Saturday, March 21, 2009

As the weekend begins...

It ends, too.  REALLY fast, apparently.  Ralph has a show tonight in Joliet, so he has been gone since about 5pm.  Greyson *lost it* and instead of getting the USUAL "Movie Night" that we have on nights where Daddy has a show, he instead got sent to bed at 7pm instead of 9.  I KNOW I'm probably going to regret it in the morning, but he SOOOOO needed to just go to sleep!!!

Tomorrow, I am *hoping* to be able to at least go out to lunch with Ralph, since Thursday was our anniversary... which, unfortunately, went unacknowledged until I asked about lunch Sunday last night.  He's checking into the hospital Sunday evening / afternoon, so it's pretty much the last chance we'll get to spend time together for who knows HOW long... it all depends on how long they want him there for IV antibiotics, and if they decide that the infection level is low enough for surgery NOW (or if it's even needed), or if he has to come back AGAIN after a super-long course of IV antibiotics, even at home, since they'll be sending him home with a PICC line again, just like when we found out he was diabetic almost 2 years ago.  *sigh*

I recently reconnected with an old friend from school, who invited me into a monthly playgroup, essentially comprised of all women I went to high school with... and I'm JAZZED!  It's something that, I think, is desperately needed both for Greyson and for me - we are both feeding off of each other's cabin fever, and the stress levels get *rather* high.

I hardly ever get out anymore... seriously.  I'm lucky if I'm away from the house once a week, and even then it's usually a doctor's appointment of some sort.  I really, REALLY need to find some sort of motivation, because I think I've only consumed *maybe* 500 a day for the last week or more, and yet, with the meds, I've gained weight according to my last Dr. visit.  Luckily, they are testing my thyroid, because ONE of my doctors really thinks that there is a problem there.  LUCKY ME!  Just one more pill to take, one more medical condition to tack on to my long list of ailments.

God, I hope Greyson keeps his AWESOME immunity and health... I am SO afraid of him becoming diabetic, even if it's as late as Ralph was diagnosed.  Other than that, the only thing I can foresee is that I think he inherited the extra vertebra where the cervical spine becomes the thoracic... My dad has it, and so do I.  Yippee!

I need sleep.  I don't know how well that will fare, but I need to try.  Luckily, I have a "med review" on the 31st, and there's been talk of some pretty serious changes to what I have to take daily.  13 pills a day as it is, let's see what we can get up to next!!!  =P

Wish me a better day tomorrow than today!!  =)  XOXO

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