Monday, November 17, 2008

Can I Just Say...

MIDTERMS! Aaargghhh! They are the bane of my existence.

Well, at least until Tuesday. Then they are over, and I have a full two weeks to look forward to the SECOND "Creative Project" that is due for my CJ101 course... this time, it's supposed to be *3* pages. Hah! Yeah, we'll see about that.

The good news? The early start I got on one of my midterms has gotten me an early grading as well... and I have remained at my 100% standing for grades in that class still. How I've done it, I have NO idea... but it's working!

Now to try and weasel my way up from a 99.64% in my OTHER class... Heheheh.

GAWD, I need a life. =P

2 Harmonizations:

bea said...

Honey - I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! LOL It sucks..but it's so worth it! Glad to hear you're making your mark as you do so well in school! =) Behling ring a bell?? LOL Hang in there!

Bee said...

That is amazing! I wouldn't be able to concentrate anymore because I'm old. :o(