Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Close to the Heart

Times are tough. The economy is in recession, and jobs aren't exactly a dime a dozen at this point.

If there's any of you that have even the smallest amount to donate to a charitable cause, I'd like to bring one to light.

Spinal Cord Injury Research

As with the title, this one hits very close to home. In early June, 2006, my dad tripped and fell in the hallway at home, landing in such a way that it fractured 3 cervical vertebrae and compressing his spinal cord.

He was air-lifted to Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee, WI and underwent two surgeries on his neck in two days time. He was hospitalized for three months while undergoing an immense amount of recovery and physical therapy.

When discharged, he could even walk again with assistance.

However, due to a number of circumstances, both known and unknown... he has been completely bedridden for the last year and a half approximately. He has no functional use of any limbs, and has a catheter. He relies solely on the attention and support of my mom, my aunt, me, and the nurse that comes biweekly.

With deeper research into the nature of spinal cord injuries like my dad's, this may never have to happen to another person. My dad could have kept on walking, maybe even eventually without someone else's assistance. He certainly could have continued to use the motorized wheelchair he had sent home with him - the wheelchair that now does nothing but sit in the garage.

Please, no matter how miniscule... if you can, do. I know that times are tough (YES, believe me - Heh.), but even if all I do is get the word out and educate a few people a bit on this... My job will have been done.

Greyson loves his Papa, and knows his limitations... he doesn't remember the short amount of time when Papa could hold him, could carry him, could do much of anything with him. Someday, maybe there won't need to BE a dividing line like that in any other children's brains. Maybe they can all revel in their parents or grandparent's abilities, and not know that in order to see them, they have to climb up on the bed to visit, and crawl over to give kisses.

Thanks everyone.

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