Monday, January 19, 2009

I Can Finally Take a SMALL Breath...

Last night I was able to plow through all but the introduction, my *opinion* section, and conclusion of my forsaken law paper... oh, and the STUPID APA references page.  But!  I have the general "meat" portion accomplished.  Hooray!

Greyson has been a bit of an eating machine since yesterday... which, if you've followed any of my previous entries that have contained commentary on his eating habits (I think my CATS eat more than he does on any given day), is UNREAL.  Yesterday?  THREE ACTUAL MEALS, plus a few *tiny* snacks.  BUT!  THREE MEALS!  It's completely unheard of, and I honestly don't think he's eaten anything even closely resembling that much food in one day in MONTHS.  Eek.  If he's entering a growth-spurt period, I seriously hope that it's an "out" spurt, and not another "up" spurt... because seriously y'all?  He's over 3'3" and only weighs (at the beginning of December) 28 pounds.  Yeah.  My life as referenced to his wardrobe consists ENTIRELY of praising the people that created those nifty ass adjustable waistbands for toddler sizes and the smaller of the actual boys' sizes.  Because, honestly?  I'm not bothering with anything smaller than a boy's size 4 anymore... especially since I've discovered more and more places that offer *4 SLIM*.  I owe them much praise because it saves me money (and punctured fingertips!) since I no longer have to safety pin the HELL out of the back of his pants anymore.

Well, unless we get track pants... then, it's a WHOLE other story.  *sigh*  Why oh WHY do they not have drawstrings?!?!

Anyhow, the boy must be growing again.  And his mood has been pretty consistent, hovering in the "pleasant zone" for about a week now, which is allowing the small patches of hair that I'm SURE I ripped out during his absolute insanity phases to grow back.  Heh.

Actually, one more thing in regards to the Munchkin... I was pretty much called a LIAR when I posed a question to a group of other moms of children born within a month or so of Greyson regarding reading and writing.  The fact that I stated that he has been reading and spelling words for a few months now, and has begun *really* getting into CORRECTLY and LEGIBLY writing his letters was essentially attacked, as the woman who responded "highly doubted that ANY child this age can actually read, and especially not spell, unless it's a case of memorization."

Hmm.  Well, let's see.  A trip to the grocery store has him reading the labels on boxes, cans, and signs.  Spending time on the computer consists of him either typing out words entirely on his own, or eliciting a very small amount of help to break down the sounds within a word in order to spell it, again, himself.  He showed nothing less that ecstacy when he wrote the word "MOM" on a piece of paper for me, with no prompting whatsoever.

But I'm a liar, apparently.  But she DID follow up with a comment on IF he IS actually able to do those things, then BRAVO - especially since he's a BOY.  And then I was "scolded" to make sure that I was not PUSHING these things on him.  Thank GOD it was not an in-person conversation... I think SOMEONE would have been tasting pavement.

WTF.  YES, I know, "statistically," boys are a bit slower to pick up on the language aspects of life.  But C'MON.  Because MY son happens to have these abilities at this age, does it really have to be approached with scrutiny and sarcasm?!  THIS is the reason I rarely discuss what he can do... because, y'all, I've been there myself.  In Kindergarten, I was told, FLAT OUT, by the woman doing the screenings that I COULD NOT READ.  And yet, at that point in time, I had been taking over for my TEACHER in circle time reading because she had come down with laryngitis.  Bah.

I think I'm done complaining... for now.  I have *never* intended a single word regarding what my child can (or canNOT) do as bragging.  Hell, he's still not potty-trained.  Getting there?  Yes.  In underwear?  HELL NO.  I guess I just don't understand why some people feel that they are friggin' experts regarding what everyone ELSE'S kids abilities are.  *sigh*

On a slightly different note, I feel like we have been hit by a heat wave here in Chicago - merely because the temps are above zero, and have actually reached the double digits here and there.  We've seen the TEENS, people!  LOL  After LAST week's plunge into -237941 degree weather, you would have thought that the deep freeze was gonna hang around for a lot longer than just a week.

I suppose I really *should* return to working on finishing up that fantabulous waste of brain cells called Criminal Law.  For some reason, I just wish the universe would hear me whenever I announce that I only want to be a peon CSI - not a FRIGGIN' attorney.

Dear god... I may be able to argue and debate my way through almost any topic, but the education for law school?  Yep... can't argue worth a damn when all that's left of your head is an exploded stump of goo.  Heh.


BY THE WAY!!  I am currently trying to come up with a new "signature" deal for the end of my posts, since the recent redo just isn't quite living up to my standards.  Good idea in my head, looks like crap on screen, IMO.  So, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments!  THANKS!  *muah*

3 Harmonizations:

moo said...

YAY for Grey! It sounds like he's doing great!

Valerie said...

Im glad Greyson is thriving! Both in appetite for food and knowledge. That's awesome. Dont let others get you down about what he is doing. Sounds like a case of jealousy. I know each child comes into their own at a different rate, and no one should put others down for that.

Larissa said...

Thanks moo... AND Val! At least I know that I won't get *that* type of criticism here. =)