Sunday, March 1, 2009

To Share a Bit of Sorrow

A dear, dear friend of mine lost her mother on February 9th. She was really unable to even find the time to let me know her mom was gone until now, after flying back home from her family out in California. Apparently, Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer on the 6th, and had only those last three days to fight.

If you're the praying kind, pray for her.
If you're the blessings kind, bless her.
If you're the thinking of you kind, please think of her.
If only a random, passing thought... send a little love her way. Jeana has been like family to me, and was a shining light while we were still in our old apartment where I had no one else around. She's still very raw from this, as expected, and any little bit of love will only help her heal.

Thanks, everyone.

1 Harmonizations:

Joanie said...

A prayer has been said.

I'm sorry for your friend's loss. That's never easy.

Da Goddess