Monday, February 2, 2009

And Yet, Once Again, I Find Myself Saying, "Fuuuuuuuu...."

So, I have not just one, but TWO papers due tomorrow night at midnight.  I also just realized (you'd think I would have checked on this SOONER!) that from this point until the end of term, I have a paper due EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. for my Criminal Law class.  YIKES!

Here's the problem:  I *never* have trouble writing papers.  Honest.  But with law?  I just can't seem to get my thoughts organized enough in my head to get them down on paper (or on the screen, as it may be).  The last paper drove me NUTS, and now I am staring now this newest one, with less than one page done, when it needs to be 2-4 pages.  And the knowledge that I have my MIDTERM paper due a week from tomorrow?

Yeah.  My brain is MUSH.

And... AND!  I have another FORSAKEN interview project due for my Investigations course... this time, it has to be on someone who is an ACTUAL investigator in some form.  Ummm, too bad I don't KNOW anyone even CLOSELY resembling the type of person I need to interview.  So this leaves me with the biggest of "duhhhhhh" loops running through my brain.

So, between weekly quizzes, pretty much weekly papers for Law, and at least BI-weekly assignments in various mediums... I'm rethinking whether I want to take up the offer I have on the table - to take not just two, but THREE classes next term, due to me making both the Dean's List and the President's List last term.  As it stands, I am enrolled in a math class, as well as a class on "Terrorism Today."  I think I need to look close (and HARD!) at what that next class would be before I go making any crazy, rash decisions that just might find me bouncing off the walls of my very own, personal padded cell.

And then? What am I doing instead of busting my ass to get my papers done?  I'm HERE.  *smacks forehead*

Just so you all understand why if I seem to be missing for a bit?  It's because my textbooks ATE ME.  Well, either that, or, in my stupified state, Greyson tied me to a chair and is dancing circles around me while eating all the chocolate hidden in the house.

I'm just sayin'.  Heh.

2 Harmonizations:

Kari said...

Just think about how happy you will be when it is all finsihed!!! You're doing an awesome job:)

Larissa said...

Thanks, Kari. =) I'm *really* looking forward to being DONE. LOL