Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall back... and screw up the kiddo's sleep schedule!

So, we've turned the clocks back an hour.  Extra hour of sleep, right?!?

WRONG-O, ladies and gentlemen.  Because, as any of you with kids know, it just means that you are forced to face yet another round of sleep re-conditioning!  With Greyson already having given up his naps (for like the last 3 weeks and counting!), he has now lessened his nighttime sleep from a full 12-13 hours down to 11 hours for the last 4 nights.  And this morning?  Yes, he was up at 8am instead of 9, with a whopping 11.5 hours of sleep.

Am I insane for thinking that a two year old (no matter HOW close he is to being three!) should need more than 11 hours of sleep a day?  Or am I just missing his naptimes SO desperately that I'm just plain getting a bit wonky in the head?!?

He is *not* the most pleasant child in the morning.  Some days he wants to eat within the first ten minutes of being awake; others he'll stall for almost an hour.  But each and every time, I can lay a pretty good bet as to the degree of whine that will accompany both his request for food, or his admonishment to whatever *I* have suggested.  And by the evening?  Yeah, dinnertime is just FUN!  (Note my clenched teeth and restraint while uttering THAT comment!)  Halfway (or less!) through dinnertime, he will pipe up with a sing-song "Feed me, feed me, DUH!" that just makes me want to run screaming from the house.

Where did he get this, you ask?  I have NO IDEA.  Honest.  But I am then faced with a fidgety, wants-to-run-laps-around-the-room preschooler, refusing to feed himself another bite, or at least a SOMEWHAT calmer little boy, taking bites from the fork or spoon wielded by either Mom or Dad.

I know he's still hungry, because this boy?  Will. Not. Eat. if he is not hungry.  As noted by his 29-pound weight in a 3 foot 3 inch tall body.  Yeah.  He's a BEANPOLE.  And half the time at least, after dinner is over, and he has even cleaned plate?  He will be looking for more food, in the forms of crackers, yogurt, cheese - whatever.

So, today?  Yeah.  Not the best outlook considering all of the above, PLUS the fact that Ralph is still out of town until only god knows when this afternoon / evening.  I have myself a completely WOUND up child, who so far, has started his day with less than 12 hours of sleep, an intake of a yogurt Nutri-Grain bar and 1/3 a bowl of cereal with banana slices, and water.  Now?  He's thoroughly engrossed in the games offered on  (Which, btw, I am GRATEFUL for at times, because the computer and Greyson?  BEST FRIENDS.  At least he is offered a bevy of educational input by numerous sites I have found and stuck in his Favorites folder.  *whew*)

He's already decided he wants chicken noodle soup for lunch.  So, I'm going to TRY pairing that with a sandwich.  Will it work?  Hmm... the magic 8 ball says "Try again later" - which usually means its laughing at me.

So, Happy November!  Happy Daylight Savings Time!  Happy Watch-Me-Lose-More-Sanity Day!!!

By the way, if you see me standing on a streetcorner later?  Just take me gently by the hand and point me in the direction of wherever you last saw my sanity, okay?  Thanks bunches.

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