Sunday, November 16, 2008

So, Yesterday...

Was INTERESTING, to say the least.  Hmm.

I was getting ready to try and get some lunch into Grey, when I glanced out the kitchen window and thought to myself, "Who the HELL is parked in our driveway?"  All I saw at first was a new, dark gray-ish van.  With the hatch open.

Then, some blonde hair being tossed by the wind... and a mylar balloon.  Okay... OH!  Wow.  It's my "adopted godmother" - LOL - and two of her five kids.  And they have STUFF.  Birthday-looking stuff.  Wow.  And I'm standing in my kitchen looking like I just rolled out of bed.  Hah.

So, I quickly SCRATCH the immediate lunch prep continuation, and call for Greyson down the stairs, letting him know that there's a surprise coming... wow, a surprise to me, TOO, since they live out in Rockford and, well?  I had NO clue they were coming by!

I opened the back door to the three of them, armed with 1- a box full of child-sized hangers (Heh.  Yeah - her kids have NO need for *small* hangers.  Can we say linebackers?  ROFL), a Spiderman bag that I could have stuffed Greyson INTO, and a big ol' Pirates of the Carribean balloon.  Once again, WOW.

Now, I *knew* that Di (my *adopted* godmother - LONG story!) had grabbed Grey a DS game for the upcoming unveiling of the still secretly donated DS system we were so graciously given... but hello?  I'm still completely in awe of what her and her kids did for my little man.

After he stood in shock for a few minutes, and realized what was going on... oh, the presents?  WERE. ON.  Wow, are we blessed to have them as family... well, the blood-less type of family that usually winds up being a bit better than that you were granted through birth. =)

We now have Pirates plates for the big day, napkins, balloons, a special Pirate cup for him, a HUGE poster from the first movie, as well as an eye patch and pirate ring for the little bugger. =)  Oh, but that's not all... oh no.  The kids?  They came bearing gifts as well... one of which was actually purchased with money that her second oldest gave up, all on his own, just to buy Grey a present.  The kid is, what, 12?  SO TOUCHING.  And if you knew him?  SO, SO much more touching - and surprising! Heh.  But, my, was my little man shown some love.  And that was before we even left the house.

Apparently, a Toys 'R Us trip had been demanded by her husband, since the gifts they brought?  JUST from the kids.  OH boy.  I honestly had a little fear in my gut with letting Greyson loose in a Toys 'R Us with him being given the go-ahead... but amazingly, my little boy proved to be really rather humble.  Yes, he made it out of there with a good three-year-old-sized armful... but it included a BOOK, and a PUZZLE.  And after about half an hour?  He was completely okay with being done.  He even told us we were "SO done."  Heh.  Of course, I am still completely and utterly indebtted to them for EVERYTHING - I still can't completely wrap my brain around the generosity that I have been blessed with from the most surprising places in order to still be able to provide my little boy with an honest-to-God FULFILLING birthday.

I know - a lot of people claim that *three year olds*?  They don't care... they won't remember...  But you know what?  I WILL.  And last year he got gipped because we MOVED at the beginning of November, and barely had time to pull our heads out of our asses from THAT insanity for CHRISTMAS.  So, there was no party last year, either.

We had *big* plans for the little big man's birthday this year... and then my Mom was hit with the beginning of her employment debacle.  And then Ralph lost his job.  And then the second shoe fell on Mom's situation.  So, in reality, while I was stressing (and still am, honestly) about car & insurance payments, and the harrassing phone calls from collectors... I was all the while thinking about how I could still make Greyson's special day special.  About how we had *just* started the plans in motion for this great party - and he KNEW bits and pieces about it's progress.  And how it all had to come to a screeching halt. 

I didn't want to see that disappointment in my child's eyes.  Because, even though years from now, he may not remember his third birthday - I will.  But now instead of really focusing on what *I* couldn't provide... I am overwhelmed with the fact that I have such loving, RANDOM people in my life that really do CARE.  And, GOD... I haven't felt that in a long time.

Have I been rather vocal about the shitstorm we've been facing?  OH YEAH.  But I've never once asked for help.  Hell, I've never expected help - you expect something, you generally just set yourself up for disappointment.  Sad, but true... and yet here I have gifts - really COOL gifts - to bless my little boy with.  My munchkin.  My now such-a-BIG-little boy.

Again today, even, I got an email from a childhood friend of mine, who has two kids of her own... who just wanted to know what she could do to help.  I couldn't even get through typing a response to her without the tears welling up, because honestly?  She and I have *just* started reconnecting after YEARS of not even talking.  Not because of anything BAD going down, but just time... and here she was, making a stand to help out not ME, but Greyson.  And as you all know - he IS my heart and soul.

So, to everyone - Crystal, thank you for your absolute kindness, not only in sending out a DS for MY son, but for all your efforts to provide for SO many children who just happen to be in a rough spot... Angela, thank you for the Build-a-Bear giftcard, even if it WAS a random giveaway... Diane, Terry, Austin, Preston, Colton, Tianna, & Q, I am still in a cloud of euphoria from the absolute JOY you were able to put on Greyson's face... Kimberly, thank you for showing you care and offering a little piece of yourself to help us through these tough times.

All of you...  My heart goes out to you, and I only hope that someday, I'll be able to do the same for you.  Maybe it will be next month.  Maybe it will be next year.  But, with my all, I promise you - NONE of this will be forgotten.  I'm finding it hard to even gather the words together to tell you just how truly grateful I am to know each and every one of you.

For now... I'm going to go dust off my Knick-Knots and eat some government-issued potatoes.  Heh.  I know... it's only gonna be funny to *2* people who read this... And I don't care.

My love is going out to everyone... Really.  You guys are the best.

2 Harmonizations:

moo said...

how wonderful! Just when you think people suck so hard ... something so great happens.

Larissa said...

I know, Moo... it's amazing how much goodness has come from the most mysterious of places. =) I am completely in awe of how much more Thanksgiving means around here right now...