Friday, September 5, 2008

My Grandma

Well, we FINALLY got a call on her condition today, and it seems that while yes, she is VERY sick, they are moving her to another facility that apparently focuses on weaning people off of the ventilator.

I guess that she's a *feist* vent patient - JUST LIKE MY DAD - and so she's been sedated pretty much the whole time or else she tries to pull OUT the damn thing, whether that is her actual intent or not.  I just hope that if they choose to give her Ativan to calm her down after sedation, that she does NOT have the reaction my Dad does... or else they will have one CRAZY, PISSED-OFF, EEEEVIL already-feisty little Cherokee woman on their hands.

I guess they had to give her a tracheostomy, and at the time of the call, she had a chest tube in to drain the fluids from the area they found in her lung.  (Whether or not they know now what even CAUSED the mass in there, I'm not sure of.)  So. now she has a trach like my Dad, also.  Though they seem to sound optimistic in it being a non-permanent placement.

I'm assuming that she will still need dialysis treatments, but they were talking about once she is weaned completely off the vent, getting her started with physical therapy to regain a lot of the strength that she lost while basically in a drug-induced coma during her hospital stay.

*sigh*  Even with all this news, it's still MUCH better than expected.  Honestly, since we had been waiting to hear from her doctors down in Florida for so long, I was expecting the phone call announcing that she had passed.

My Mamaw is and always has been a fighter!!  Hell, the woman had a boob job I *believe* for her 70th birthday...  and last we had heard on the "romance" front, she was dating a trucker who was around HALF my Dad's age.  She is NOT your typical grandma... by ANYONE'S definition.

So, maybe Greyson WILL have the chance to meet her.  I'm sure it won't be able to live up to the wonderful scenario in my head, but at least it's looking a lot more possible than it was a mere week ago.

Keep those good vibes coming... SOMETHING'S working!  =)

Right now, my back hasn't really improved much since my ER trip... and I've got a KILLER toothache that's been plaguing me since about 3 this afternoon to boot...  So, I'm going to TRY and call it a night.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone... don't do anything I wouldn't do!  (Which of course leaves you with WAY more options than restrictions!  HEHEHE)

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