Saturday, September 6, 2008

Doing the Happy Dance, HOORAY! Doing the Happy Dance!

Tonight, Greyson used the potty for the FIRST TIME EVER.  By *his* request.  And managed to get some of of *both* - LOL - out!  And then he did it again.  And again.  And yet, even again, before the night was over.

This from the child who, until today had thrown me lines of:
~"I'll just use the potty at school when I start."
~"No, Mommy - why don't YOU go use the Diego potty?"
~"I have to poop, but it's okay, because you can just change my diaper when I'm done."

Classic lines from the one and only.

Then while at Target this afternoon, we decided to pick up a toilet seat 'adaptor-thingy' - that just fits on top of your regular toilet seat to accomodate his teeny little boy behind... and right there and then, he stated he was going to try using the potty later.

Now, that statement pretty much meant NOTHING to me at the time, because hell, he has OWNED a stand-alone potty chair since he was about 18-months old, because he was ALL gung-ho about potty, potty, potty WAY back then, but obviously he just could NOT sit on our toilet at that time.  I went out, bought him a chair, he sat on it a total of *one* time, accidentally dribbled a little into it... and it sat in the bathroom from that point all the way until we packed up to move at the end of October '07, doing NOTHING but providing a foot rest, ya know, in case you needed one while hanging on the john.  LOL

And about 4 months ago, we bought him a new, DIFFERENT potty chair.  A Diego potty chair!  One that he CRIED about, because he thought that I was going to leave it in its box, sitting outside on the snowy driveway, because I had to take it out of the car before getting HIM out of the car, but couldn't carry it AND him inside simultaneously.  He LOVED that chair.

It has NEVER been used.  *I* sat on it once (ewww, not for THAT) out of desperation for SOME form  of support one time while crouching down to put on and tie his shoes - and amazingly, did NOT get my ass stuck in/on the thing.  I was in a state of true heavenly bliss at NOT having to explain to a paramedic why there was a blue and neon green potty chair adhered to my ass by the sheer SIZE of mass that was forced upon it.  But anyways.  That was the ONLY time it was ever used, in ANY way.

And then today, something apparently just... CLICKED.  He finally realized, I think, just how big a deal this whole "no more diapers I'm a big boy" thing honestly is!

Of course, he stil had a VERY wet pull-up two of the times he went to go... but once was right after nap, and the other was after he had his head buried in "laptop land" installing every educational preschool / kindergarten level game he could FIND in the house onto the IBM Thinkpad he inherited simply out of the sheer luck that we happened to HAVE an old laptop that worked with enough capability to run the majority of those games racked up over the years by my mom while teaching.

And since we have been living in "Upgrade Land" lately, he will also have our OLD desktop pc set up for his use DOWNSTAIRS in our livingroom, as well.  He has officially beat me - I asked my parents for a computer for Christmas at age *4* - he now owns his own desktop AND laptop before the age of THREE.

Anyhow!  He has now had his OFFICIAL DAY ONE of REAL Pottyy-Training, and I couldn't be more proud of him!!!  The poor kid was REALLY trying to make himself go every time he was on the pot, too... so much that he was giggling because he was MAKING himself fart with the force of *really* making sure if there was anything TO come out - it would.  Silly little guy.

But he made *such* a tremendous effort... I really think that now that he's started, it shouldn't take too much time at all (knock on wood) - BUT hey, I dealt with having to change my ex's son's diapers all the way until I finally left... and he had just turned *4* at the time.  I think his ex-wife told me that it took him until he was a good, solid FIVE until he really was COMPLETELY accident-free.  And even still then had to wear a pull-up to bed at night.

So, to summarize, just one more thing to add to the list that circles the earth ONCE more every time the sun rises as to why I love my son, my Greyson... he is my life, my love, my joy, my heart, and my soul.  He is truly one of THE most generous, polite, and GRATEFUL children his age I have EVER encountered... and I could never have even IMAGINED that this much love could exist for one person until I looked into his eyes... and it just grows and grows with every new gaze, every hug, kiss, giggle... you name it.

I just hope that he goes through life not just knowing, but truly being able to FEEL how much I love him and care for him.  And if he can give even a fraction of that love to those HE cares for... then I will feel I have done something right in this world.

He is truly the greatest thing I have ever done.

Mommy loves you, BooBear... heart, mind, and soul.

5 Harmonizations:

specedis said...

You made the Gia cry again,especially since I feel the same way about the SweetPea.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wow, congratulations on the "almost there". I really enjoyed this post, and I like your writing style. And the Metallica? My husband would love to visit your blog, if only to hear the music - he's a total 80s metal head. Why - we were just talking about Judas Priest last night (which is saying something because I am NOT a metal fan, but after 8+ years of marriage some of it seeps in)

Valerie said...

Yeah on starting the process. Now if only Maddie would see the potty for its true intent on thinking its a fun place to play flush the mystery item.

Larissa said...

N.G.inP.: God, your hubby and mine would get along... MetalliDad is one of the BIGGEST metalheads on the face of the planet... and is IN a Judas Priest/Iron Maiden tribute band currently. LOL

Val... Luckily, Grey never esperienced THAT stage of Toileting Wonderment... Of course today's routine during the trials and MANY errors of Potty Training included two episodes of telling me he had to go potty, only for me to find a pull-up full of rather offensive poo. Hmph.

We've still got a ways to go, I'm thinking. LOL

moo said...

hooray!!! YAY Grey!!

I'm so happy for you guys!