Friday, September 19, 2008


I am not EVEN going to try and compound all of the obscenities in my brain out here onto this page - but you can SURE imagine them after reading this next little bit.

Some punk ass little hacker shit swiped the hubby's credit card info - the card that links DIRECTLY back to our checking account. The checking account that currently has NO INCOME being added to it. The account that is our SOLE support until he gets his first unemployment check, supposedly, next week.

This worthless little shit spent over $200 on - what? Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game subscriptions and multiple accounts at Yahoo! Voice. WTF!?!?! Sorry, but PROOF POSITIVE that it's most likely either a 16-year-old little FUCK, or a 37-year-old cheese face that has never moved out of his Momma's basement.

Now, don't get me wrong - I myself have played RPG's in my life. I've actually even played one or two of them ONLINE. I, however, have NOT stolen someone else's DAMN INFO in order to do so. Fucker.

Yahoo, however, DID manage to give MetalliDad the email address that the purchases were registered to. Of course, the email was listed as non-existant by that point when he went to look it up. Duh. Of COURSE it was- skeevy little bastard.

I *am* hoping to find out SOMETHING, though, because apparently those purchases are also tracked by an IP address. Let's just hope that shithead has his own little dungeon of technology set up with a static IP, and doesn't just wander on down to the local Starbucks for WiFi when hacking. UGH.

So, I'm thinking of looking into Voodoo curses. Because, my GOD, the friggin insanity that has become my life?!? Just NOT enjoyable. Bah.

Anyone have any hints towards locating the squirmy little prick that stole our dwindling cash?!?!? Asshole.

2 Harmonizations:

Valerie said...

That sucks!

Your Pal Pinki said...

Oh, that really sucks. Don't wish evil (though the a-hole deserves what they get), it only brings you down. Remember Karma. Sending good energy.