Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Happy Birthday Wish...

I know.  I'm terrible.  I'm AWFUL.  I, once again, have not gotten around to posting an important birthday wish to a dear one until the day AFTER the actual event...  but I *did* at least wish him a Happy Birthday on HIS blog yesterday!  Heh.


Dave,  for many, MANY years, you have been an inspiration, a leader, a strong shoulder to cry on... over the last *gasp* 12 years, we have gone through numerous trials and tribulations, to Hell and back again, and still came out, somehow, not bloodied by the wounds we have at times inflicted on each other.

As things have changed in their numerous ways, you have been, at some point or another, a lover, a fighter, a friend; a source of hope and a source of heartache; someone to look up to and someone who I've never caught looking down upon me without due cause; a healer, though also sometimes a blade in the side; someone to bring laughter to my otherwise tear-strewn face, and also, at times, the cause of those same tears.

You're someone who has changed my world more than you may ever know.  You've proven to be a master at many things, all the while carrying the torch of humility.

So, here's to you... one of my favorite friends, fathers, and *brothers* without blood...  Happy 30th Birthday Dave.  I truly hope that this one turns a brighter page for you and your world.  You deserve NOTHING less.  Love ya, man!

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