weight... so yep... she's thinking that all signs are pointing towards possible hypothyroidism.  I wonder how many MORE pills that would mean I would have to take daily... can I up my numbers to 16?  Maybe a nice, round 20?  I know that 15 pills a day currently is just WAY to comfortable right now... (gag).

Oh!  And that doesn't even count the highly likely cholesterol meds (at least for a short while) since one of the meds I have been taking for sleep (in ever-increasing dosages!) has jacked up my cholesterol - AND my blood pressure!  But hopefully, that will remedy on its own without more medication.  I HOPE.

I suppose I should also call my neurologist tomorrow to try and get into see him, too... since it's been almost a month since my MRI.  That will either add a spinal surgery or just even MORE medication to my regime.  YUMMY!

Gah, what I wouldn't give for the body (and the endurance, for the love of everything holy!!) that I had, say eight, 10 years ago?!?  Hells bells.  Eight years ago, 4 hours of sleep a night was REFRESHING.  Now, if I'm LUCKY to even get that much, I feel like I have a sandbox in each eye, and leaden weights tied to each limb.

I wish I could play football again.  I wish I could tear up the volleyball courts without feeling like my muscles were going on strike and just plain LEAVING my body.  Hell, I wish I could jog a half mile and know I wouldn't be feeling like I was 60 afterwards.  *sigh*

I wish I had nothing to bitch about.  Of course, I could just NOT complain... but you know, I just don't remember signing up for this shit.  I'm actively trying to take a better mental grasp of things, but when, at the end of the day, I feel like I have bruises covering 75% of my body... it really just doesn't seem fair, I guess.  The only thing that I *have* been grateful for, medically, is the fact that (at least in the case of my Fibromyalgia) it's not deteriorating... but the pain at times can *really* fool you into feeling like it is.

And this damn snow in April DOES. NOT. HELP. AT. ALL.

Mother Nature can take the crap BACK.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tee Hee!

Okay people... first, I was BURIED in snow ON MY BIRTHDAY.  IN CHICAGO.  On the 29th of MARCH.  Has Mother Nature forgotten what time of year it is because we changed the daylight savings dates?!?!?

And then, I got to spend my birthday in the hospital with Ralph.  Looking at a foot with only 4 toes.  YUM.  Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE feet?!?!  And this is even talking the normal, 5-toed variety.  Joy.

BUT!  He got to come home today!!  Yippee!  Of course, he's hobbling a bit, but my god, he has NO PAIN.  If I had a toe cut off, I'd be in pain.  Wouldn't YOU be in pain?  But nope - for him?  Nada.  Lucky man.

I'm hoping that Ralph's return will change Grey's behavior some.  He's been, well... not so nice.  Today, he wasn't cranky... he was just plain CRAZY!!  I haven't seen him this goofy in a LONG time... and it was ALL day!!  He was near tears because he wanted GRITS for dinner.  Yep.  He cried because no one was JUMPING up to make them at that VERY MOMENT, and he ate almost two full packets of them.  Weirdo.  I offered him ravioli... he wanted GRITS.  Sometimes I wonder about that boy...  I guess he got a good dose of his Papa in him, since he was raised down south.  Who knows?!?!

AND!  I have actual tickets booked for a SOLO trip to Arizona the first weekend of May... I cannot WAIT!  I'm determined to come home TAN.  Last year when I was out there, the weather was like here in April...  So, no tan then.  COMPLETE.  DETERMINATION. THIS TIME.  Heh.

I have a meds followup tomorrow, because obviously?  I am NOT asleep, and it is after midnight.  And I have had to hit backspace 11,000 times already.  So, I'm awake, but not quite coherent.  Shouldn't that mean I'm TIRED?  Ah, but no... my body screams, "SLEEP IS NOT A WORD IN YOUR VOCABULARY!!!" almost every night.  So, off I go to see what comes next.  Can you believe I had a brief conversation over the phone with my doctor about Xyrem (which I found out is fucking GHB!!!!????) to make me sleep?!?!  I hope there's a step BEFORE that...  I mean, I guess I could sell it for income...  No, no... that wouldn't look too good while trying to get my CSI degree.  Heh.  HEH HEH, even.

I'm gonna go try and hypnotize myself to sleep with boring, late night TV.  Hope you all had a better past few days than me!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Well, Things Haven't Quite Gone As Planned...

There was no lunch date with the hubby - he didn't wake up until 1:30pm, so that idea was a tad shot out of the water.  He didn't check into the hospital yet, either - he is going tomorrow (Monday).  I sincerely hope that he called his doctor (since he was given his cell number) to make sure that pre-admission arrangements are made, so this can all go more smoothly.  Otherwise, he's going to have a LONG wait in admissions while they try to get a hold of the doctor and find a room and bed for him.  *sigh*

Greyson had an... interesting day today.  Hubby punished him for his behavior Saturday night (while Daddy wasn't home) all because he had told him before he left that he had "better behave for Mommy," and his attitude pretty much plummeted shortly after Ralph packed up and took off for his show.  He did an amazing job of sitting on the bed, though (I still let him watch a movie).

Later on, he was made to sit in his chair (by Dad) because of not listening.  All he  had to do was apologize, and the stubborn little stinker sat there for a good 45 minutes before he would apologize... and then, only to me.  While I got the biggest hugs in the world, he said that he was "upset with Daddy because he yelled and spanked his butt."  Well, can't argue there - be we did talk about how Daddy didn't do these things while he was behaving, so it wasn't *too* fair to be upset enough to not apologize, and that if he apologized, I'm sure that Daddy would, too.

Greyson *finally* apologized to Ralph.  Ralph did not.  Eh.

On the lighter side, I have in the works a FABULOUS vacation being planned out, just me, to get away for at least a LITTLE bit, to sunny Arizona, courtesy of my BESTEST Bea.  (Love you, hon!!!)  She's covering my flight as a birthday present... and I couldn't be happier.  It's such a great gesture, that I am going to have to load myself with something *extra* special to bring along with me!!  I truly canNOT wait... but even knowing that it IS going to happen helps lighten the load a little.  I felt absolutely refreshed after visiting last March, that I know this will be great for my mind, body, and soul... and believe me, they ALL need it!  =)

Greyson is BLOWING me away EVERY. DAY. by bringing me books... and then reading him themself.  He still has a bit of trouble with BRAND new words sometimes, because those PESKY vowels have two sounds, and he can't always decide which one is the *right* one.  I mean, C'MON!  Who made up THAT rule anyways?!?  hehehehe

I will have to scan and post a letter he wrote me...  Greyson Loves Mom.  Is that enough to melt your heart, or what?  I constantly find pieces of paper around the house adorned with his adorable rendition of his name... and am SOOO proud of how well he has developed in forming his letters, with little help at all!!!  SOMEONE is helping this kid out, once again...  I suppose I may be able to look at the stars and thank my grandma, my mother-in-law, and my Mamaw...  I'm sure it's not the first time, and I can pretty much be assured it's not the last.  =)

SO, we are starting a new week... a HECTIC week, as one would have it, but a NEW week anyhow... we'll see how this one pans out!  *crossing fingers*  It's almost ALWAYS an issue when Grey KNOWS that Daddy is not going to be around, as apparently, he has taken the role of "The Punisher" now in Grey's mind, and Mommy is one whose buttons need to be pushed, prodded, and sometimes JAMMED, just to see what he can get away with.  Nice to know that SOME part of him is truly still three, as frustrating as that is daily anyhow!!!

I *do* need to fill out the paperwork to enroll him in our school district's preschool program... and then will come "the testing."  I'm almost afraid to hear what they will tell me, especially knowing most of the psychologists in the school system!!!  I'm sure that the entire process will be an adventure!!! =P


Saturday, March 21, 2009

As the weekend begins...

It ends, too.  REALLY fast, apparently.  Ralph has a show tonight in Joliet, so he has been gone since about 5pm.  Greyson *lost it* and instead of getting the USUAL "Movie Night" that we have on nights where Daddy has a show, he instead got sent to bed at 7pm instead of 9.  I KNOW I'm probably going to regret it in the morning, but he SOOOOO needed to just go to sleep!!!

Tomorrow, I am *hoping* to be able to at least go out to lunch with Ralph, since Thursday was our anniversary... which, unfortunately, went unacknowledged until I asked about lunch Sunday last night.  He's checking into the hospital Sunday evening / afternoon, so it's pretty much the last chance we'll get to spend time together for who knows HOW long... it all depends on how long they want him there for IV antibiotics, and if they decide that the infection level is low enough for surgery NOW (or if it's even needed), or if he has to come back AGAIN after a super-long course of IV antibiotics, even at home, since they'll be sending him home with a PICC line again, just like when we found out he was diabetic almost 2 years ago.  *sigh*

I recently reconnected with an old friend from school, who invited me into a monthly playgroup, essentially comprised of all women I went to high school with... and I'm JAZZED!  It's something that, I think, is desperately needed both for Greyson and for me - we are both feeding off of each other's cabin fever, and the stress levels get *rather* high.

I hardly ever get out anymore... seriously.  I'm lucky if I'm away from the house once a week, and even then it's usually a doctor's appointment of some sort.  I really, REALLY need to find some sort of motivation, because I think I've only consumed *maybe* 500 a day for the last week or more, and yet, with the meds, I've gained weight according to my last Dr. visit.  Luckily, they are testing my thyroid, because ONE of my doctors really thinks that there is a problem there.  LUCKY ME!  Just one more pill to take, one more medical condition to tack on to my long list of ailments.

God, I hope Greyson keeps his AWESOME immunity and health... I am SO afraid of him becoming diabetic, even if it's as late as Ralph was diagnosed.  Other than that, the only thing I can foresee is that I think he inherited the extra vertebra where the cervical spine becomes the thoracic... My dad has it, and so do I.  Yippee!

I need sleep.  I don't know how well that will fare, but I need to try.  Luckily, I have a "med review" on the 31st, and there's been talk of some pretty serious changes to what I have to take daily.  13 pills a day as it is, let's see what we can get up to next!!!  =P

Wish me a better day tomorrow than today!!  =)  XOXO

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Such a Beautiful Day Outside, Such a Grievous and Chaotic Day Inside...

It is actually 70 degrees outside right now.  Here.  March in Chicago and it's NOT. SNOWING.

I haven't been able to get Greyson outside yet today, because I've been spending part of the day grieving a bit for an old school friend who, as of last notification, shot and killed himself yesterday.  That's the only information that I have, and it seems that everyone I know that was still in touch with him is at a standstill as far as information goes.

Another part of my day has been spent looking for the mysterious disappearing chicken, who, even after digging through two separate freezers, twice each,  until I could no longer feel my fingertips, was still missing... until I went back to the first freezer and GEE WHIZ!  It's in a DIFFERENT color bag than I was TOLD it was in, and I found it - after wasting a good 30-45 minutes of my day of trying to find it and then ALSO discovering that the corned beef I was going to make?  YEAH... all the makings for it got FROZEN.  So, dinner prep was a bit of a panic with a three year old who has decided that Mommy is NO longer boss of HIM running around and making me lose what little bit of sanity I have left.

The good news?  This term of college is DONE... finals and all.  And once again, PRAISE the friggin EVERYTHING (LOL) I am walking away with another 4.0.  WHEW!!!  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull it off this term (friggin LAW class!), but FINALLY - I'm done.

Now I have Intermediate Algebra and Terrorism Today to tackle starting the 25th.  JOY!!!  =X
Now, honestly, I need to throw this question out here, because I'm hoping that someone, ANYONE, will have insight for me.

WHAT do you do with a three year old boy, who is reading and trying his hand at writing rather well, considering, that decides that, suddenly, one day, he is "the BOSS, and will do whatever (he) feels like or will say whatever (he) feels like saying?!?!?!"  Seriously people.  I am at my wit's end, seemingly, ONCE again, wondering just WHAT this kid is trying to DO to me!  No punishment touches him - he gets things taken from him, both actual physical items as well as privileges, he gets stuck in time out, he gets spankings (and even THESE don't phase him, so they are pretty much no longer used)... I'm lost.

He almost consistently wakes up too early, but absolutely WILL NOT NAP... I KNOW that part of the issue is him being overtired... but when an attempted nap time turns into nothing more than a screaming match... is it really worth it??  I can't just wait until he is THAT tired where he'll fall asleep without fighting, because that's pretty much DINNERTIME.  And then he will literally stay awake until at least 1 am.  No joke.

I feel myself getting stressed out more and more every day, and it's not helping matters - I KNOW this.  But it's harder and harder to gain control of the "take a deep breath and count to 10" kinda deal.  I just... get LOST in the moment and have no clue as to what step to take next.  I am trying to grasp tight to the notion that "Nobody Can Hurt Me Without My Permission" - but my GOD, is that difficult sometimes!!

As it stands, my blood pressure, which is normally so low that, while in labor, they thought I was going to pass out because the combination of my normally low pressure and the effects of the medication brought it to a staggering 80/52...  last night, my BP was 157/96.  I thought I was going to blow a gasket just looking at that number - I have NEVER had high blood pressure in my LIFE... and now suddenly THIS creeps up out of NOWHERE?  Something's not right... and something needs to be done SOON.

I had a 2nd MRI... and I have yet to make a followup with the neurologist.  WHY?  Because I'm SCARED.  Either I'm having surgery, or I'm being sent to yet ANOTHER pain clinic, except this time it's not PT, it's alternate drug therapies...  Neither sounds fun, believe me. 

I also have to determine when, if EVER, is a good time to start looking for internships.  I'm pretty much positive THAT'S not going to happen until the Fall or later, when I can get Greyson going in preschool...  it's just... NOT gonna work right now, that's for sure.

*sigh*  I'm stressed out TYPING this!  I need to try and take a breather...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Phew! One Down, One to Go!... and The Toddler Who Read, and Read, and Read Some More!

I am officially done with one of my two final papers for this term (each term laast 10 weeks - I know, strange, but that's what I get when i opt to accelerated learning).  My OLD transcripts should arrive at Kapln either Tuesday or Wednesday...and believe me, I know that it's pushing that deadline awfully quickly, since term ends March 17th.  So far, so good with class - no 100%'s across the board like last term, but I should again pull a *minumum* a Dean's List honor, if not the full-fledged President's Honor as I did for October through Janusry.  Eh.  I just want A's so I can maintain my rockin 4.0.  So THERE.

I've been briefly contemplating adding a third class to my load for next term... but with having to take college-level algebra AGAIN, as well as "Terrorism Today," I'm not sure what exactly would work well with the above-mentioned duo... unless I take a criminal psychology course, since I have had so much psych pumped into my veins in the past, my marrow whould be spitting it out along with new blood cells.

Any opinions on adding a third course?  Do you think I can handle it?!?!  Eep!
For those of you who have asked... yes, I'm okay.  Not necessarily 100% okay, but I'm surviving.  Things are simply in a deep financial rut, and I'm trying my damndest to find a job here from home in case a) I DO need spinal surgery, a b) the weather goes damn haywire, bring my fibro pain levels up to a decrepit high.  Hell, if I dtill felt GOOD, we've have no problem... except for that until August, my son does not qualify for district prechool, so my paycheck would essentiall be turned over to my employer just for him to be in the building with me, but to have others care for him.  Hmmmm, gee, what a hard choice THAT creates,  Duh.

So, anyone want a bookkeeper, transciptionst, order proessor, data processor/proofreader?  I have experience with all of the above so (turns into a little girl)  Pick me! Pick Me! PICK ME!!!  Heh.

I think I need to get some sleep... I have to write a criminal statue on cyberbullying, including the defintions, forms, and possible punishments involved.  It just makes me wanna PUKE.
On a happier note... (or a "bring me a brick wall" note), Greyson has been READING.  EVERYTHING.  In the grocery store - "OH!  This isle says first aid, we have to look for more bandaids here!" or "Mom, the milk is dated March 18th, is that okay?"  YES.  We get looks ALL the time.  NO, we have put NO pressure on him to read.  OH!  And we have in no way shape, or form done anything to him for him to come up to me and ask if he could watch an online autopsy video "to see what's inside everyone."  Yikes.  He was actually studying my new MRIs in comparisons to the ones from his past October.  "Is that where your bad discs are, Mommy?"  I'm tellling ya... Dr. Circelli by day - Iron Greyson by night.  This child NEVER provides a dull moment. 
Want an awesomely cute three year old?  For a day?  An hour?  Okay, how about a few minutes?!?!  So far, he's only cut paper with scissors, so at least you're safe on that part, so far... hehehe

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just... God Damnit.

I am just... in a BAD situation right now.  Okay, that's nor fair - the whole FAMILY is in a bad situation.

Anybody who cares... can you just say a little prayer, think a little thought, send some good vibes out into the Universe... something.

I can't (don't want to?) go into details right now... but we're up shit creek.  No paddles.  No escape route.  And it's looking like a waterfall coming up on our rickety little canoe.

I had another MRI yesterday.  Things are defnintely worse... so now I honestly am in fear of having to need spinal surgery.  We're financiially FUCKED... and that's putting it LIGHTLY.

I think the ONLY good news is that Greyson is at LEAST 99% potty trained, and that Ralp is getting the care he needs on his diabetic ulcer on his foot.

Fuck.  Double fuck.  I can't even SEE the silver lining right now...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I’m looking for a way to feel you hold me

Feel your heartbeat just one more time

Reaching back, trying to touch the moment

Each precious minute that you were mine

How do you prepare

When you love someone this way

To let them go a little more each day?

The stars we put in place

The dreams we didn’t waste

The sorrows we embraced

The world belonged to you and me

The oceans that we crossed

The innocence we lost

The hurting at the end

I’d go there again

‘Cause it was beautiful

It was beautiful

Some days, missing you is overwhelming

When it hits me you’re not coming back

And in my darkest hours, I have wondered

Was it worth it for the time we had?

My thoughts get kind of scattered

But one thing I know is true

I blessed the day that I found you

The stars we put in place

The dreams we didn’t waste

The sorrows we embraced

The world belonged to you and me

The oceans that we crossed

The innocence we lost

The hurting at the end

I’d go there again

‘Cause it was beautiful

It was beautiful

The rules we stepped aside

The fear that we defied

The thrill of the ride

The fire in our hearts that burned

The oceans that we crossed

The innocence we lost

The hurting at the end

I’d go there again

‘Cause it was beautiful

It was beautiful

~~~ Amy Grant & Vince Gill ~~~

(agreeably, NOT my typical style of music... but my God, this song is, well, BEAUTIFUL. And MEANINGFUL, on many different levels...)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

To Share a Bit of Sorrow

A dear, dear friend of mine lost her mother on February 9th. She was really unable to even find the time to let me know her mom was gone until now, after flying back home from her family out in California. Apparently, Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer on the 6th, and had only those last three days to fight.

If you're the praying kind, pray for her.
If you're the blessings kind, bless her.
If you're the thinking of you kind, please think of her.
If only a random, passing thought... send a little love her way. Jeana has been like family to me, and was a shining light while we were still in our old apartment where I had no one else around. She's still very raw from this, as expected, and any little bit of love will only help her heal.

Thanks, everyone.

Wiped Out

I haven't been able to write lately. I probably shouldn't be writing right now. The stresses of this term of college combined with a continuously-developing three year old who not only can rattle off the spellings of his full name as well as tell you our entire address and phone number, but yesterday astonished me by reading a newly-explored book meant for elementary school-aged kids... starting the process of re-doing our bedroom complete with a brsnd new frame, mattress, bedset, all new pillows... *sigh* There has simply been so much to do, and so much more cold, winter weather still lingering that is clinging to my body like a leaden suit, magnifying the oh-so-persistent pains of not only the fibromyalgia, but also the herniations in my back that send spasms of pain down sometimes both legs at once.

There have been days I question taking on the task of returning to school at this point in my life, if for no other reason than the absolutely exhausting mental tasks that these two current courses have required. I have yet to experience a single week without at least one research paper due, and I am now, after this current paper, facing finals - two incredibly detailed research papers dealing with both the investigational and legal aspects of the criminal justice system. There are times where I catch myself somewhat laughing at myself, having gone from an original major upon finishing high school of both music and psychology with a goal of becoming a music therapist, making the decision to toss all that aside and enter the world of a crime scene investigator. I wonder what I will be facing, knowing that the medical limitations on me right now would leave any prospective employer laughing before offering me a position working as an on-scene investigator - especially with me wanting to become sworn and not just remain a civillian investigator. I wonder how I am going to be, facing possible swing shifts and needing to be focused and prepped at different times throughout the week, knowing that right now, I completely rely on prescribed medication in order to barely get the sleep I need as a stay at home mom... and even then, sometimes, it's like grasping at straws wondering if those pills will work one more time. I think the running total has been nine different medications over the course of two-plus years in order to try and bring me that absolute essential of life.

I have both the relief and stress that comes from being in the same house as my parents for this overwhelmingly NEW shift in my life. It's not always pretty, but there are times it's my lifesaver, my rescue raft. But even now, knowing that when I need it, I will have eyes to watch Grey while I go for my second MRI, I am finding myself lost in even deciding when I have the time - even though only when I have it completed will I know what next fate holds for me, be it having to schedule spinal surgery or fit multiple appointments at yet a different pain management clinic in order to try and attain some level of normalcy on my day-to-day functional levels.  And also knowing that, as I do this, I have to continue to look for some form of employment - even at a part-time level - in order to keep this little family of mine afloat, trying not to be downtrodden by the numerous applications that I have already submitted and heard not a peep from.  There are only so many positions available where I could actually perform at an optimal level for that specific job, and also know that I'd actually be able to get out of my car by myself after I drove home again.

There are times where I wonder just how or why I have been hit by this pain.  The spinal issues - okay, Dad's side is chock full of degenerative disc disease.  But something else has caused this late-in-life scoliosis (as minor as it may be), something else has triggered this hell they call Fibromyalgia.  And only for the last year or so has there been a singe medication approved for the treatment of it.  I'm on a high dose as it is, at 300mg, and even then, there is no such thing as full relief - only a higher risk of drug-related weight gain, which in turn puts more stress on my body.  A wonderfully spinning catch-22 for all of my ailments.

I feel as if I'm become this horrible friend, choosing to spend the majority of my free time, the little that there is, at home and trying to rest up for tackling the next day ahead, especially since I can never truly predict just how the mext morning will find me.  There is so much that I have missed, so much that I feel others hold against me, for not being that initiator of contact that when I do, it goes unnoticed.  I find myself wanting to do oh SO much, yet failing to find that energy that even less than a handful of years ago I had more than enough of... and I have yet to even face the big "3-0". 

I keep trying to tell myself that it will all work out, that I will find again what has gone missing from this shell of "me," and yet day by day I seem to lose sight of it even more.  And damn, if there aren't some days that I don't even know how to fight for it anymore... IF I can fight for it anymore.  My mind can go wherever it pleases, but if the body is unwilling or unable, well... here I sit.

I am trying to hold onto some possible optimism, that I am supposed to be involved in a new study for fibromyalgia treatment this month.  Will I see results?  Only time will tell on that one.  As for now, I face scheduling one more test to see if anything can be done for this searing back pain... three more papers by the 17th to determine my student status at the end of yet one more term... appointments with not just one, but three separate doctors to try and manage the different facets of my daily medical needs.... a son who very obviously needs less sleep than I do, and is quickly leaving me at a loss of what to do to keep his exponentially developing mind occupied... a husband who, having just gotten out of the hospital himself once again for diabetic complications, needs to rely on me for things that I wish I could promise but can't always keep up with what my mind holds in its plans... friends that I fear losing all for what I have no control over, and wondering if that makes them truly friends anymore at all...

With that, I'll shuffle myself into the kitchen to throw together a leftovers of a dinner for those who need me right now, including the little man who is currently singing along to one of Metallica's newest releases on his Mp3 player, and the big man who is only doing God knows what in the lower level we call "home."  I'll walk the patterns of the everyday in the hopes that one of these times I'll stumble upon something new, something enthralling and envigorating, something that will give me a little sense of the self that once was. 

For those of you who have lingered and clung to me as I have clung to you through everything... I can only begin to put into words just how much that means to me every waking minute (one of you especially).  I promise, someday, it will be paid back, I will find a way...


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inappropriate Card Day!!!

Tired and Complicated

Well, the hubby is in the hospital... diabetic complications which have resulted in a never-healing foot ulcer becoming infected for the third time in less than two years.  The minimum he will be there is a 23-hour observation (which would mean home tomorrow evening-ish).  THANKFULLY, they will be referring him to a wound care clinic upn discharge, so that *hopefully* something will finally start heading in the right direction for this nasty, ulcerated right foot.  *shudder*

Actually, his doctor while I was there was the ONLY doctor in that ER that actually *did* anything for my pain, and got me to the point that, even though I arrived not even able to stand, I walked out of the building on my own.  Sweet.  And his nurse (former drummer, apparently!) really kicked some major bedside butt since he spent a solid 10 minutes answering any questions I had regarding Ralph's treatment and such.

At least I know that he BIG man is being taken care of.  The LITTLE man... eek.  We didn't have the greatest of days... once AGAIN.

Just before getting ready to head over to the hospital to bring Ralph a couple things (including something to eat - YUCK!  They gave him a "cold-pack lunch" that apparently tasted like it had been in someone's SHOE all day), I walk into the computer room, not only to find Grey standing in my office chair... but standing there with his fingernails painted.  Well, more like every finger from the knuckle to the tip painted.  YES... and it was up on the SECOND shelf of the compter hutch, which means that in the whole five minutes *maybe* that I was out of the room, he HAD to have climbed onto the desk ITSELF at least briefly.  *sigh*

Did I mention that he also got streaks of red, shimmery polish all over a BRAND new pair of gripper socks from Old Navy??  And *somehow* managed to get nail polish in a stripe up the inside of his thigh??  Aaaaand... (here's the kicker) he got a nickel-shaped glob of nail polish that just *barely* managed to not seep all the way through on the crotch of his UNDERWEAR.  I don't get it... was this child trying to paint hib nuts?!?  GEEBUZ!!!

So, I head to the hospital, blah blah blah... Watch the last 20 minutes of House (THAT'S how much he should appreciate me, damnit - I left to bring him food knowing FULL well that I'd be missing HOUSE!!), hang out a bit more to make sure I talk to both he nurse AND the doctor.  Great.  No problem... 8:25, gonna head home... Aaaaand, I arrive home to a *very* in trouble little boy.

He used PAM for HAIRSPRAY.  (How he even GOT into it is beyond me.)  He now looks like a greaser... and all because I *refused* to give him a bath at that moment in time, right before bed, since bathtime is a HORROR when it comes down to washing his hair.

Someone want to borrow a really CUTE three year old who's in the middle of a preschool "PMS" phase?!?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Found the Secret...

To getting any form of essay done.

Take some sleeping pills, a couple of Vicodin... and three to four hours later, you somehow have a full-blown, previously unresearched paper in hand, ready to turn in - and even at an additional two pages above the required minimum!!  AND - it's completed 5 days before it is even due.  Take THAT, writer's block!

Yes, I *did* turn this paper in.  No, I have *not* yet received the grade for said paper.  Heh.

I suppose we'll see how perfect my "secret" truly is in, oh, a few days?  Hehehehe...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neurologist Visit

Well, based on the MRI from early October, my neurologist said that he would NOT perform surgery, because it would more than likely cause more problems than it's worth.  However.  I *do* have to get a NEW MRI's done, since things can change (and there is a strong feeling that they have, since I have new symptoms and worsening pain, etc.), and then WE'LL SEE.  Ugh.

A big part of me *wants* there to be a difference on the MRI... No, not because I want to be faced with some sort of serious problem, but so that there is some sort of *actual* reasoning behind why I'm in so much pain everyday.  Over the weekend, I was lucky that we were still able to go through with our Valentine's day plans.  Thank GOODNESS for having a hanidcapped placard in the car, or else?  Yeah, Ralph would have had to drop me off at the door both at the theatre and then again at dinner before parking the car.  Yes, I was in THAT bad shape trying to friggin walk.  It took me a minimum of 20-25 steps before I could even stand up all the way.  =(

So, for now?  I'm on Vicodin & Flexeril... which from past experiences, I might as well just take Greyson's gummy bear vitamins and feel the same effect.  *sigh*  OH!  And if surgery isn't what's on the plate, then I'll be sent off to a pain management clinic... which is different than the pain REHABILITATION clinic that I spent 6 weeks worth of my time at, only to be discharged because improvement had plateaued.  Fun, fun!  At the new place, it most likely will be full of acupressure and acupuncture, pain meds, steroid injections, blah blah blah.  At this point, I have lost alot of hope, simply because I have had not ONE SINGLE DAY of being pain-free (except for while on Dilaudid and Valium for pain & spasms, which, let's face it, only the ER will dish out) since July of 2007.  Yeah, coming up on two friggin years of this hell... and I canNOT wish for Spring to get here fast enough, because the cold is BRUTAL on me.

On top of all this, Greyson didn't go to sleep until after 11:30 last night, and was up at 7:45am.  What?!?!  Ohh, it's going to me yet another day where I MAKE him take a nap, because *I* have seminar tonight, and knowing my luck, he'll be pushing ALL of Ralph's buttons while I'm in the middle of class - or he'll be trying tto go to bed before 8pm, which will just recycle the early rising and crabbbbbbbbby kid vicious cycle all over again.  *sigh*  He's already had a HORRIBLE week ALL last week, and I was SO hoping that maybe this week would be different.  So far, NO good.

I stil haven't finished the papers I have due tonight, which is NOT. GOOD.  Obviously.  So, I suppose I should be off to do just that.  YUCK.  Wish me luck!!!  =P

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Back of My Head is NUMB.

So, I've had a migraine since... um, Tuesday night?  And Thursday night, the back of my head started to feel a little weird.  Nothing that really freaked me out, but it was a little.. numb.

Last night, while out with my mom, I went to re-pull my hair back, and noticed that not only was it *still* numb, but it was the entire back of my head, all the way down to where the base of my skull is, and from side to side from the back of one ear to the other.  So, I mention it casually to my mom, who proceeds to mildly *freak.*  Joy.  It never even crossed my mind, what with the pain of the migaine for dayd on end, as well as my back, neck, AND shoulders hurting without relief for a couple days, that this 'numbness' thing could even REMOTELY be anything worth mentioning - and definitely not something to have a heart attack over.

Last night became, "Let's do a WebMD symptom search,' and see what comes up.  Gee, look at that.  Scalp numbness can result from: migraines, neck or shoulder tension and spasms, stress, anxiety, or nerve impingement.  I'm thinking that, without even THINKING about consulting a doctor I KNOW I have 5 of the 6 possibilities listed... yeah.  So, no ER visits for me this weekend.

I *am* however seeing a neurologist Monday morning.  SO, don't be surprised if I come home all flipped out and stressing because he mentioned the dreaded *S* word when it comes to what to do about my back problems.  *breathe, Lari, BREATHE*

Yesterday, though, I talked to my Academic Advisor over the phone, and she told me (regarding the possible ss...sssurr...the S word!), to just go DO it, so I can focus on healing and rebuilding and letting my body take over actual repairs NOW than rather when I am older and have gone through even MORE pain, and the possibilities of further injury the longer I wait and the more time that passes.  Well.

It makes sense.  It doesn't mean that I am no longer afraid... but it *would* be better to get all "healed up" before I'm done with school, rather than have to hope that with my present condition, I could find a job once I'm done.  Hmph.  I *hate* when people come along and just tornado al lof what I *thought* I had already worked out.  Damn.

Later, I am hoping that (at least by the times our plans start) I feel at least SOMEWHAT physically better (if not, maybe I can get some forom of pain control rockin, I don't know).  Because, surprisingly, the hubby and I are going to a movie (of course, it's the new damn Friday the 13th one... LOL) and to Benihana for dinner... SUCH a better option that trying to get in at Red Lobster (which we could honestly do almost any other time) since they don't take reservations.  Mmmm... hibachi. =)

So, there we go.  Tomorrow, the new bed is being picked up from IKEA.  The new mattress is here waiting.  The brand spanking new gorgeous microsuede bedset is here.  We have 3 new sets of sheets (with 2 more to be picked up, since I had to rain-check them).  All I *need* to do in this whole bedroom rre-vamp is bring the dresser downstairs, put together the new DVD stand I picked up yesterday, and go pick up (no, I'm NOT kidding) *7* brand new pillows in order to replace all the ones we have.  LOL

BUSY day, comfy results.  I'm *really* considering picking up a contoured cervical pillow for Ralph in the hopes that, since he'll be moving back into the bedroom with the revamp (buy a new bed, get your husband back, for FREE!  Heh.), but I'm afraid that he'll wind up snoring like a hippo in heat again (for some reason, the alignment of the couch relieved 99% of his snoring issues) and it will completely negate any and all progress being made with MY insomnia... since when he snores like that, I want to smother him with a pillow.

So, I guess the question is... has anyone had any luck with these pillows?  You know, the curvy ones that are supposed to cradle your neck when lying on your back??  Because on his side?  VERY little if ANY snoring... on his back?  I can hear him from the kitchen.  Upstairs.  Through closed doors.  UGH.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Bet You Had No Idea...BEFORE They Picked the "Current" Bella. Heh.

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Oooh, tomorrow (today??) is looking like it's gonna be a doozy.

First off, for some INSANE reason, my insurance decided that after over seven months of me taking Effexor 150s, that they needed prior authorization from my doctor.  Um, WTF?  I *just* had a 14-day prescription filled for it, gee, 14 days ago (I didn't get a full month's worth called in, because my doctor wanted to go over some bloodwork results with me, etc.).  So on Friday, when I dropped off the Rx for a 30-day supply, that evening they called me to tell me of the pre-authorization.  WAY after the doc's office was closed, so no luck until Monday.  I took my LAST PILL Monday morning, and SHOCKER!  Called Walgreens and things hadn't been taken care of yet.  Gee.  They had BETTER have it done tomorrow, or else WITHDRAWLS here I come!!

I have to call my GP (regular doc) to see if she will fax me a referral for a neurologist.  I *would* go see her, but just for this would mean an hour in the car for a piece of paper to give to ANOTHER doctor.  And considering that I honestly had to spend most of my day in BED because it was excrucating to even walk... yeah.  Car rides (especially with me driving, since the worst of my pain is on the right side) = OUCH.  It's not like I can lay back the seat and take the pressure off while tending to, oh I don't know, TRAFFIC?!?

I have to call my former college to find out A) how much money they CLAIM I owe them, so that I can have them release my transcripts to where I'm going now for my CSI degree.  So, another call and another bill to pay.

I need to call around to various neurologists in the area to ensure that they even *accept* my insurance.  The make an appointment, which only God knows how long it will be before I can actually GET one.

Since out-of-the-blue, MetalliDad decided he'd take me to dinner and a movie on Saturday for V-Day, I have to call the restaurant (Red Lobster) and see if I can get a reservation.  I don't even know if they TAKE reservations.  Hmph.

And I *still* have to finish this DAMNED paper for Criminal Law.  For some reason, I just canNOT organize my thoughts regarding "the medical, psychological, and social effects placed upon the reasoning for allowing children (sometimes as young as seven) to be tried as adults, but not be given the death penalty."  Well, yeah - I don't think that giving a kid the lethal injection is right - but I have to cite a minimumm of three specific law cases as reference, and turn it into a five-page-minimum paper.  Yep.  I haven't even gotten past the first paragraph, and it's SUPPOSED to be due Tuesday at 11:59pm.  (Kaplan has such a strange schedule!)

I need to compile my first set of interview questions for a friend's hubby (who's a cop) for an interview paper that is due NEXT Tuesday (GOD, I love midterms!!  *gag*).

I need to give my child at least a makeshift haircut and do a mini-photoshoot with him, because my Dad's birthday is the 11th, and my (our) gift to him is a large collage of recent photos of Grey.  Which, after I take them, need to be run through Photoshop for the whole collage-y effect and such that I want... and then uploaded to WalMart.  Which then means I have to GO to WalMart.

While at WalMart, I also need to pick up new curtains, our new mattress (thank GOD it's memory foam, and compressed to the absolute MAX in a box, or else my broken self would never even be able to ATTEMPT to pick up this item!!), curtain rods, look at paint and poosibly BUY said paint, buy fabric for pillows Grey & I are making for both "Daddy & Papa" for Valentine's day, pick up a journal, and get some craft foam for both making a new cover for said journal (my Aunt's gift) and to make craft-foam roses for "Gia" (my Mom).

Whew!  Of course, there are also quite a few other things on my WalMart list, but I will spare you the details of listing EVERYTHING.  This biggest issue here is that I promised Greyson he could come with me, so he could help pick out all the details for the materials needed to make all these V-Day projects... *sigh*  I just hope I can manage to keep him away from any toys, DVDs, or computer / PS2 / Nintendo DS games while there.  Otherwise, it may end in disaster for us BOTH.  =P

Out of the blue... do they make cushions for the bathtub?  Not the typical "HI, I'm an inflatable pillow for you to rest your head on!" type, but like one that you can lean against AND sit on??  I have run into the dilemma, since my back/hip/everything lower body because my NERVES are being compressed, that sitting in the tub - while the heat feels fabulous - is still painful (especially after my body cools down) from sitting on the hard ass tub floor.  And taking a shower?  Good for cleansing, not so much for easing severe lower back pain.  DAMN.
I think I need a clone.  A clone of me from, say, 10 years ago.  One that can do all the things that I currently no longer can.  Oh!  Did I mention!?!?  Especially since it looks like I *may* be getting a job as a Medical Transcriptionist - where I can work from home, because why does it matter where you listen to doctors yap away and type what you hear??  =P  Considering that during my stint as a medical & surgical assistant, I was the ONLY ONE IN THE OFFICE that actually wrote down the pertinent information in each patient's chart, so much so that any patient *I* handled with the doc?  He didn't need to sit down and dictate anything later.  Yeah, I think I know what I'm doing.  Heh.

But of course, a clone would be nice... then one of us could focus on school, the other on work, and the other can run around just being physically crazy like I used to be.  =)

It nearly kills me some days that I can't run around with Greyson and spend an hour on the floor with him.  Thankfully, he is one of the most understanding children I have ever met (especially for his age), and knows WHY I can't, and that it's not by choice.  I am thankful EVERY DAY (even the days where he acts like an ASS!) for him... I honestly don't know where I'd be without him.

And with that, it is almost 5 am.  And I have yet to sleep - at ALL!!!  Hooray!  (Not so much.  Blah.)
See you on the other side, y'all... I'm gonna *try* to catch a little shut-eye.  =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Closure... Long Distance

So, this week has been a busy one, to say the least.  Since my great-uncle lived so far from here (approximately an 8 hour drive through MASSIVE amounts of snow right now), we've been trying to settle everything long-distance.  As it stands, they can't find a will registered up there, and with my Mom being listed as next-of-kin, there's a house, and whatever is left of his finances, etc. that all, legally, gets passed to her. 

I'm guessing you can see where the problem lies now.

With it all being so far away, we have *no idea* what shape anything has been left in, or really what all is even left.  Last I knew, he had a GREAT truck garaged up there, but as of right now, we have no idea if it was sold or not.  And no clue as to how to even get any of the records.  I mean, how do you determine what properties someone has from hundreds of miles away without a will being found?

We know that he has a now-unused plot in Chicago that he bought when my grandpa passed away... but he's being buried in Roscommon.  There is the possibility that there may be a will registered here in Chicago... but how do you find out?  I'm so clueless on all this, even with all the geneaology research I've done. =(

We just got the obituary taken care of yesterday, mentioning how much of friend he was of all the "woodland creatures" that he took the time to befriend over many, many years of literally living surrounded by woods.  We got just as many pictures of deer, raccoons, etc. than we did of his cats - cats that he ALWAYS had at least one of for as long as even my Mom can remember.

There are so many routes to go for doing more research on him for my tree...  He was intially in the Latvian army, but was captured as a P.O.W. by the German army during WWII.  They forced him into the German army, and he was then captured by the British army, again being forced to fight on their side.  He wound up working in a nursery in England for the army after WWII fizzed out.

I think the coolest part is that pretty much all of my Latvian relatives met in the camp.  My grandma, her sister, my grandpa and great uncle, and my great uncle (that married my grandma's sister).  My grandma and her sister even had a double wedding while still in the camp.  There are SO many stories with that group of family members...

Does anyone have any ideas for how to go about getting records?  I'm so lost here, it's making me crazy...

Monday, February 2, 2009

And Yet, Once Again, I Find Myself Saying, "Fuuuuuuuu...."

So, I have not just one, but TWO papers due tomorrow night at midnight.  I also just realized (you'd think I would have checked on this SOONER!) that from this point until the end of term, I have a paper due EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. for my Criminal Law class.  YIKES!

Here's the problem:  I *never* have trouble writing papers.  Honest.  But with law?  I just can't seem to get my thoughts organized enough in my head to get them down on paper (or on the screen, as it may be).  The last paper drove me NUTS, and now I am staring now this newest one, with less than one page done, when it needs to be 2-4 pages.  And the knowledge that I have my MIDTERM paper due a week from tomorrow?

Yeah.  My brain is MUSH.

And... AND!  I have another FORSAKEN interview project due for my Investigations course... this time, it has to be on someone who is an ACTUAL investigator in some form.  Ummm, too bad I don't KNOW anyone even CLOSELY resembling the type of person I need to interview.  So this leaves me with the biggest of "duhhhhhh" loops running through my brain.

So, between weekly quizzes, pretty much weekly papers for Law, and at least BI-weekly assignments in various mediums... I'm rethinking whether I want to take up the offer I have on the table - to take not just two, but THREE classes next term, due to me making both the Dean's List and the President's List last term.  As it stands, I am enrolled in a math class, as well as a class on "Terrorism Today."  I think I need to look close (and HARD!) at what that next class would be before I go making any crazy, rash decisions that just might find me bouncing off the walls of my very own, personal padded cell.

And then? What am I doing instead of busting my ass to get my papers done?  I'm HERE.  *smacks forehead*

Just so you all understand why if I seem to be missing for a bit?  It's because my textbooks ATE ME.  Well, either that, or, in my stupified state, Greyson tied me to a chair and is dancing circles around me while eating all the chocolate hidden in the house.

I'm just sayin'.  Heh.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back...

Well, just as I was starting to get convinced that 2009 truly WAS going to be much better than 2008... we got a phone call this afternoon.

My great-uncle in Roscommon, MI, passed away early this morning.  We are basically the only family that he had left, and none of us had seen him since March 5th, 2005, when Ralph and I drove up there from one of his shows in Ohio on the way home to pick up a car that he GAVE me... a 1988 Monte Carlo LS, in mint condition.  For nothing.  And then he mailed us a $1000 check a couple weeks later as a wedding gift.

He was up there - in his 90s - and the typical "Latvian age" temper and such had gotten to him a bit... but growing up, he was nothing but generous.  It was hard seeing him, even 4 years ago, because it was obvious had had at least a mild stroke already at that point.  That on top of a heavy accent that never left, and Ralph honestly understood almost none of what he said to him.

I feel like SHIT.  I was an absolute slacker, and hadn't gotten a letter or photos to him in FOREVER, and now it's too late.  I'm trying to be comforted by the fact that most of it probably wouldn't have registered much anyhow, since he had had a few strokes, and wasn't always "connected" - but then I am smacked by the fact that, whenever the chaplin at his nursing home would call us so that he could actually talk to some family, that the chaplin would relay the fact that "I love you"s brought tears to Uncle's eyes... I should have done more.  I just SHOULD have.

So the family has just been cut down by one more member... and like another member of the "family" said... all the Latvians that she and my mom grew up around are gone now, and it's like the torch is being passed down to them, and how much that scares her.  I can't even begin to tell you how much that scares me, too.  Because I have had to dance with my dad's mortality way too many times than I care to remember, and the fact that I see him in his bed everyday, in the same spot he was the last time I looked at him, doesn't help solidify anything other than that, either.

So, 2009 couldn't even bother to let us have a death-free first month.  If you all only knew how much I'm hoping that means that the rest will be spotless since it came on early...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking Forward to A Doctor's Visit?

I'm SO tired of this... the insomnia is back full-force, as you can see by my random before-dawn postings. I have an appointment at noon with my psych to discuss meds and such, and SO desperately need sleep medication AGAIN. The biggest problem is that none of the "traditional" sleep prescriptions work for me - never have - and with the last meds I was put on while at the pain clinic, I was adjusting to the doses at an alarming rate, having to increase the dosages and add "extra" meds every week to two weeks. It's unreal. It's like my body just plain doesn't produce the chemicals needed to sleep, normally, all on my own AT ALL anymore. =(

So, I've been doing a bit of research, mainly for fibromyalgia, and found one that is actually on the recommended list for people with fibro to take for sleep disorders, even though it's typically given for narcolepsy. I know, I thought, "Why the hell would you give someone with narcolepsy a tranquilizer?" but I guess it works somehow... and it's supposed to work well for fibro-related insomnia and such. I guess we'll see what the reaction is by the doc tomorrow when I bring that up to her. Maybe I should print out the article...???

So, the point is, I can't sleep. I'm back to living on about 20 hours of sleep a WEEK again, and on top of it all, Greyson's behavior and being PMS-y is NOT a good combination. My cycle is ALL jacked up, even with being on Seasonique, and I've NEVER had this problem before.


So, I wound up with a 16-day period. Seriously. In the middle of a three-month pack of Seasonique. And now? I'm on the "placebo pill" week, and PRAYED that maybe, I wouldn't get it since, hello? More than two weeks of bleeding that only ended two weeks ago? But no... sadly, I'm bleeding, and rather heavily.

So, I'm also trying to find any medication interactions that may have caused this, and have found NONE. Zip, zero. I had a COMPLETELY normal pap and such done about 3 months ago, so I have no idea what is jacking my system up, other than maybe a new symptom of the fibromyalgia - it's just that I haven't found ANYTHING to back up this suspicion.

And now... my right eye is clouding over. There must be something stuck to my contact.

I suppose I should head to bed now - after washing out my friggin' eye. LOL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Step in the Right Direction

As many of you know, my Dad is a quadriplegic.  He suffered a devastating fall, here in the house, in June of 2006, fracturing three vertebrae in his neck, and compressing his spinal cord.  Within three days, he underwent two surgeries to stabilize his cervical vertebrae and to release the pressure on his spinal cord, after being airlifted to Milwaukee's Spinal Cord Injury Unit at Froedert Hospital.

He spent three months in the hospital, undergoing rigorous physical therapy in order to restore as much function as possible.  He came home able to walk short distances with assistance, but unable to do many things such as feed himself without assistance - the fine motor skills just weren't up to par.  Sure, he had some, but the technical aspects of many tasks never really were restored.  Plus, he tired very easily, and suffered from severe muscle spasms as a result of his injury.

As of today, he has spent the last two years completely bedridden.  Not long after returning home did his injuries take a turn for the worse, with instability prompting a couple very minor falls.  After being hospitalized one time and not receiving the physical therapy he needed, things got worse.  He wound up in a nursing home for approximately a month, and received NO therapy while there.  He came home, got into bed... and never left.

For this reason, I have been an advocate of stem cell research, and its promising studies on repairing spinal cord injuries.  On January 23rd, the FDA finally approved the first clinical trials of stem-cell injection for spinal cord injuries in human studies.

Nature: Stem Cell Research Gets the Go Ahead

Though most likely, this development will never impact my Dad and the prediction of his condition, it may very well be the precursor to many, many others never having to suffer the absolute collapse of their world, in our case, from a trip and fall in a narrow hallway.  This is one area of the world that I will be keeping a close, excited, but still weary eye upon.


Why is it that I actually fell asleep, only to wake 3 hours later feeling like it was *really* time to get up?

How is it that my Criminal Law professor thinks it's okay to have an essay due every two weeks... including the week before midterms?

WHY oh WHY do I have to complete ANOTHER interview for school, the second term in a row?

My migraine is gone.  At least *that's* a bonus.

Greyson is making me want to either put him in a closet or bury myself in a snow drift.  God knows there enough snow to accomplish the latter, but I'm not sure on room in a closet for the first part.

Lately, Grey has found ALL the right (WRONG) buttons to push.  He honestly has been acting like a completely different child, and brought me to TEARS earlier, all because of how horrible his behavior had been all day (and the previous few days).  While he watched me cry (which I honestly HATE, but my GOD, he was bad!) he told me, "You're not a very good actor."  WTF?!?  I then folllowed up with, :So you think Mommy isn't really feeling this sad?  Doesn't it make you feel bad that you made Mommy cry?"  His response:  "Actually, I feel pretty good right now."  Gonna strangle him.  Not really.  But I can in my head, right?

He is *seriously* plagued by cabin fever, or SOMETHING, because the mood swings are just BEYOND anything I've ever seen come out of this boy.  He has taken on an alter-ego, "Greysop", taken from an accidental name-typing on one of his games.  Greysop is the BAD child, while my sweet little Greyson would NEVER act this way.  I wish I knew where GreysoN was hiding.

Ugh... it seems to be a once-a-month thing, like the child has PMS.  One week out of a month, he is a holy terror, hell-on-wheels demon child.  No remorse, no pre-thinking, just all mouth and attitude.  And then, he returns to his original, sweet self.  I think I might share some Midol.  Heh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feel Like I've Been Beaten...

So, we went to see Metallica last night.  The first time I've seen them live in, literally, 10 years almost to the DAY.

Is it wrong (or maybe just even pathetic) that when "Ecstacy of Gold" started playing, I teared up?  It is?!  Oh, hell.

Anyways... my opinion that James Hetfield has only gotten better as he's gotten older has been solidified.  Seriously.  That man's voice was ON last night, and I couldn't have been happier with a return to the live viewings after so long.

We took the Munchkin.  Yes, I know.  A three year old at a Metallica concert.  But, HEY!  He was a two year old at an Iron Maiden concert, and a one year old at a Ted Nugent concert, so why not?  At  least this time, we actually let him have a SEAT, instead of just migling amidst the crazies down on the pit floor. =P

Apparently, the highlight of the show for him last night is "the guy who was playing his guitar so much that he fell over and DIED."  Yeah.  At one point, Rob Trujillo was the sole member on stage, in the dark, with a spot on him, while he played and played and slowly... collapsed... to his knees... and then flat onto his back, bass splayed out across his torso.  And at that point?  Greyson grabbed my arm and exclaimed, "OH MY GOD MOM!  He DIED!"  Riot.  He had a blast all around... until he fell asleep a minute from the end of the third-to-last song, and completely slept through Nothing Else Matters (OH!  Was I happy they played it!  C'mon - the notes and lyrics from the song decorated my wedding cake for God's sake!) and half of Ralph's "all time favorite" (snicker) Enter Sandman.  At that point, it was 11pm, and I knew they'd be wrapping it up, so I decided, well, let's beat the crowd WHILE CARRYING A SLEEPING DEAD WEIGHT OF A CHILD and just leave now.

Yep, hit the lobby, and we heard them close the show.  Now, I'm not stupid, and I know that they did an encore... but beating out the swarms to be able to actually leave the parking lot within five minutes of getting in the car?  Worth missing.

GOD, I'm such a MOM.  LOL

SO, to the part where I feel like someone kicked my ASS at the show?  I am SORE today.  Even with having seats, of course, everyone was standing... so that meant Grey hopping from parent to parent in order to see better, and a full-on course of "Nooooo!  Don't LIFT him!!!" on my screaming back.  Add to that the fact that Walgreens for SOME reason couldn't (or more like just plain DIDN'T) contact my doc for a refill on my Effexor for two days, and I'm just hitting the beginnings of withdrawls...  Thankfully, I got to pick them up TODAY, but they of course have yet to hit my system and tell it to wake the hell UP because, HELLOOO?  Drugs in system again, k?  =P

Needless to say... no matter how much I feel like hell today?  It was SO worth it.  Being able to see my overall favorite band on the planet perform live again after so long?  Check.  Being able to share the experience with my mini-me of a rocker son?  Check.  Having one more awesome experience to file away so that I can say I really *didn't* have a completely lame life when I look back from my 80s?  MAJOR CHECK.  Heh.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ohhh, am I pissed!  I decided to work on changing my blog up a bit, a little at a time (y'all can see the beginning of the progress - LOL), and it transferred everything over BEAUTIFULLY...


The *title* was still there... but there were no links.  No blogs.  NADA.

So, if you read here, PLEASE leave a comment for me so I can re-add you...  You have no idea how LONG it took me to compile that *special* list of blogs that I read faithfully... and now, except for a VERY select few (real-life friends, for the most part), I don't remember the exact web addresses to save my LIFE.

GAH!  All this and I *still* have to finish my PowerPoint on evidence collection types and collection, do the grocery shopping tomorrow, clean MASSIVELY for dinner company coming on Saturday, bake a from-scratch cheesecake, make a MASSIVE version of my 100%-from-scratch Stuffed Chicken Marsala for dinner Saturday afternoon for dinner that night, we're going OUT that night to see the Hubby's old band play, Sunday I'm supposed to bake a recipe that I'm entering into the Betty Crocker dessert contest (DUDE, 1st prize is 5K!), and we're going to Metallica on Tuesday.

I think I need a drink just re-reading all the SHIT I have to get done in the next handful of days.

Fuuuuck.  Good thing Xanax is my favorite palindrome.  Heh. =P

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doing a Little Happy Dance...

Well, a sleepy one, at least, since I only slept from 2:30-4am, and Greyson decided that it was perfectly OKAY to only sleep from 9pm-6am.  And yes, this is STILL with no nap.

BUT!!  Ha ha!!  I finished my DAMNED Criminal Law paper - ON TIME!  Hooyah!

Now I just need to have a PowerPoint presentation done by this coming Tuesday on various types of evidence and the techniques utilized for collection of each... but it's NOT. A. LAW. PAPER! =P

I am so ready for the nap that I *guaranteed* Greyson he was taking in, oh, about an hour... especially since this afternoon needs to be one of accomplishment with a trip to Kmart and then some grocery shopping.  *sigh*

Monday, January 19, 2009


At 9pm, Greyson asked me to make him ANOTHER grilled cheese sandwich. That's what he had at lunchtime today.

Oh, and did I mention that the child ate all but ONE rob from an entire half-rack? YEAH.

Growth spurt here we come!

He looked HILARIOUS before bed, though because his torso looked like this:

( ) <-- shoulders

<-- chest
( )
( ) <-- BIG ol' BUDDHA belly
<-- hips and legs


So today's meals were comprised of:
*4* pancakes and 2 sausage links with a glass of OJ
A juice box and a handful of pretzels
3/4 of a whole grain grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of milk
2 more friggin juice boxes LOL
Almost an entire half-rack of ribs, a portion of green beans, a *little* bit of mac & cheese, and a small salad with a glass of water

I obviously did NOT give into making a second sandwich RIGHT before bed! LOL

I think someone else's child traded stomachs with Greyson's!! =P

By the way... I realized as I changed him for bed (after looking at the tags in his Scooby Doo pj's TWICE) that, yes, even though I had to TUG the bottom edge of the shirt down to cover his tummy and his pants needed NO pinning whatsoever... they are, indeed, a Boy's size 4. *sigh* This on a child who wore PREEMIE clothing and diapers for almost the first month of his life after being born FULL TERM with no complications. Yikes.

This is What Avoidance Results In...

So... I *really* didn't want to work on my paper anymore quite yet... and I think I'm finally happy with a new logo / signature THING.

Graphic design - 1. Criminal Law doctrine discussion - 0.

Pretty, yes? =P

I Can Finally Take a SMALL Breath...

Last night I was able to plow through all but the introduction, my *opinion* section, and conclusion of my forsaken law paper... oh, and the STUPID APA references page.  But!  I have the general "meat" portion accomplished.  Hooray!

Greyson has been a bit of an eating machine since yesterday... which, if you've followed any of my previous entries that have contained commentary on his eating habits (I think my CATS eat more than he does on any given day), is UNREAL.  Yesterday?  THREE ACTUAL MEALS, plus a few *tiny* snacks.  BUT!  THREE MEALS!  It's completely unheard of, and I honestly don't think he's eaten anything even closely resembling that much food in one day in MONTHS.  Eek.  If he's entering a growth-spurt period, I seriously hope that it's an "out" spurt, and not another "up" spurt... because seriously y'all?  He's over 3'3" and only weighs (at the beginning of December) 28 pounds.  Yeah.  My life as referenced to his wardrobe consists ENTIRELY of praising the people that created those nifty ass adjustable waistbands for toddler sizes and the smaller of the actual boys' sizes.  Because, honestly?  I'm not bothering with anything smaller than a boy's size 4 anymore... especially since I've discovered more and more places that offer *4 SLIM*.  I owe them much praise because it saves me money (and punctured fingertips!) since I no longer have to safety pin the HELL out of the back of his pants anymore.

Well, unless we get track pants... then, it's a WHOLE other story.  *sigh*  Why oh WHY do they not have drawstrings?!?!

Anyhow, the boy must be growing again.  And his mood has been pretty consistent, hovering in the "pleasant zone" for about a week now, which is allowing the small patches of hair that I'm SURE I ripped out during his absolute insanity phases to grow back.  Heh.

Actually, one more thing in regards to the Munchkin... I was pretty much called a LIAR when I posed a question to a group of other moms of children born within a month or so of Greyson regarding reading and writing.  The fact that I stated that he has been reading and spelling words for a few months now, and has begun *really* getting into CORRECTLY and LEGIBLY writing his letters was essentially attacked, as the woman who responded "highly doubted that ANY child this age can actually read, and especially not spell, unless it's a case of memorization."

Hmm.  Well, let's see.  A trip to the grocery store has him reading the labels on boxes, cans, and signs.  Spending time on the computer consists of him either typing out words entirely on his own, or eliciting a very small amount of help to break down the sounds within a word in order to spell it, again, himself.  He showed nothing less that ecstacy when he wrote the word "MOM" on a piece of paper for me, with no prompting whatsoever.

But I'm a liar, apparently.  But she DID follow up with a comment on IF he IS actually able to do those things, then BRAVO - especially since he's a BOY.  And then I was "scolded" to make sure that I was not PUSHING these things on him.  Thank GOD it was not an in-person conversation... I think SOMEONE would have been tasting pavement.

WTF.  YES, I know, "statistically," boys are a bit slower to pick up on the language aspects of life.  But C'MON.  Because MY son happens to have these abilities at this age, does it really have to be approached with scrutiny and sarcasm?!  THIS is the reason I rarely discuss what he can do... because, y'all, I've been there myself.  In Kindergarten, I was told, FLAT OUT, by the woman doing the screenings that I COULD NOT READ.  And yet, at that point in time, I had been taking over for my TEACHER in circle time reading because she had come down with laryngitis.  Bah.

I think I'm done complaining... for now.  I have *never* intended a single word regarding what my child can (or canNOT) do as bragging.  Hell, he's still not potty-trained.  Getting there?  Yes.  In underwear?  HELL NO.  I guess I just don't understand why some people feel that they are friggin' experts regarding what everyone ELSE'S kids abilities are.  *sigh*

On a slightly different note, I feel like we have been hit by a heat wave here in Chicago - merely because the temps are above zero, and have actually reached the double digits here and there.  We've seen the TEENS, people!  LOL  After LAST week's plunge into -237941 degree weather, you would have thought that the deep freeze was gonna hang around for a lot longer than just a week.

I suppose I really *should* return to working on finishing up that fantabulous waste of brain cells called Criminal Law.  For some reason, I just wish the universe would hear me whenever I announce that I only want to be a peon CSI - not a FRIGGIN' attorney.

Dear god... I may be able to argue and debate my way through almost any topic, but the education for law school?  Yep... can't argue worth a damn when all that's left of your head is an exploded stump of goo.  Heh.


BY THE WAY!!  I am currently trying to come up with a new "signature" deal for the end of my posts, since the recent redo just isn't quite living up to my standards.  Good idea in my head, looks like crap on screen, IMO.  So, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments!  THANKS!  *muah*