Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick-or-Treat! IS OVER!

As much as I *love* Halloween, I am SO glad it is over!  The carving, the planning, the costuming, the make-up-ing... I'm DONE!  Here are a few photos to further document my decent into madness between my son AND my husband...

Cute as all hell, right?  And check out my "Jack O'Skellington" pumpkin!
And then we have THIS!  I *know* I'm the one that did this makeup job, and yet, I was STILL extremely disturbed by the entire ordeal.
Which one's my husband?!?  My god, if it weren't for my little "Jack O'Skellington," I may have never known the right choice!!! ;)
I had *hoped* that now that it is the weekend, and the holiday is over, I could take a little mental vacation (since I SO can't do the real thing right now)... but, NOOOO...
Ralph has *already* left for his show in Champaign, IL tonight.  This means that it's me & Grey until sometime tomorrow afternoon - whenever the "men" decide to get their patooties in gear and head back north to the women who are ready to scream ready to welcome them home again.
I am only maybe halfway through the FIRST of THREE parts to my CJ101 assignment, which is due Tuesday.  I'm expecting much more to do, since it's a fact-based screenplay based upon the generic scenario of "so-and-so has been identified as a suspect in a burglary; further investigation leads to him being arrested with probable cause."  AND, I have to give creative details as to what happens from apprehension through SENTENCING.  Bah!  This damn paper is going to wind up being a fuckin' NOVEL.
And?!  I have to draft my proposal for my OTHER class, based on my final project in THAT course. 
Sleep?  What's that?  Ohhh, you mean the *concept*?  Yeah.  SO overrated.  Heh.
I think I will give my new sleepy-meds a BIG kiss tonight, just for existing.  ;)
In other news, I need a haircut.  And so does Greyson.  Is it a bad thing when your two-year-old's hair brushes the top of his shoulders?  =P  He's working a mini-mullet.  Or a "mulletini."
Take your pick.  ;)

5 Harmonizations:

Valerie said...

Love Grey's costume. Too cute!

Larissa said...

Thanks, Val! =)

PS, The pix message you sent me yesterday wouldn't open! What was it of?! LOL

Kari said...

Very cute!! Great costumes!
Now go get Greyson a haircut before he becomes a country-western singer, :)

Larissa said...

HAHAHA on the country-western... tonight he was actually singing along to some country! REALLY funny since he's generally such a little metalhead! =P

Bea said...

Holy. Cow. You did AMAZING on that makeup for Ralph!! Twins much?! LOL I was freaking speechless - and for the record: no Captain Spaulding in my house!! That's just creepy as hell the resemblance!! LOL Love it!!!