Saturday, November 15, 2008

I've Been Spinning...

Or at least that's what it FEELS like.  My god, has it been this long since I blogged?  *whew*

I've been attacked by midterms.  Which means I've been a typing maniac, riddling my instructors' inboxes with long, extremely-detailed essays on landmark law cases and interview proposals on people which I'm not even completely versed on as of yet.  Meanwhile, the discussion board for one of my courses has been riddled with a classmate's attempt at humor by accusing me of being an undercover FBI Agent, therefore revealing my supposed source of knowledge in all things criminal justice.  Ha!  Apparently, the professor for that course is now also questioning whether she has been demoted to teaching assistant because of this shocking discovery.

What a sad, sad life I lead if my education is causing these types of thoughts in my classmates AND teachers.  LOL

BUT!  Along with feeling like I barely have time to catch my breath!  Ralph has been offered a JOB, people!  A real-life, PAYING position of employment!  Of course, we are now waiting on the ever-required background check and human resources paperwork shuffle before he can actually START, and ya know, get PAID.  Aye yi yi... somehow this is all seeming too familiar as Greyson's birthday looms in the REALLY close future - he started a new job two weeks to the day that Grey was born, and now he will be starting (fingers crossed!) sometime next week during the week of his third birthday.

Of course, this doesn't relieve the problems surrounding the birthday itself (Broke!  Presents?  Eh... Party?  Hah!!) and our upcoming car payment (Again!  Already!!  How DARE they?!?).

Meanwhile, I am trying to calculate in my addled little brain the approximation of when my ongoing physical therapy treatments will ENDfortheloveofeverythingholy, and also when my NEXT class term will start (Is there a break between 10-week terms?  Do classes start up again immediately?  Gah!) because I have stumbled upon a job opening for a dispatch position with the Lake County Sheriff's Department.  The contemplation to actually, finally jump back into the world of employment myself is just too great considering the INCREDIBLE starting salary - even though it means possible swing shifts and weekends and some holidays and AHHHHH!  Oh yes, and the fact that Greyson would need to be enrolled in SCHOOL.  Hmm.

It's just a LOT to tackle all at once in addition to all that has already been ping-ponging around inside my head.  I know it will get figured out SOMEHOW (it always does - whether I like it or not, I haven't yet found a way to stop the flow of time), but MAN!!  Is it taxing or WHAT?

So, sometime before the 25th, I am going to go take the speed-typing test for the department... which in its own right is really just a nuisance more than anything, seeing as though I only need a score of 30wpm or higher.  Just yet ANOTHER thing to shuffle into my schedule, somehow.  Heh.

And then, yesterday afternoon while battling my way through the onslaught of rush hour's almost-four hour clutch on the Chicagoland area, I turned to one on my pre-programmed radio stations to find... CHRISTMAS MUSIC.  In November.  BEFORE Thanksgiving.  What in sam hell is going on here?

I couldn't wrap my brain around Christmas right now if my LIFE depended on it.  I know, some people start planning for Christmas in JULY, I know!  But for this redhead?  Ohhhh no...  Only when my husband and I got together did the day after Thanksgiving mean putting up a tree... before then?  Eh, whenever we got around to it - if at all.  I know, I know... scrooges, all of us!  And this year?  I'm actually planning (see?  There I go, with the attempts to plan something!) on decorating the OUTSIDE of our house.

I think it will cause a few of our neighbors to suffer a coronary... maybe even an embolism...because?  THIS house?  Lit up for a HOLIDAY?  Be still my quivering heart. =P

So, if you happen to see a whirling dervish with the unmistakable cloud of red hair contained within?  Yep - it's just me, spiraling my way into clawing my eyes out banging my head against walls trying to salvage my sanity attempting to resemble a sane person celebrating the holiday season.

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