Saturday, December 13, 2008


Aaaaand what *really* sucks is when your non-napping 3 year old son wakes up after only *9* hours of sleep and stays awake for the next 15 hours STRAIGHT.

You'd be tired, right?  Heh.

Too bad that is when my migraine decided to come back.  Along with a pretty massive backache (thanks, Doc, for taking me off my muscle relaxants!  REALLY.  You're TOO kind.) - GAH.

So, here I am... Stuck because the medication I've been on for sleep hasn't been working all too fantabulously for a while now, and I don't see THAT particular doc again until Monday.  And I can't even go all "free-base" (LOL) and take extra, because then I won't have any AT. ALL.

Yeah, me!!

At least the toilet flushes again without spewing forth gallons of PUTRIDITY into the *laundry room for God's sakes* again.  That?  Yeah, THAT would make my skull *completely* crack in two - instead of just feeling like it is.  Fun.

Of course, I don't think the pain would be much different.  Damn.  Then I'd have something to at least blame the damn headache ON.  *sigh*

Did I mention YEAH ME!!!???!?!
I did?

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