Sunday, December 7, 2008

And Then the OTHER Shoe Fell...

Right now, we're waiting for a plumber AND septic worker to come out to the house.  Why, you ask?

Because last night, the U-pipe under the floor of the bathroom decided, "Hey!  I have a GREAT early Christmas present for these guys!  I'm gonna SPRAY WATER EVERYWHERE whenever someone tries to flush!"


So, it's looking like the seal is busted AND it's highly likely that it's that *wonderful* time to have the septic tank pumped out.  Gah.  While I'm *so* glad I don't have to do their job, they will be *much* happier after leaving here, since the costs are likely to offend in the WORST of places considering the complete lack of fundage within these walls.

Yes, Ralph is working.  But he won't get his FIRST check until the 10th.

My mom is looking at what might be her LAST check, and we have NO idea when disability payments will start.

I have to take my *two hour written test* (what in the world is ON this friggin' test?!?) on the 13th.  If all goes well there, I have a long line of psych evals, background checks, drug and alcohol testing... eek.  So, even if I *do* get this job, I have NO IDEA when I'd be starting.  OR what hours I'd be working - because it's a *requirement* to work rotating shifts around the clock.  What joy. *barf*

We *still* haven't heard back on the appeal over Ralph's unemployment denial.  I think I'm liable to tear someone's head off with my bare hands if it doesn't go through.  Keep an eye out for disembodied cabesas, k?  And then point the cops in the opposite direction of me.  Thanks.

I can feel myself becoming more numb by the day...  how exactly am I supposed to handle all of this?  I'm finding it hard to rely on Grey for my little bits of sunshine, too, because lately?  Dear God, this child is seriously asking for his mouth to be introduced to the taste of Dial, or maybe some Softsoap...  All I know is that I did NOT sign up for the elimination of ages three through twelve - because seriously?  I think I have a miniature teenager in my house.  Granted, he's only about 3'3" and under 30 pounds, but GAAAAHHHHHH!!!    Since when did a three year old's vocabulary include the phrases, "I don't EVER want to hear you say that to me again!" and "You know, I *could* have said _____, but I *didn't*, so you can't get mad at me."


*deep breathing*

And now he's watching cats sing Christmas carols online.  WTF?  I think it's time for some Xanax.

5 Harmonizations:

Bea said...

Ahhh Xanax...the magic pill that has helped ME through many interesting days of Hang in there hon! Unfortunately, nothing seems to get better before it gets worse, and I am right there with you. Let's countdown to '09 - a New Year with hopefully better beginnings!!

Larissa said...

Here here!! 2009 here I come... and it had BETTER be a *huge* improvement than 2008!

The sad thing is that I initially thought that 2008 *had* to be better than the rest... oh, what a letdown THAT'S been! LOL

Bee said...

Ick! And right around the holidays is even worse! I agree with you guys, 2009 better rock it or I might have to just move to Hawaii and say screw it to everything else.

Larissa, I have your victim for the Secret Santa can suck it. email me so I can send you the secret info

Bee said...

Hey Larissa, I know you've got your hands full right now... the Secret Santa thing is tomorrow. Please let me know if you can still do it. If you can't I'll assign somebody else cuz we don't want some person to wake up and wonder where their gift is. They might cry. ;o)

georgie said...

stoppin by to see if you ar my SSCSI partner....I will be back