Sunday, September 14, 2008

Um, HELLO in There! Brain? Could Ya Shut OFF For a Few Hours. Thanks.

I managed to get Grey asleep by 11.

I'm MEDICATED, since the suffocating dampness in the air has clamped my back with a set of rather *large* vicegrips.

Hell, MetalliDad is even playing a show in Palatine tonight, so I had EVERY chance in the WORLD to get some sleep that wasn't being threatened by his snoring that could wake the neighbors down the block. For real. I can hear him with EARPLUGS in - I've TRIED them on several occasions.

I was all set. Only 30 minutes of sleep in the last 41+ hours? Ha! I was going to put a stop that, here and NOW, damnit!

But... it's after 5 am. And the sandman? Is. Laughing. In. My. Wide. The. Fuck. Open. Eyes.

Do you think some pretty intense pain meds would react unkindly to a few shots of Tequila Rose? Hmm.

However, Bee, in the midst of her still-filling World of Water, has found it in her gorgeous lil' heart to show me some love with my *first* little bloggy award!

Now, I believe there are supposedly some rules about passing it on and such.. but DAMN THE MAN! Heh. I'll do as I please with it. Like maybe tuck it under my pillow and hope it comes with an infusion of tryptophan. =P
But! I am enamored with a few people whose tasty blogginess brings laughter to even my gloomiest (and as of today, practically DROWN-IEST) days, so Moo, Pinki, Crystal, Happy Hour Sue, and Chelle B - I now don you with a dahling little graphic honor because you give me hope that maybe I *will* have laugh lines as I age. Heh.
I just hope that the oh-my-god-the-window-is-PEEING repair job I managed on the oh so OFFENDING basement window that has flooded out BEDROOM a good handful of times in the last 6 months doesn't decide that now is a good time to poke me in the eyes (that are STILL open - HELLO? Brain? I think we need a *serious* chat here) and make me find myself floating out the back door before I have the chance to bask in the glory that is Bee's generosity.
Though, if it does, she and I might collide somewhere in the middle of the Des Plaines river. Hmm. That could be interesting... but most likely, NOT sleep-inducing. =P
On a serious note, my heart goes out to all the Ike victims right now, all the people involved in the LA train collision and their families, and now the families of those killed in the Russian jet crash. Being barraded by a few days of rain is bad, but them? I hide in your shadows, because the one my suffering is casting? Oh so miniscule in comparison. Hugs to them all...

5 Harmonizations:

moo said...

oh, thank you darlin'! I appreciate the love!

Larissa said...

Oh Moo... of course! It's enough that you have a Grayson!! But, on top of that, you are TRULY entertaining!!! =)

Your Pal Pinki said...

Oh my goodness, I got a little misty eyed! This is my first and I am so excited! You don't know how much I appreciate the love!

Larissa said...

Aww, Pinki, you are SO welcome!!! I mean, it's not everyday you find another ROCKIN' momma out there... =)

Chelle B. said...

Woot!! I AM #1!!! OK, well at least I was in the list hehe.

Thank you sooo much and I apologize for being late to the awards ceremony. It's the crack pipe, damn thing keeps calling me back...