Thursday, September 18, 2008


I wanted to share something that I just typed out on a message board that was created uniquely due to the fact that Metallica has now surpassed, in the number of albums to debut at #1, every other band in existence, with the only exception being Led Zeppelin.

Now, YES.  There have been some angry issues between the band and fans (which, honestly, to this DAY still makes no sense to me) due to "Napstergate."  In my opinion, *true* fans to anything or anyone wouldn't look for ways to rob those they idolize, but should and would pay the money necessary for receiving a copy of what their talent has produced - but, hell, I will be debated until eternity on that one, I am sure.

Many claim that they are no longer "true to form."  And what form is that, may I ask?  Were we all poured into plaster casts that I was unaware of, unable to change and evolve and GROW wherever life may take us?

There are numerous other ASSpinions out there, and you know what they say about THOSE.  Obviously, I tend to agree - however, the follwoing is proof that, if you don't have a FANTASTIC argument on your side, along with every *ounce* of data you personally can use for your case?  Don't bother throwing your nonsense MY way.  Unfortunately, I'll either ridicule you for not even being able to explain or back up your own supposed beliefs - or I'll just lay things out on the table, simple as that, with a HELL of a lot more backbone than your "throwing stones."

Don't criticize if you have nothing to back yourself with.  Because you WILL place your *own* head on my chopping block - especially when you challenge me and something I actually DO have an opinion on.

Case in point:

~"Where as I agree with Lars being a deterrent at times to something far greater, due to his ego and self-centeredness... that is ALL that I can agree on regarding the debates going on here.

What most of you people aren't realizing is that, as a musician, singular or in a band, if you don't PROGRESS, then you are at a stalemate, and essentially UNDO yourself as a musician. Through time and turmoil, personal growth and experience, you WILL change as a musician. To NOT do so is essentially sacrilege - UNLIKE those of you who pointed out that where they have evolved to being this fact.

I'm sorry, but stating that they have lost "most or all of their TRUE fans" is a laugh. Because seriously? If you are a TRUE fan, then with that comes the understanding of what is BEHIND the music, not just what those first few notes hit you with. You follow and perceive the many layers that are put into each and every song, and from there, and THROUGH this process, you are a TRUE fan. To claim to be a true fan and NOT be able to accept and grow along WITH the band makes you nothing more than a "fairweather fan" - no different than those who only root for their "favorite" sports team if they are winning. It's selfish to think that they have nothing within them other than the desire to put down on paper and in recording anytihng other than what *YOU* want or need to hear. It's a shame, really.

Would you rather that the entire music genre become filled with the always-increasing population of so-called "cookie cutter" bands, where the only things they produce are what is popular in the here and now? I, personally, ESPECIALLY being a musician myself, both in hobby and in trade & education, would much rather explore the depths behind where life issues have taken the music, and analyze much more than the simplicities of "Oh, Lars sucks," or "Fuckin' Napstergate."
To attack their MUSIC as a result of Napster hitting the fan as a FREE site? It's insane and absolutely SELFISH of YOURSELVES. Tell me that you wouldn't be upset if say, you produced a beautiful, one-of-a-kind painting, and then you discovered someone was standing on a streetcorner handing out "master replicas" of your work - FOR FREE? I don't think so. This is their LIVELIHOOD, and where, YES, they make much more than most of us can ever dream of, believe it or not, people - they have EARNED it. Just as you and I have *hopefully* earned every dollar that we have laid our hands on and claimed as our own.
It just goes to show how immensely shallow the majority of the "music community" is. And if you are going to base your opinions of their music on any of the things I have stated above - good riddance. Because none of the REAL Metallica fans, nor do Metallica themselves, need anyone with such an empty sense of fulfillment claiming to be one of their own."
I think I *may* have gotten my point across.  It'll be amusing at the least to see who tries to bail themselves out after this one. =)

5 Harmonizations:

Bee said...

I am a true fan. I’m a fan because when I hear “Enter Sandman” I’m taken back to that time when it came out, sitting in someone’s backyard having wine coolers. I’m a fan because, even though I miss James Hetfield’s hair, I see him and I’m reminded of him grabbing the microphone and rasping out “Sad but true” “Nothing Else Matters”etc. I remember standing in a long ass line at a porter pot and then just holding it for 2 hours until we got to a Mickey Dee’s after their concert.
I agree with your declaration of musician evolvement. It seems to me like they’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t.

Meh. We true fans know the haters are idiots.

Valerie said...

I hate Metallica. Sorry.

Larissa said...

Aww, VAL! Heh.

It's okay. The general idea can be applied to most all musicians, however... =)

And Bee! Hooray!!! SOMEONE gets the exact concept of my ranting!

Valerie said...

Well in my defense, Ive always hated Metallica. But Im sure we could go rounds about how I feel they are sell outs, but I think that could apply to most musical "talent" these days. I mean Jewel lived out of her car to feed her talent and stay true to herself, but now she has a pop album. What about that seems like musical evolvement?

Larissa said...

Jewel is... iffy to me. Granted, we can't know whether the reasons she gives for doing POP are whole-hearted, though of course, we'd like to believe them. And then following the pop genre, she's gone country. So... evolution? Maybe. Following where the musical "need" is at that point in time? More likely.

I *do* have to say that Metallica's changes in musical style haven't followed any apparent trends, IMO. But, obviously, to each their own. =)

You know me - everyone WILL have and DESERVES an opinion. And I will listen to any and all references supporting that opinion. I just don't like dealing with blind stabs at making a point that's unbacked, ya know?