Friday, January 16, 2009

My Brain is Twitching From TOO MUCH LAW.

So... this term for school I have Criminal Law and Criminal Investigations. Not only did classes JUST start on the 7th, but I already have an essay due on Tuesday for Law. On statutory rape. And mens rea. BUT! Mens rea doesn't APPLY to statutory rape statutes because it qualifies as a Strict Liability charge.


This class has me spinning in virtual circles every. single. time. I log in to class, whether it be to simply check the message boards, or to actually ATTEND a seminar. I have just been notified that, apparently, the sheer presence of a controlled substance in your vehicle, home, aircraft, WHATEVER, does NOT necessarily qualify for a possession charge. Huh. Who knew. So, from this information, I'm guessing that I could go purchase a pair of shoes, hide some pot in the soles, and then claim that I had NO idea that it was there, since I just bought them. And quite possibly WIN. What a frickin' riot.

Anyhow, I have NO clue as to how to even APPROACH this paper. ME. Who is typically known for my absolutely verbose and detailed essays on any given topic. I'm LOST. How do I explain the details of mens rea (and WHY!?!) if it really doesn't even have anything to do with the specific charge I am supposed to be discussing? And I cannot for the life of me figure out what, if ANYTHING, is the actual classifier for strict liability, other than the fact that it makes certain charges "stick" better than if they were processed through the more traditional mens rea.

Have I made YOUR head spin yet?

Maybe I'm lucky enough to have a lawyer as one of my readers?

WHAT AM I THINKING? What lawyer would read THIS drivel? Heh.

So, off I twirl back into the land of holyfuckincrap because this is due in T-minus 4 days. JOY!

2 Harmonizations:

bea said...

Okay. It's brain just took a shit reading that! OMG! I will only have to compare it to my Research & Statistics math course - which to me was freakin gibberish, but that sounds like a doozy! Good luck! =)

Larissa said...

ROFL! Yeah, it's a whopper of a course. All I wanna do is become a lowly CSI, not an attorney, damnit!!! Hahahaha...

BTW, Bea... I tried to comment on your blog yesterday and it wouldn't LET me... just kept jumping me down to the jukebox thingy... ROFL