Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Oooh, tomorrow (today??) is looking like it's gonna be a doozy.

First off, for some INSANE reason, my insurance decided that after over seven months of me taking Effexor 150s, that they needed prior authorization from my doctor.  Um, WTF?  I *just* had a 14-day prescription filled for it, gee, 14 days ago (I didn't get a full month's worth called in, because my doctor wanted to go over some bloodwork results with me, etc.).  So on Friday, when I dropped off the Rx for a 30-day supply, that evening they called me to tell me of the pre-authorization.  WAY after the doc's office was closed, so no luck until Monday.  I took my LAST PILL Monday morning, and SHOCKER!  Called Walgreens and things hadn't been taken care of yet.  Gee.  They had BETTER have it done tomorrow, or else WITHDRAWLS here I come!!

I have to call my GP (regular doc) to see if she will fax me a referral for a neurologist.  I *would* go see her, but just for this would mean an hour in the car for a piece of paper to give to ANOTHER doctor.  And considering that I honestly had to spend most of my day in BED because it was excrucating to even walk... yeah.  Car rides (especially with me driving, since the worst of my pain is on the right side) = OUCH.  It's not like I can lay back the seat and take the pressure off while tending to, oh I don't know, TRAFFIC?!?

I have to call my former college to find out A) how much money they CLAIM I owe them, so that I can have them release my transcripts to where I'm going now for my CSI degree.  So, another call and another bill to pay.

I need to call around to various neurologists in the area to ensure that they even *accept* my insurance.  The make an appointment, which only God knows how long it will be before I can actually GET one.

Since out-of-the-blue, MetalliDad decided he'd take me to dinner and a movie on Saturday for V-Day, I have to call the restaurant (Red Lobster) and see if I can get a reservation.  I don't even know if they TAKE reservations.  Hmph.

And I *still* have to finish this DAMNED paper for Criminal Law.  For some reason, I just canNOT organize my thoughts regarding "the medical, psychological, and social effects placed upon the reasoning for allowing children (sometimes as young as seven) to be tried as adults, but not be given the death penalty."  Well, yeah - I don't think that giving a kid the lethal injection is right - but I have to cite a minimumm of three specific law cases as reference, and turn it into a five-page-minimum paper.  Yep.  I haven't even gotten past the first paragraph, and it's SUPPOSED to be due Tuesday at 11:59pm.  (Kaplan has such a strange schedule!)

I need to compile my first set of interview questions for a friend's hubby (who's a cop) for an interview paper that is due NEXT Tuesday (GOD, I love midterms!!  *gag*).

I need to give my child at least a makeshift haircut and do a mini-photoshoot with him, because my Dad's birthday is the 11th, and my (our) gift to him is a large collage of recent photos of Grey.  Which, after I take them, need to be run through Photoshop for the whole collage-y effect and such that I want... and then uploaded to WalMart.  Which then means I have to GO to WalMart.

While at WalMart, I also need to pick up new curtains, our new mattress (thank GOD it's memory foam, and compressed to the absolute MAX in a box, or else my broken self would never even be able to ATTEMPT to pick up this item!!), curtain rods, look at paint and poosibly BUY said paint, buy fabric for pillows Grey & I are making for both "Daddy & Papa" for Valentine's day, pick up a journal, and get some craft foam for both making a new cover for said journal (my Aunt's gift) and to make craft-foam roses for "Gia" (my Mom).

Whew!  Of course, there are also quite a few other things on my WalMart list, but I will spare you the details of listing EVERYTHING.  This biggest issue here is that I promised Greyson he could come with me, so he could help pick out all the details for the materials needed to make all these V-Day projects... *sigh*  I just hope I can manage to keep him away from any toys, DVDs, or computer / PS2 / Nintendo DS games while there.  Otherwise, it may end in disaster for us BOTH.  =P

Out of the blue... do they make cushions for the bathtub?  Not the typical "HI, I'm an inflatable pillow for you to rest your head on!" type, but like one that you can lean against AND sit on??  I have run into the dilemma, since my back/hip/everything lower body because my NERVES are being compressed, that sitting in the tub - while the heat feels fabulous - is still painful (especially after my body cools down) from sitting on the hard ass tub floor.  And taking a shower?  Good for cleansing, not so much for easing severe lower back pain.  DAMN.
I think I need a clone.  A clone of me from, say, 10 years ago.  One that can do all the things that I currently no longer can.  Oh!  Did I mention!?!?  Especially since it looks like I *may* be getting a job as a Medical Transcriptionist - where I can work from home, because why does it matter where you listen to doctors yap away and type what you hear??  =P  Considering that during my stint as a medical & surgical assistant, I was the ONLY ONE IN THE OFFICE that actually wrote down the pertinent information in each patient's chart, so much so that any patient *I* handled with the doc?  He didn't need to sit down and dictate anything later.  Yeah, I think I know what I'm doing.  Heh.

But of course, a clone would be nice... then one of us could focus on school, the other on work, and the other can run around just being physically crazy like I used to be.  =)

It nearly kills me some days that I can't run around with Greyson and spend an hour on the floor with him.  Thankfully, he is one of the most understanding children I have ever met (especially for his age), and knows WHY I can't, and that it's not by choice.  I am thankful EVERY DAY (even the days where he acts like an ASS!) for him... I honestly don't know where I'd be without him.

And with that, it is almost 5 am.  And I have yet to sleep - at ALL!!!  Hooray!  (Not so much.  Blah.)
See you on the other side, y'all... I'm gonna *try* to catch a little shut-eye.  =)

2 Harmonizations:

Valerie said...

First off I HATE Walmart. You couldnt catch me in there if they were giving away free money.

Secondly I HATE Walgreen's too. They always do that crap. They didnt give me all my medicine once for the girls. When I went back in for a refill they basically accused me of being an addict, until they relized they only filled part of the script.

Thirdly, yep you guessed it. HATE Red Lobster. Go somewhere better! ROFL

Larissa said...

Gee, Val... So, I guess I should scrap my plans of taking you to Red Lobster for dinner after a full day's worth of shopping at both the above-mentioned stores? ROFL