Monday, March 9, 2009

Phew! One Down, One to Go!... and The Toddler Who Read, and Read, and Read Some More!

I am officially done with one of my two final papers for this term (each term laast 10 weeks - I know, strange, but that's what I get when i opt to accelerated learning).  My OLD transcripts should arrive at Kapln either Tuesday or Wednesday...and believe me, I know that it's pushing that deadline awfully quickly, since term ends March 17th.  So far, so good with class - no 100%'s across the board like last term, but I should again pull a *minumum* a Dean's List honor, if not the full-fledged President's Honor as I did for October through Janusry.  Eh.  I just want A's so I can maintain my rockin 4.0.  So THERE.

I've been briefly contemplating adding a third class to my load for next term... but with having to take college-level algebra AGAIN, as well as "Terrorism Today," I'm not sure what exactly would work well with the above-mentioned duo... unless I take a criminal psychology course, since I have had so much psych pumped into my veins in the past, my marrow whould be spitting it out along with new blood cells.

Any opinions on adding a third course?  Do you think I can handle it?!?!  Eep!
For those of you who have asked... yes, I'm okay.  Not necessarily 100% okay, but I'm surviving.  Things are simply in a deep financial rut, and I'm trying my damndest to find a job here from home in case a) I DO need spinal surgery, a b) the weather goes damn haywire, bring my fibro pain levels up to a decrepit high.  Hell, if I dtill felt GOOD, we've have no problem... except for that until August, my son does not qualify for district prechool, so my paycheck would essentiall be turned over to my employer just for him to be in the building with me, but to have others care for him.  Hmmmm, gee, what a hard choice THAT creates,  Duh.

So, anyone want a bookkeeper, transciptionst, order proessor, data processor/proofreader?  I have experience with all of the above so (turns into a little girl)  Pick me! Pick Me! PICK ME!!!  Heh.

I think I need to get some sleep... I have to write a criminal statue on cyberbullying, including the defintions, forms, and possible punishments involved.  It just makes me wanna PUKE.
On a happier note... (or a "bring me a brick wall" note), Greyson has been READING.  EVERYTHING.  In the grocery store - "OH!  This isle says first aid, we have to look for more bandaids here!" or "Mom, the milk is dated March 18th, is that okay?"  YES.  We get looks ALL the time.  NO, we have put NO pressure on him to read.  OH!  And we have in no way shape, or form done anything to him for him to come up to me and ask if he could watch an online autopsy video "to see what's inside everyone."  Yikes.  He was actually studying my new MRIs in comparisons to the ones from his past October.  "Is that where your bad discs are, Mommy?"  I'm tellling ya... Dr. Circelli by day - Iron Greyson by night.  This child NEVER provides a dull moment. 
Want an awesomely cute three year old?  For a day?  An hour?  Okay, how about a few minutes?!?!  So far, he's only cut paper with scissors, so at least you're safe on that part, so far... hehehe

6 Harmonizations:

Joanie said...

The whole kid thing sounds very familiar. Both of my kids were/are like that.

Be grateful you have a curious kid who likes talking with you. ENCOURAGE IT! It'll come in handy later.

Da Goddess

The Self-Deprechaun said...

That's how I learned how to read: reading cereal boxes and fruit snack packaging.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. You are right the beefiness will be pretty amazing when the warm weather hits in Chitown! More of people to love.

Anonymous said...

LOL I'll pass on the 3rd class! But if you can do it, go for it!! I think one is enough at a time, I don't even know how you do 2??

I just love Grey! Glad to hear he's reading! But I'll save my sanity for my new-found walking, talking, jabber jaws, munchkin face lil girl who has absolutely sprouted into another human being since her birthday! How about we rent our kids out to our parents?? Hmmmm... free works for me too! Then we can go munch sushi & margaritas and HIDE? Ok..sushi for can watch! LOL

Bea said...

THat last comment was from me? I dont know what i did...

Bee said...

And the weather right now can't help! :o(

It's great that your son loves to learn. Autopsy video double yikes! I can't even stand the sight of my outsides.

My sister has a book for my niece call "The Body" book. I'll ask her where she got it.

Larissa said...

Haha Bea... somehow, I think I would have figured out that that comment was yours anyhow. =P And why do I have to just WATCH you eat sushi... I'm slowly becoming addicted to it... HA!

Ohhh, I NEEEED to be out there in AZ! But instead, at least for now, I get to drive to freezing-ass Michigan this weekend. Bah.