Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just... God Damnit.

I am just... in a BAD situation right now.  Okay, that's nor fair - the whole FAMILY is in a bad situation.

Anybody who cares... can you just say a little prayer, think a little thought, send some good vibes out into the Universe... something.

I can't (don't want to?) go into details right now... but we're up shit creek.  No paddles.  No escape route.  And it's looking like a waterfall coming up on our rickety little canoe.

I had another MRI yesterday.  Things are defnintely worse... so now I honestly am in fear of having to need spinal surgery.  We're financiially FUCKED... and that's putting it LIGHTLY.

I think the ONLY good news is that Greyson is at LEAST 99% potty trained, and that Ralp is getting the care he needs on his diabetic ulcer on his foot.

Fuck.  Double fuck.  I can't even SEE the silver lining right now...

3 Harmonizations:

Bea said...

I am definitely worried! I hope you all are okay - and things sort themselves out...and that lining pops its ass up! We are overdue (seriously) for some lengthy catch-uppage.. Feel free to ventilate on me (if you get the time?)! I will email you soon hon!!

Hang in there!! (all of ya!!)

Larissa said...

Thanks Bea... I'll try to claw my way out from under my finals research DROWNAGE and call ya this weekend!

Lost Soul said...

If you want to talk about it, Im here! Even if its just to listen. We still need to find time to hang out. Oh I could amuse you with my sorted stories. =)