Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Say DUH.

I wanted to at least BRIEFLY give a shout out to Bea...  I'm sorry I didn't mention you at the end of my photo post on Grey's birthday...  I think my brain fried out a little, and therefore your card (and gift card - THANK YOU!!) got shuffled around in my waaaay-too-jumbled brain.

So THANK YOU for the card - it arrived ON his birthday!

And THANK YOU for the Target card - his favorite store!

Hopefully, the next time he starts begging me for a movie or game when we're there?  I can just whip out that little nifty and make him pay for it himself.  (For REAL this time, instead of him asking me for money so he can pay, like, IN LINE at the checkout.  Heh.)

Love you!!

2 Harmonizations:

Bea said...

LOL YOU'RE WELCOME!! I am glad you got it, no worries!! Miss ya! (still jealous on that cake..I'm practicing the baking thing here soon!)

Larissa said...

Hey, if you want any good baking recipes, let me know... Now that I have more people to feed, my cooking and baking "Betty Crocker" genes are screeching to the surface again! ROFL - you KNOW how I can get!! =)