Monday, September 8, 2008

My son is "One-Up"-ing my Husband

Tonight, during dinner, mid-bite of rice & broccoli, Grey let out a gasp.  Immediately, I thought, 'What, hot?  I told you to be careful before your first bite of rice!'

But, no.  He quickly set down his spoon, ran to me and climbed into my lap.  Wrapping those stronger-than-they-look little arms around my neck, (did I tell you that HE put back a 12-pack of tea for me, at ABOVE his waist level, when *I* couldn't do it the other night??) and said:

"Mommy, I almost forgot to thank you for cooking dinner for me!!"

Oh. My. Heart.

I have ALWAYS strived for Greyson to be a polite child.  Coming STRAIGHT out of teaching preschool / daycare / before & after-school care and less than a week later having Grey, I *vowed* to myself that he would NOT become one of those brats who expected everything and was grateful for nothing.  Because, my GOD, I had had enough of THOSE children to last my next 4 lifetimes.  And being a boy to boot?  It seems that somehow, it's almost MORE forgiveable when a rude statement or a forgotten "thank you" is comprised by a child of the male persuasion.  So I.  Was.  ADAMANT.

I think I have done my job.  At least, at THIS point in life.  He thanks EVERYONE.  For EVERYTHING.  Sometimes, for weeks on end.  When we took him with us to see Iron Maiden...  I heard "Thank you for taking me to see Iron Maiden Eddie" multiple times daily for the next 3 weeks.  And then after Kung-Fu Panda?  The same thing.  He's actually RELENTLESS on the level of thanks he dishes out.

Have I mentioned how much I *LOVE* my little man lately???

He really does impress me, in many more ways than one.

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moo said...

oh, I'm glad he's back to treating you sweetly. Love to hear those words!