Saturday, September 13, 2008

Swimming on the Lawn

It's been raining for *3 days.*  Now, if we were in the South, or up near Washington state, I could see this happening pretty easily.

But Chicago?  In September?  It's not even doing an effective job of cooling things off - it's just making it feel like a broken sauna outside... the temperature isn't hot enough to feel GOOD - just enough to be YUCKY.  And it feels like walking through butter, because the humidity is so desperately high.

There's a *river* now running through our front lawn, and essentially all the way down the block starting right at our corner... and most of the rest of the yard?  Why have that pool set up for Grey?!  I should just let him loose in the puddle-riffic depths that are accumulating that have it at that.

We're under a flood warning until sometime tomorrow, and I guess it's not going to let up anytime too soon.

At least I can say that the weather matches my mood lately.  Maybe if I got a little sunshine it would actually help me smile a bit.

The only nice thing about today is the fac that after dragging out in the rain to head to Walgreen's for a few (cartful) of things, Greyson ran to me before I could even put the bags down, and wrapped himself around my legs.

The best thing in the world to hear at the end of a blahzo day is, "Mommy!  Thank you SO much for coming home!  I missed you so much, I'm SO glad to see you again!"


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