Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Universe Doesn't Want Gideon's Trumpet to be Read...

Or watched, apparently.  Because of the sheer amount of people asking my CJ Intro professor if there was *any* way to get an extension, my paper (which, durrrr, is about 66% based on Gideon's Trumpet) is now not due until Friday.  Well, the weekend.  SOMETIME BEFORE NEXT CLASS, anyways.  LOL 

I managed to get my hands on a copy of the book... the ONLY copy that my library carries, actually.  They don't even HAVE the movie.  *Waukegan's* library has it, BUT - my house isn't actually IN Waukegan's library "jurisdiction."  What?!?  I can walk north, and be in Waukegan.  I can walk east, and be in Waukegan.  I can walk south, and be in Waukegan.  HOWEVER - if I walk west?  I'm in Gurnee.  And apparently that's enough for Waukegan to tell me to get the hell out of their library.  Heh.

Well, actually they said that I have to go get a card in *my* name at the Gurnee library (which I haven't done because I still haven't gotten my address changed on my license - WHAT?!?  They allow you something like, oh, 4 years or something, don't they?  What's that?  Oh... 60 days?  So I'm about, oh, 300 or something past that - what about it?), THEN come BACK to the Waukegan library with my new card, AND photo ID, AND 2 pieces of mail proving my address... THEN they'll let me check out a limited number of books &/or AV materials.

All I want to do is watch a friggin' movie from 1979, okay?  And apparently, the universe?  She is MOCKING me.  Because last night, I caved and re-upped Netflix at the BARE.MINIMUM.  Because it was either $4.99 for THAT, or $14.99 from Best Buy.  Plus shipping and tax, because ya know, the two closest Best Buys?  DON'T have it in stock EITHER.  Fuuuuu...

So, last night, there I was, all happy and *whew* because not only did my professor hand out an extension, but Netflix!  They get the movie to you the NEXT DAY!  There's no WAY I won't be able to get my paper done now - I *might* even have it in by the original due date (tonight by midnight)!

So sorry, hopeful one.  Here's how my day has gone to this point:

*  Wake up at 9am, trying desperately to breathe through this whatEVER it is that has decided to call my lungs "home."
*  Spend the next 15 minutes or so CURSING Netflix because apparently?  My *local* Netflix distribution center doesn't carry the godforsaken movie EITHER.  It will be shipped from OHIO *tomorrow.*  FUCK.
*  Lug my ass out into the 17-degree weather.  In a sweatshirt AND a leather jacket.
*  Thank the heavens that it didn't snow anymore yesterday AFTER I cleaned my car off to go down to the Waukegan library to be FAILED miserably.
*  Drive the 30 minutes it takes to get to my doctor's office, only the last 20 of which my car was warm for.
*Enter the building, go up in the elevator, walk all the way down two damn hallways to find a PRINTED LETTER taped to the f'in door stating that as of YESTERDAY, my doctor had RELOCATED.  To someplace that is TEN. MINUTES. CLOSER. to my house.  Motherfucker.
Wander my way BACK to the car and call the doctor's office proclaiming that I am now *officially late* and will be even LATER because of their sheer lack to inform me that, HELLO!  We MOVED, ya dummy!
*  Drive ten minutes in the general direction of home to the new office... and have to walk down an even LONGER hallway to get there than in the *first* building.
*  Be ridiculed by the fact that I have gained yet two MORE pounds, all the while consuming less calories than my three year old.  Ask doctor about this since, hmm... she is *always* the one to point out that weight loss = less back stress.  Get told that *3* of my medications can cause weight gain.  NICE.  It's a conspiracy, I tell you - especially since one of them is for my fibromyalgia.  Bastards.
*  Get told that I have bronchitis bordering on walking pneumonia.  Doctor sets up Z-Pak and Phenergan Syrup with Codeine to be called in, along with acid reflux medication in the hopes that I won't wake up choking on my stomach acids anymore.
*  Drive home.  Find three year old has been causing trouble, oh, since he woke up.  But he ate a fried egg for breakfast with cheese.  The joy.
*  Deal with same child arguing the issue of non-hunger until late afternoon.  He manages to *destroy* three pull-ups anyways with alarming calamity.
*  Go to Walgreens to pick up all my medications.  Discover that the insurance won't cover the cough syrup, but I *really* need something to quiet the relentless hacking.  Wind up paying almost *$25* for cough syrup.  Make myself feel better by getting a Glade Scented Oil Warmer starter kit for $1.99.
*  Come home to find son still acting like an ass... but finally amenable to eating lunch - at 3:45.
*  Try to brainstorm for places to build my very own padded cell.

You see?  I'm beginning to think that somewhere along the way, maybe one of the behavior-disordered kids that I used to work with, snipped off a lock of my hair and created themselves a little voodoo doll of yours truly.  And then threw it away.  So now it's being demolished by its adventures through the world of waste management.

Maybe?  Okay, fine.  Things just *suck* and I have to suck it up.  Or rather, I *would* if I could breathe.

So, my goals for tomorrow are to hear from Netflix that I *actually* have a copy of the movie I need on its merry way here and to be able to be awake without coughing for at least 50% of the day (though not all in one chunk because, honestly?  I think the excess oxygen from something so dramatic might just make me pass out.).

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