Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today is a day...

Of admission and change.  How?

Today I actually have to come to terms and admit to myself that Greyson *is indeed* three years old - he will be having his three-year checkup in a little less than two hours. =(  Hopefully all goes well - but it's destined to be MUCH better than when we went to see that HACK who told me to shut up and then scrutinized my ability to even FEED my child adequately.  Grr - that still gets me a bit riled. 


It's also a day of change... Greyson is scheduled for a MASSIVE haircut after his peds appointment.  You've all seen the shaggy, ohmygodhowcanthischildhaveSOmuchhair photos of recent...  I was all about trimming it on my own at home, even comfortable with taking off a couple inches when necessary.  However, his hair has now grown out of control - he has more hair on his head than *I* do, and he obviously inherited the thickness of his Daddy's...well, the hair Daddy *used* to have.  Heh.

I've given up.  KidSnips, here we come!  We *tried* a regular salon and it just SO didn't happen, so... I'm caving in to the car-shaped chairs and video screens propped on the stylist's centers, the gaggles of movies that Grey will get to pick from to watch during his new cut, and the random chaos of useless toys that abound just within the entrance... making the haircut?  More like a trip to the movie theater and Dollar Store all wrapped into one.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he will, indeed, let them cut his hair as he has promised... and not scream like his eyes are being gouged from their sockets like last Saturday's attempt to leave Shaggidom.

2 Harmonizations:

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Good luck with both!

Are you gonna show us pictures? Of the new hairdo, not the new doctor's office.

Larissa said...

Haha! Of course... once Thanksgiving Central slows down a bit. =)