Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Oh..... How glad am I that I go to college online? And that the house is pretty well stocked?

Words cannot describe how desperately determined I am to NOT leave the house for ANY reason in the next week.

Why? Because currently, not only are we under a blizzard warning - not so much because we are expecting THAT much snow, but because of the brutal einds anticipated to make it a near white-out condition - but it is also -14 DEGREES OUTSIDE. And I'm not including wind chill.

Tomorrow? Somewhere around -18.

Thursday? -24.

This trend is going to continue through NEXT THURSDAY. Meaning I have NO choice but to deal with Greyson's severe cabin fever because HELLO?!? I am NOT venturing out into this arctic CRAP unless under serious duress. Like I or someone in my family would have to be DYING. Eek.

So, to toast to feeling like I have teleported from Chicago to the Arctic Circle sometime as I slept, here's my new buddy, the penguin. I have a feeling I just might see one waddling through my backyard in the next few days.

2 Harmonizations:

Kari said...

Ugh, it is so freaking cold!! They canceled school again today, which kind of cracks me up though. You grew up in Chicagoland too, so I'm assuming that your childhood school attendance was similar to mine. There had to be about thirty feet of snow to cancel school, I don't ever remember it ever being canceled b/c of the COLD. LOL!

Bee said...

Dude! I was just telling the husband that we are going to be the new fucking Alaska! Why not California??