Thursday, September 11, 2008

And One More Example of How Much of My Brain Has Fallen OUT of My Ear Since I Became a Parent...

I had COMPLETELY had the intention of sharing my *weird* experience of the day with you all.

When my parents were first married, they had next to nothing. My dad, being a southerner, and Cherokee, and all that jazz... well, their first wedding bands were sterling bands inlaid with a pattern of triangles inlaid with crushed turquoise.

Mind you, these rings have *not* been worn for a MINIMUM of 15 years... since they have since 'upgraded,' or what have you.

Until today, I had NO CLUE (and neither did either of my parents, honestly) where my dad's ring, especially, was. If it was even in the HOUSE, since he used to be a jeweler on the side, and all the equipment was in the garage...

Anyhow, this evening, I stubbed my toe, like DRAMATICALLY so, on what seemed like the edge of an area rug in the upstairs livingroom.
Looking down, there's a *tiny* amount of a dark grey metallic-looking thing peeking out from under the edge of the rug.

I crouched down, lifted the edge, and lo and behold... my dad's first wedding band from his marriage to my mom was literally EMBEDDED down in the carpet fibers of the actual carpeting UNDERNEATH the area rug.

This area rug has only been there for... a year, maybe???

Total DUH moment, but uh, we wouldn't have laid the rug on TOP of my dad's ring.

I contemplated if Greyson SOMEHOW had discovered it and stuck it under there... but it was SO pressed into the underlying carpet that it would have been there for a LOOOONG time to be *that* deep, in my opinion. And to be honest... um, WHERE DID HE FIND IT, if that's the case??

What do you think?

Most of you know, I'm big of the spiritual aspect of the world... do you think maybe, just maybe, Mamaw decided, in her own little way, that she was okay... and since the woman was always DRIPPING in her sterling & turquoise... this was her way?

Or am I desperately grasping for some knowledge that she is at peace now?

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