Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inappropriate Card Day!!!

Tired and Complicated

Well, the hubby is in the hospital... diabetic complications which have resulted in a never-healing foot ulcer becoming infected for the third time in less than two years.  The minimum he will be there is a 23-hour observation (which would mean home tomorrow evening-ish).  THANKFULLY, they will be referring him to a wound care clinic upn discharge, so that *hopefully* something will finally start heading in the right direction for this nasty, ulcerated right foot.  *shudder*

Actually, his doctor while I was there was the ONLY doctor in that ER that actually *did* anything for my pain, and got me to the point that, even though I arrived not even able to stand, I walked out of the building on my own.  Sweet.  And his nurse (former drummer, apparently!) really kicked some major bedside butt since he spent a solid 10 minutes answering any questions I had regarding Ralph's treatment and such.

At least I know that he BIG man is being taken care of.  The LITTLE man... eek.  We didn't have the greatest of days... once AGAIN.

Just before getting ready to head over to the hospital to bring Ralph a couple things (including something to eat - YUCK!  They gave him a "cold-pack lunch" that apparently tasted like it had been in someone's SHOE all day), I walk into the computer room, not only to find Grey standing in my office chair... but standing there with his fingernails painted.  Well, more like every finger from the knuckle to the tip painted.  YES... and it was up on the SECOND shelf of the compter hutch, which means that in the whole five minutes *maybe* that I was out of the room, he HAD to have climbed onto the desk ITSELF at least briefly.  *sigh*

Did I mention that he also got streaks of red, shimmery polish all over a BRAND new pair of gripper socks from Old Navy??  And *somehow* managed to get nail polish in a stripe up the inside of his thigh??  Aaaaand... (here's the kicker) he got a nickel-shaped glob of nail polish that just *barely* managed to not seep all the way through on the crotch of his UNDERWEAR.  I don't get it... was this child trying to paint hib nuts?!?  GEEBUZ!!!

So, I head to the hospital, blah blah blah... Watch the last 20 minutes of House (THAT'S how much he should appreciate me, damnit - I left to bring him food knowing FULL well that I'd be missing HOUSE!!), hang out a bit more to make sure I talk to both he nurse AND the doctor.  Great.  No problem... 8:25, gonna head home... Aaaaand, I arrive home to a *very* in trouble little boy.

He used PAM for HAIRSPRAY.  (How he even GOT into it is beyond me.)  He now looks like a greaser... and all because I *refused* to give him a bath at that moment in time, right before bed, since bathtime is a HORROR when it comes down to washing his hair.

Someone want to borrow a really CUTE three year old who's in the middle of a preschool "PMS" phase?!?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Found the Secret...

To getting any form of essay done.

Take some sleeping pills, a couple of Vicodin... and three to four hours later, you somehow have a full-blown, previously unresearched paper in hand, ready to turn in - and even at an additional two pages above the required minimum!!  AND - it's completed 5 days before it is even due.  Take THAT, writer's block!

Yes, I *did* turn this paper in.  No, I have *not* yet received the grade for said paper.  Heh.

I suppose we'll see how perfect my "secret" truly is in, oh, a few days?  Hehehehe...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neurologist Visit

Well, based on the MRI from early October, my neurologist said that he would NOT perform surgery, because it would more than likely cause more problems than it's worth.  However.  I *do* have to get a NEW MRI's done, since things can change (and there is a strong feeling that they have, since I have new symptoms and worsening pain, etc.), and then WE'LL SEE.  Ugh.

A big part of me *wants* there to be a difference on the MRI... No, not because I want to be faced with some sort of serious problem, but so that there is some sort of *actual* reasoning behind why I'm in so much pain everyday.  Over the weekend, I was lucky that we were still able to go through with our Valentine's day plans.  Thank GOODNESS for having a hanidcapped placard in the car, or else?  Yeah, Ralph would have had to drop me off at the door both at the theatre and then again at dinner before parking the car.  Yes, I was in THAT bad shape trying to friggin walk.  It took me a minimum of 20-25 steps before I could even stand up all the way.  =(

So, for now?  I'm on Vicodin & Flexeril... which from past experiences, I might as well just take Greyson's gummy bear vitamins and feel the same effect.  *sigh*  OH!  And if surgery isn't what's on the plate, then I'll be sent off to a pain management clinic... which is different than the pain REHABILITATION clinic that I spent 6 weeks worth of my time at, only to be discharged because improvement had plateaued.  Fun, fun!  At the new place, it most likely will be full of acupressure and acupuncture, pain meds, steroid injections, blah blah blah.  At this point, I have lost alot of hope, simply because I have had not ONE SINGLE DAY of being pain-free (except for while on Dilaudid and Valium for pain & spasms, which, let's face it, only the ER will dish out) since July of 2007.  Yeah, coming up on two friggin years of this hell... and I canNOT wish for Spring to get here fast enough, because the cold is BRUTAL on me.

On top of all this, Greyson didn't go to sleep until after 11:30 last night, and was up at 7:45am.  What?!?!  Ohh, it's going to me yet another day where I MAKE him take a nap, because *I* have seminar tonight, and knowing my luck, he'll be pushing ALL of Ralph's buttons while I'm in the middle of class - or he'll be trying tto go to bed before 8pm, which will just recycle the early rising and crabbbbbbbbby kid vicious cycle all over again.  *sigh*  He's already had a HORRIBLE week ALL last week, and I was SO hoping that maybe this week would be different.  So far, NO good.

I stil haven't finished the papers I have due tonight, which is NOT. GOOD.  Obviously.  So, I suppose I should be off to do just that.  YUCK.  Wish me luck!!!  =P

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Back of My Head is NUMB.

So, I've had a migraine since... um, Tuesday night?  And Thursday night, the back of my head started to feel a little weird.  Nothing that really freaked me out, but it was a little.. numb.

Last night, while out with my mom, I went to re-pull my hair back, and noticed that not only was it *still* numb, but it was the entire back of my head, all the way down to where the base of my skull is, and from side to side from the back of one ear to the other.  So, I mention it casually to my mom, who proceeds to mildly *freak.*  Joy.  It never even crossed my mind, what with the pain of the migaine for dayd on end, as well as my back, neck, AND shoulders hurting without relief for a couple days, that this 'numbness' thing could even REMOTELY be anything worth mentioning - and definitely not something to have a heart attack over.

Last night became, "Let's do a WebMD symptom search,' and see what comes up.  Gee, look at that.  Scalp numbness can result from: migraines, neck or shoulder tension and spasms, stress, anxiety, or nerve impingement.  I'm thinking that, without even THINKING about consulting a doctor I KNOW I have 5 of the 6 possibilities listed... yeah.  So, no ER visits for me this weekend.

I *am* however seeing a neurologist Monday morning.  SO, don't be surprised if I come home all flipped out and stressing because he mentioned the dreaded *S* word when it comes to what to do about my back problems.  *breathe, Lari, BREATHE*

Yesterday, though, I talked to my Academic Advisor over the phone, and she told me (regarding the possible ss...sssurr...the S word!), to just go DO it, so I can focus on healing and rebuilding and letting my body take over actual repairs NOW than rather when I am older and have gone through even MORE pain, and the possibilities of further injury the longer I wait and the more time that passes.  Well.

It makes sense.  It doesn't mean that I am no longer afraid... but it *would* be better to get all "healed up" before I'm done with school, rather than have to hope that with my present condition, I could find a job once I'm done.  Hmph.  I *hate* when people come along and just tornado al lof what I *thought* I had already worked out.  Damn.

Later, I am hoping that (at least by the times our plans start) I feel at least SOMEWHAT physically better (if not, maybe I can get some forom of pain control rockin, I don't know).  Because, surprisingly, the hubby and I are going to a movie (of course, it's the new damn Friday the 13th one... LOL) and to Benihana for dinner... SUCH a better option that trying to get in at Red Lobster (which we could honestly do almost any other time) since they don't take reservations.  Mmmm... hibachi. =)

So, there we go.  Tomorrow, the new bed is being picked up from IKEA.  The new mattress is here waiting.  The brand spanking new gorgeous microsuede bedset is here.  We have 3 new sets of sheets (with 2 more to be picked up, since I had to rain-check them).  All I *need* to do in this whole bedroom rre-vamp is bring the dresser downstairs, put together the new DVD stand I picked up yesterday, and go pick up (no, I'm NOT kidding) *7* brand new pillows in order to replace all the ones we have.  LOL

BUSY day, comfy results.  I'm *really* considering picking up a contoured cervical pillow for Ralph in the hopes that, since he'll be moving back into the bedroom with the revamp (buy a new bed, get your husband back, for FREE!  Heh.), but I'm afraid that he'll wind up snoring like a hippo in heat again (for some reason, the alignment of the couch relieved 99% of his snoring issues) and it will completely negate any and all progress being made with MY insomnia... since when he snores like that, I want to smother him with a pillow.

So, I guess the question is... has anyone had any luck with these pillows?  You know, the curvy ones that are supposed to cradle your neck when lying on your back??  Because on his side?  VERY little if ANY snoring... on his back?  I can hear him from the kitchen.  Upstairs.  Through closed doors.  UGH.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Bet You Had No Idea...BEFORE They Picked the "Current" Bella. Heh.

Create your own FACEinHOLE

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Oooh, tomorrow (today??) is looking like it's gonna be a doozy.

First off, for some INSANE reason, my insurance decided that after over seven months of me taking Effexor 150s, that they needed prior authorization from my doctor.  Um, WTF?  I *just* had a 14-day prescription filled for it, gee, 14 days ago (I didn't get a full month's worth called in, because my doctor wanted to go over some bloodwork results with me, etc.).  So on Friday, when I dropped off the Rx for a 30-day supply, that evening they called me to tell me of the pre-authorization.  WAY after the doc's office was closed, so no luck until Monday.  I took my LAST PILL Monday morning, and SHOCKER!  Called Walgreens and things hadn't been taken care of yet.  Gee.  They had BETTER have it done tomorrow, or else WITHDRAWLS here I come!!

I have to call my GP (regular doc) to see if she will fax me a referral for a neurologist.  I *would* go see her, but just for this would mean an hour in the car for a piece of paper to give to ANOTHER doctor.  And considering that I honestly had to spend most of my day in BED because it was excrucating to even walk... yeah.  Car rides (especially with me driving, since the worst of my pain is on the right side) = OUCH.  It's not like I can lay back the seat and take the pressure off while tending to, oh I don't know, TRAFFIC?!?

I have to call my former college to find out A) how much money they CLAIM I owe them, so that I can have them release my transcripts to where I'm going now for my CSI degree.  So, another call and another bill to pay.

I need to call around to various neurologists in the area to ensure that they even *accept* my insurance.  The make an appointment, which only God knows how long it will be before I can actually GET one.

Since out-of-the-blue, MetalliDad decided he'd take me to dinner and a movie on Saturday for V-Day, I have to call the restaurant (Red Lobster) and see if I can get a reservation.  I don't even know if they TAKE reservations.  Hmph.

And I *still* have to finish this DAMNED paper for Criminal Law.  For some reason, I just canNOT organize my thoughts regarding "the medical, psychological, and social effects placed upon the reasoning for allowing children (sometimes as young as seven) to be tried as adults, but not be given the death penalty."  Well, yeah - I don't think that giving a kid the lethal injection is right - but I have to cite a minimumm of three specific law cases as reference, and turn it into a five-page-minimum paper.  Yep.  I haven't even gotten past the first paragraph, and it's SUPPOSED to be due Tuesday at 11:59pm.  (Kaplan has such a strange schedule!)

I need to compile my first set of interview questions for a friend's hubby (who's a cop) for an interview paper that is due NEXT Tuesday (GOD, I love midterms!!  *gag*).

I need to give my child at least a makeshift haircut and do a mini-photoshoot with him, because my Dad's birthday is the 11th, and my (our) gift to him is a large collage of recent photos of Grey.  Which, after I take them, need to be run through Photoshop for the whole collage-y effect and such that I want... and then uploaded to WalMart.  Which then means I have to GO to WalMart.

While at WalMart, I also need to pick up new curtains, our new mattress (thank GOD it's memory foam, and compressed to the absolute MAX in a box, or else my broken self would never even be able to ATTEMPT to pick up this item!!), curtain rods, look at paint and poosibly BUY said paint, buy fabric for pillows Grey & I are making for both "Daddy & Papa" for Valentine's day, pick up a journal, and get some craft foam for both making a new cover for said journal (my Aunt's gift) and to make craft-foam roses for "Gia" (my Mom).

Whew!  Of course, there are also quite a few other things on my WalMart list, but I will spare you the details of listing EVERYTHING.  This biggest issue here is that I promised Greyson he could come with me, so he could help pick out all the details for the materials needed to make all these V-Day projects... *sigh*  I just hope I can manage to keep him away from any toys, DVDs, or computer / PS2 / Nintendo DS games while there.  Otherwise, it may end in disaster for us BOTH.  =P

Out of the blue... do they make cushions for the bathtub?  Not the typical "HI, I'm an inflatable pillow for you to rest your head on!" type, but like one that you can lean against AND sit on??  I have run into the dilemma, since my back/hip/everything lower body because my NERVES are being compressed, that sitting in the tub - while the heat feels fabulous - is still painful (especially after my body cools down) from sitting on the hard ass tub floor.  And taking a shower?  Good for cleansing, not so much for easing severe lower back pain.  DAMN.
I think I need a clone.  A clone of me from, say, 10 years ago.  One that can do all the things that I currently no longer can.  Oh!  Did I mention!?!?  Especially since it looks like I *may* be getting a job as a Medical Transcriptionist - where I can work from home, because why does it matter where you listen to doctors yap away and type what you hear??  =P  Considering that during my stint as a medical & surgical assistant, I was the ONLY ONE IN THE OFFICE that actually wrote down the pertinent information in each patient's chart, so much so that any patient *I* handled with the doc?  He didn't need to sit down and dictate anything later.  Yeah, I think I know what I'm doing.  Heh.

But of course, a clone would be nice... then one of us could focus on school, the other on work, and the other can run around just being physically crazy like I used to be.  =)

It nearly kills me some days that I can't run around with Greyson and spend an hour on the floor with him.  Thankfully, he is one of the most understanding children I have ever met (especially for his age), and knows WHY I can't, and that it's not by choice.  I am thankful EVERY DAY (even the days where he acts like an ASS!) for him... I honestly don't know where I'd be without him.

And with that, it is almost 5 am.  And I have yet to sleep - at ALL!!!  Hooray!  (Not so much.  Blah.)
See you on the other side, y'all... I'm gonna *try* to catch a little shut-eye.  =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Closure... Long Distance

So, this week has been a busy one, to say the least.  Since my great-uncle lived so far from here (approximately an 8 hour drive through MASSIVE amounts of snow right now), we've been trying to settle everything long-distance.  As it stands, they can't find a will registered up there, and with my Mom being listed as next-of-kin, there's a house, and whatever is left of his finances, etc. that all, legally, gets passed to her. 

I'm guessing you can see where the problem lies now.

With it all being so far away, we have *no idea* what shape anything has been left in, or really what all is even left.  Last I knew, he had a GREAT truck garaged up there, but as of right now, we have no idea if it was sold or not.  And no clue as to how to even get any of the records.  I mean, how do you determine what properties someone has from hundreds of miles away without a will being found?

We know that he has a now-unused plot in Chicago that he bought when my grandpa passed away... but he's being buried in Roscommon.  There is the possibility that there may be a will registered here in Chicago... but how do you find out?  I'm so clueless on all this, even with all the geneaology research I've done. =(

We just got the obituary taken care of yesterday, mentioning how much of friend he was of all the "woodland creatures" that he took the time to befriend over many, many years of literally living surrounded by woods.  We got just as many pictures of deer, raccoons, etc. than we did of his cats - cats that he ALWAYS had at least one of for as long as even my Mom can remember.

There are so many routes to go for doing more research on him for my tree...  He was intially in the Latvian army, but was captured as a P.O.W. by the German army during WWII.  They forced him into the German army, and he was then captured by the British army, again being forced to fight on their side.  He wound up working in a nursery in England for the army after WWII fizzed out.

I think the coolest part is that pretty much all of my Latvian relatives met in the camp.  My grandma, her sister, my grandpa and great uncle, and my great uncle (that married my grandma's sister).  My grandma and her sister even had a double wedding while still in the camp.  There are SO many stories with that group of family members...

Does anyone have any ideas for how to go about getting records?  I'm so lost here, it's making me crazy...

Monday, February 2, 2009

And Yet, Once Again, I Find Myself Saying, "Fuuuuuuuu...."

So, I have not just one, but TWO papers due tomorrow night at midnight.  I also just realized (you'd think I would have checked on this SOONER!) that from this point until the end of term, I have a paper due EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. for my Criminal Law class.  YIKES!

Here's the problem:  I *never* have trouble writing papers.  Honest.  But with law?  I just can't seem to get my thoughts organized enough in my head to get them down on paper (or on the screen, as it may be).  The last paper drove me NUTS, and now I am staring now this newest one, with less than one page done, when it needs to be 2-4 pages.  And the knowledge that I have my MIDTERM paper due a week from tomorrow?

Yeah.  My brain is MUSH.

And... AND!  I have another FORSAKEN interview project due for my Investigations course... this time, it has to be on someone who is an ACTUAL investigator in some form.  Ummm, too bad I don't KNOW anyone even CLOSELY resembling the type of person I need to interview.  So this leaves me with the biggest of "duhhhhhh" loops running through my brain.

So, between weekly quizzes, pretty much weekly papers for Law, and at least BI-weekly assignments in various mediums... I'm rethinking whether I want to take up the offer I have on the table - to take not just two, but THREE classes next term, due to me making both the Dean's List and the President's List last term.  As it stands, I am enrolled in a math class, as well as a class on "Terrorism Today."  I think I need to look close (and HARD!) at what that next class would be before I go making any crazy, rash decisions that just might find me bouncing off the walls of my very own, personal padded cell.

And then? What am I doing instead of busting my ass to get my papers done?  I'm HERE.  *smacks forehead*

Just so you all understand why if I seem to be missing for a bit?  It's because my textbooks ATE ME.  Well, either that, or, in my stupified state, Greyson tied me to a chair and is dancing circles around me while eating all the chocolate hidden in the house.

I'm just sayin'.  Heh.