Sunday, November 16, 2008

And then my car, it was possessed.

No, not RE-possessed, thank GOD.  But downright looney-tunes.  Seriously.

After a FANTABULOUS day, I was all dressed up with what my little Saturn would determine to be NOWHERE to go.

Yep... climbed on in, put the key in the ignition, and...
Hmm... Let's try that again... Yeah, THAT'S not good.

The damn thing went Pffffft! at me, and pretty much said "Up yours, Momma!  I'm not starting, I'm not going, I'm not even going to give you any solid CLUES as to what the problem may be!

Because, was it a SIMPLE problem?  Ohhh no...

First, it just didn't do ANYTHING.  No click.  No trying to start.  No NOTHING.  Okay, two can play at that game - I *don't* give up easily!

Then, Oh!  Wait!!  It's... it's TRYING to turn over.  A... little.  Maybe.  Yeah, no, it's done.

You remember how I said I don't give up easily?  Heh.

I sat and turned that key about, oh, 15 different times.  All with slightly *different* results - the last of which was the engine turning over, me trying to give it some gas, and my little black BEAST deciding that, well, you know WHAT?  I don't WANT any gas - I'm gonna fizzle out and DIE anyways.  So THERE.

I was NOT amused.  I looked briefly at my mother's van... and then remembered that it has no dashlights.  Hah!  Sorry about your luck, chica.  You are going NOWHERE.  Bah.

So, last night?  I had me a few wine coolers, curled up on the bed with my Mom and Greyson, and watched me some Kung-Fu Panda... with stubbornness abounding, because I *refused* to take off my makeup, since I had *just* put the damn stuff ON.

I must say, I was looking pretty snazzy for something as simple as a Popcorn n' PJ's Party.  Heh.

On a little sidenote here... when Ralph came home, he went to check out my car to see what was up with the damn thing.  And started it.  And backed it out of the driveway, and then back in again.  Turned it off.  Started it AGAIN, reverse, forward, repeat.  With NO. PROBLEMS.  WHAT. SO. EVER.  Gah.

I think I brought something home with me from the Weird Chicago Tour I tool Wednesday night...  According to one of the women that went with, there was apparently a FAIRY following me that night...

And YES, that is MY back... Thanks to Gina for the photo!
And YES, I actually DO wear a TinkerBell hoodie almost EVERYWHERE.  Heh.

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