Saturday, January 10, 2009


It really bites the big one when you burn the bejeezus out of your wrist while attempting to take one of the world's largest pizzas out of the oven. Mmm. Burnt flesh on the inside of the oven door. Bravo.

It bites EVEN MORE when, in the middle of a sleepy haze, you reach over and scratch said burn WITH LONG FINGERNAILS to the point of scraping half the burnt skin off of a burn that is literally the size of a LARGE thumbprint.

Now it not only looks like someone with hands o' fire grabbed my wrist and left their very own, patented thumbprint scorch mark right about where the face of my watch would be (could I actually WEAR one with this mass of damage), but there's a big lovely RAW patch right smack in the middle of it all. YUM! (gag)

Not only is it just as painful as it was the moment it happened all over again, but it woke me up from the wonders of sleep since I decided to go all Freddy Krueger on myself while only half-conscious. Now THAT'S what I call fun!

And the kicker of it all? Just last night before bed did I remove the "I look like a suicide attempt" gauze bandage from around my wrist. Irony, much??


5 Harmonizations:

Valerie said...

That sounds horrible just reading it. Ouch!

Larissa said...

Yeah, it's none too thrilling. Especially now, since I have it bandaged again and it's been itching for the last 4 hours non-stop from underneath all those layers... grrr... Do you think smacking it would make the itch stop?!? =P

Anna Lefler said...

Ack! I'm really sorry about that. Perhaps you should sleep with your mittens on to curb the sleep-scratching?

(OK, there's a sentence I've never typed before in my life.)

Anyway - take care of that and feel better soon!

:^) Anna

Larissa said...

You know, Anna... you should really construct some sort of mustached little smiley...

:{) perhaps?!? HAHAHA

I will definitely try the "sleep mittens" advice... once I find some. I don't think I've owned mittens since I was, oh, 5? Hehe.

Bea said...

Ouch woman! I know your pain there... my new attempts at cooking have me looking like a burn victim as well! Take care of that burn hon!!