Monday, September 1, 2008

Moo has been a post inspiration, AGAIN.

Except this time, it has nothing to do with silently lusting over celebrities of the same gender. LOL

Nope, this time around, it's in regards to baby names. And in general, for me, just some of the most DAMNED funny names I have ever heard spoken, spelled, whatever - especially those that came through the school district that BOTH my parents, myself, and a couple close friends have all worked (or are STILL working) for.

Name Number One: Female. Oh no, people... it's not FEE-mayl. It's pronounced fe-MAH-lay. The story on this one runs along the trail were non-english-speaking mother thought that the hospital had named her baby FOR her... hence why the infant's ankle bracelet had "Female So&So" typed onto it.

Name Number Two: Vagina. Once again, you all just assume WAY too quickly that they way things are written, oh ho, of COURSE they can be phonetically changed to make up new, INCREDIBLE names to scar your poor offspring for life. This poor teenager was actually IN my freshman biology teacher's classroom. Miller read off the name as she sawit, got a SNOOTY, "No, it's vaj-in-AY." The classic part is that Miller, looking dead at her, quickly replied, "Vagina. Right." And moved on. She refused to call her by the bizarre label her mother had given her ALL YEAR LONG.

Name Number Three: (In this case, the parents pronunciation will be used until the very end... it's SO much better that way.)
Intake routing a new student, the proper way to pronounce the child's name came up, because as we all know (especially after the LAST two names) things are NOT always what they seem. Pronunciation was given as "DOOM-sha-heed."
Ya sure?
It was spelled "Dumbshithead."

After living through these and many, MANY more that made my head spin with the simple contemplation... I am not anxiously awaiting children named "Cialis" and "Viagra" someday in my son's school. Or maybe someday, I will run into Batman bin Suparman is he gets tired of his home country and comes to our big CROCK pot of a country. (see, melting pot sounds all, I don't know, too BLENDY - CROCK pot just fits the bill a little better, don't ya think?)

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I'm not surprised that there are so many of these, that it comes up in Snopes. I wouldn't have posted these if I hadn't, in fact, KNOWN of the people WITH these names, or at least by immediate second hand.