Thursday, November 6, 2008

Someone Traded My Child

Seriously.  All day long, he has been mouthy, argumentative, pushy, whiny, and just downright FULL OF IT.  Now, I am no sucker to think that I am lucky enough to have a child that is blissful 24/7 - oh, no.  We have travelled the path of MOST resistance too many times before to think that.  However, he really has been doing *so* much better lately that today?  I am ready to feed him to the wolves if it would give me more than five minutes of PEACE.  Essentially since waking up this morning (a full two hours earlier than I even HALF expected him to wake), he hasn't been able to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time, including while on the computer.  He's either been running, or spinning, or dancing, or jumping, or climbing.  Moving.  Non-stop, it seems.

And the mouth!  Oh, the mouth cannot stop moving, either.  Usually, it's simply a side-effect of his 'just can't POSSIBLY learn enough about EVERYTHING' nature.  But today?  Oh, today we are filled with whining, and arguing, and demanding, and my GOD, someone make it stop.

I'm nearing the point where he goes to bed early, no matter WHAT that means for the time he wakes in the morning.  I'd rather deal with an earlybird than what my son is acting like tonight.  Eek.

The worst part?  It's THURSDAY.  Which means that Ralph has been gone since 4pm, and will not be home until around midnight.  Because?  Apparently they just practice THAT long in Judas Beast.  Hmm.  Okay.  I'm seeing visions of yapping and incessant silly voices.  Maybe it's just me.

But, as always, Greyson REALLY lets it loose when I am left to deal with him on my own for the evening.  Something about pushing the same buttons he's been working on for almost the last THREE SOLID YEARS of being home with me all day that gets him going, ya know?  AARRGHH!

So, if in a few hours, you see a redhead screaming down the middle of I-94?  It's me.  You might want to stay out of my immediate reach, in case I mistake you for a margarita.

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