Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Official.

I am completely, through-and-through, EMBLAZONED with Metallica all over my musical determination.

Their newest album, "Death Magnetic," just hit shelves today (okay, technically yesterday, but there's that "I haven't slept yet" rule thing again) - and already, I am ADDICTED.

And honestly? My first reaction was all, "This is a trippy cover. What the hell?!? Unforgiven *III*?!? PuhLEEZE don't let this go down the road of the friggin California Trilogy by RHCP!!"

And then I actually HEARD the above-mentioned song on the radio in the car a couple hours later. And I fell in love. I think there's just always SOMETHING that they manage to pull out of my soul and toss into what turns into a GREAT song.

Besides the fact that James is NOM. Heh.

2 Harmonizations:

The Offended Blogger said...

OK, not only do you leave great comments on my blog but you LIKE METALLICA?!! AND RHCP?!!

If I weren't straight and married... well, I'd be hitting on Bee but still, I bet she doesn't like Metallica even. :p

The new AC/DC came out yesterday too and I have to say, the first song I heard pretty well rocked my socks old school style.

Larissa said...

Ooooh, how was I NOT even AWARE of the AC/DC album?!?

I must be slipping in my insanity - I mean, my insomnia. Yeah. That's ALL that's leaving my brain in a trail behind me these days...