Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sigh of Relief...

Thank goodness, this term of school is OVER!!!  Terrorism final essay - check.  Stupid flurking Algebra final - check... even though that bastard of a class (which my final grade is a whopping B - I'm pissed, but at least it's not a C) has killed my college 4.0 GPA.  Aaarrrrgh!

Now, I have 2 weeks off.  Until I enter a deeper level of hell which is tackling THREE courses per term instead of the standard two.  So, I'm going from full-time to MORE than full-time... WILLINGLY!  I think I'm literally crazy.  Right now I'm looking at Constitutional Law, Criminology, and Social Problems.  I already TOOK Sociology at the 200 level, so that one shouldn't be too much of a problem at the 300 level.  But, I have yet ANOTHER law class.  And the following term?  Yes, you guessed it - yet ANOTHER law class, Legal Foundations of Criminal Evidence, paired up with Bioethics and Forensic Fingerprint Analysis.


Don't get me wrong - I LOVE what I am doing, and I get absolutely giddy when I think about the career that I am heading towards.  It's just a battle through new territory, since my first college major?  Was MUSIC PERFORMANCE.  Yeah.  I can honestly say that I have gone a complete 180.  Woo boy.

In other news, I'm ready to take a hit out on Mother Nature.  It's almost JUNE, and all week?  It hasn't been a single degree warmer than 65 - and THAT'S highballing it.  It's been raining and yucky for days now, and DAMN if I don't desperately need some sun!  Mother Nature had honestly better get her shit together in the next week and a half, because driving up to BooFoo Michigan will NOT be a fun time simply because of my mission (dealing with my great-uncle's estate, gathering any belongings from "the old country," etc), but if I have to deal with rain and non-summer-like temperatures?  The people at the Probate Court had better hope they've got some medieval armor waiting in the back just for encounters like the one they will have with me.

All week, my brain has been a bit fuzzy - like I'm walking through a haze of confusion.  A lot of things just don't seem to make sense once you scratch past the surface.  Mercury in retrograde - okay, I get that - but, really?  Does it have to fuck with me THIS badly?  C'mon - it took me FOUR FRIGGIN' HOURS to take my Algebra final.  Ouch.  I really should NOT have been staring at quadratic formulas and shit for that long.

I just hope that Greyson actually sleeps through the night tonight, and doesn't decide to start his day at 6am again.  That shit's NOT fun - especially when he was waking me up crying at LEAST every hour all. night. long.  Damn.  *sigh*

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