Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Back of My Head is NUMB.

So, I've had a migraine since... um, Tuesday night?  And Thursday night, the back of my head started to feel a little weird.  Nothing that really freaked me out, but it was a little.. numb.

Last night, while out with my mom, I went to re-pull my hair back, and noticed that not only was it *still* numb, but it was the entire back of my head, all the way down to where the base of my skull is, and from side to side from the back of one ear to the other.  So, I mention it casually to my mom, who proceeds to mildly *freak.*  Joy.  It never even crossed my mind, what with the pain of the migaine for dayd on end, as well as my back, neck, AND shoulders hurting without relief for a couple days, that this 'numbness' thing could even REMOTELY be anything worth mentioning - and definitely not something to have a heart attack over.

Last night became, "Let's do a WebMD symptom search,' and see what comes up.  Gee, look at that.  Scalp numbness can result from: migraines, neck or shoulder tension and spasms, stress, anxiety, or nerve impingement.  I'm thinking that, without even THINKING about consulting a doctor I KNOW I have 5 of the 6 possibilities listed... yeah.  So, no ER visits for me this weekend.

I *am* however seeing a neurologist Monday morning.  SO, don't be surprised if I come home all flipped out and stressing because he mentioned the dreaded *S* word when it comes to what to do about my back problems.  *breathe, Lari, BREATHE*

Yesterday, though, I talked to my Academic Advisor over the phone, and she told me (regarding the possible ss...sssurr...the S word!), to just go DO it, so I can focus on healing and rebuilding and letting my body take over actual repairs NOW than rather when I am older and have gone through even MORE pain, and the possibilities of further injury the longer I wait and the more time that passes.  Well.

It makes sense.  It doesn't mean that I am no longer afraid... but it *would* be better to get all "healed up" before I'm done with school, rather than have to hope that with my present condition, I could find a job once I'm done.  Hmph.  I *hate* when people come along and just tornado al lof what I *thought* I had already worked out.  Damn.

Later, I am hoping that (at least by the times our plans start) I feel at least SOMEWHAT physically better (if not, maybe I can get some forom of pain control rockin, I don't know).  Because, surprisingly, the hubby and I are going to a movie (of course, it's the new damn Friday the 13th one... LOL) and to Benihana for dinner... SUCH a better option that trying to get in at Red Lobster (which we could honestly do almost any other time) since they don't take reservations.  Mmmm... hibachi. =)

So, there we go.  Tomorrow, the new bed is being picked up from IKEA.  The new mattress is here waiting.  The brand spanking new gorgeous microsuede bedset is here.  We have 3 new sets of sheets (with 2 more to be picked up, since I had to rain-check them).  All I *need* to do in this whole bedroom rre-vamp is bring the dresser downstairs, put together the new DVD stand I picked up yesterday, and go pick up (no, I'm NOT kidding) *7* brand new pillows in order to replace all the ones we have.  LOL

BUSY day, comfy results.  I'm *really* considering picking up a contoured cervical pillow for Ralph in the hopes that, since he'll be moving back into the bedroom with the revamp (buy a new bed, get your husband back, for FREE!  Heh.), but I'm afraid that he'll wind up snoring like a hippo in heat again (for some reason, the alignment of the couch relieved 99% of his snoring issues) and it will completely negate any and all progress being made with MY insomnia... since when he snores like that, I want to smother him with a pillow.

So, I guess the question is... has anyone had any luck with these pillows?  You know, the curvy ones that are supposed to cradle your neck when lying on your back??  Because on his side?  VERY little if ANY snoring... on his back?  I can hear him from the kitchen.  Upstairs.  Through closed doors.  UGH.

2 Harmonizations:

Valerie said...

I have one of those pillows and honestly Ive noticed not a bit of difference. But Im all over the place when I sleep so its not a surprise.

Larissa said...

Ah, thanks Val! I really wondered if it made a difference in KEEPING you there once you fell asleep, too... so I guess I won't bother spending the money! LOL