Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feel Like I've Been Beaten...

So, we went to see Metallica last night.  The first time I've seen them live in, literally, 10 years almost to the DAY.

Is it wrong (or maybe just even pathetic) that when "Ecstacy of Gold" started playing, I teared up?  It is?!  Oh, hell.

Anyways... my opinion that James Hetfield has only gotten better as he's gotten older has been solidified.  Seriously.  That man's voice was ON last night, and I couldn't have been happier with a return to the live viewings after so long.

We took the Munchkin.  Yes, I know.  A three year old at a Metallica concert.  But, HEY!  He was a two year old at an Iron Maiden concert, and a one year old at a Ted Nugent concert, so why not?  At  least this time, we actually let him have a SEAT, instead of just migling amidst the crazies down on the pit floor. =P

Apparently, the highlight of the show for him last night is "the guy who was playing his guitar so much that he fell over and DIED."  Yeah.  At one point, Rob Trujillo was the sole member on stage, in the dark, with a spot on him, while he played and played and slowly... collapsed... to his knees... and then flat onto his back, bass splayed out across his torso.  And at that point?  Greyson grabbed my arm and exclaimed, "OH MY GOD MOM!  He DIED!"  Riot.  He had a blast all around... until he fell asleep a minute from the end of the third-to-last song, and completely slept through Nothing Else Matters (OH!  Was I happy they played it!  C'mon - the notes and lyrics from the song decorated my wedding cake for God's sake!) and half of Ralph's "all time favorite" (snicker) Enter Sandman.  At that point, it was 11pm, and I knew they'd be wrapping it up, so I decided, well, let's beat the crowd WHILE CARRYING A SLEEPING DEAD WEIGHT OF A CHILD and just leave now.

Yep, hit the lobby, and we heard them close the show.  Now, I'm not stupid, and I know that they did an encore... but beating out the swarms to be able to actually leave the parking lot within five minutes of getting in the car?  Worth missing.

GOD, I'm such a MOM.  LOL

SO, to the part where I feel like someone kicked my ASS at the show?  I am SORE today.  Even with having seats, of course, everyone was standing... so that meant Grey hopping from parent to parent in order to see better, and a full-on course of "Nooooo!  Don't LIFT him!!!" on my screaming back.  Add to that the fact that Walgreens for SOME reason couldn't (or more like just plain DIDN'T) contact my doc for a refill on my Effexor for two days, and I'm just hitting the beginnings of withdrawls...  Thankfully, I got to pick them up TODAY, but they of course have yet to hit my system and tell it to wake the hell UP because, HELLOOO?  Drugs in system again, k?  =P

Needless to say... no matter how much I feel like hell today?  It was SO worth it.  Being able to see my overall favorite band on the planet perform live again after so long?  Check.  Being able to share the experience with my mini-me of a rocker son?  Check.  Having one more awesome experience to file away so that I can say I really *didn't* have a completely lame life when I look back from my 80s?  MAJOR CHECK.  Heh.

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