Thursday, January 29, 2009


Why is it that I actually fell asleep, only to wake 3 hours later feeling like it was *really* time to get up?

How is it that my Criminal Law professor thinks it's okay to have an essay due every two weeks... including the week before midterms?

WHY oh WHY do I have to complete ANOTHER interview for school, the second term in a row?

My migraine is gone.  At least *that's* a bonus.

Greyson is making me want to either put him in a closet or bury myself in a snow drift.  God knows there enough snow to accomplish the latter, but I'm not sure on room in a closet for the first part.

Lately, Grey has found ALL the right (WRONG) buttons to push.  He honestly has been acting like a completely different child, and brought me to TEARS earlier, all because of how horrible his behavior had been all day (and the previous few days).  While he watched me cry (which I honestly HATE, but my GOD, he was bad!) he told me, "You're not a very good actor."  WTF?!?  I then folllowed up with, :So you think Mommy isn't really feeling this sad?  Doesn't it make you feel bad that you made Mommy cry?"  His response:  "Actually, I feel pretty good right now."  Gonna strangle him.  Not really.  But I can in my head, right?

He is *seriously* plagued by cabin fever, or SOMETHING, because the mood swings are just BEYOND anything I've ever seen come out of this boy.  He has taken on an alter-ego, "Greysop", taken from an accidental name-typing on one of his games.  Greysop is the BAD child, while my sweet little Greyson would NEVER act this way.  I wish I knew where GreysoN was hiding.

Ugh... it seems to be a once-a-month thing, like the child has PMS.  One week out of a month, he is a holy terror, hell-on-wheels demon child.  No remorse, no pre-thinking, just all mouth and attitude.  And then, he returns to his original, sweet self.  I think I might share some Midol.  Heh.

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