Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Apparently, the medication the doctor has prescribed for me in order to help me sleep IS working.  Ralph told me that in the middle of the night, while he was *unsuccessfully* trying to get Grey back to sleep, Greyson JUMPED on me... and I didn't move an inch.

Apparently, this medication is most often used for schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.  I do *not* have either of those conditions, but it seems that it's sedative effect does actually work on me.

Apparently, this medication also has a possibility of causing high cholesterol, hish blood glucose, weight gain, blah blah blah.  Niiiice.  My Lyrica can also cause weight gain.  I have *already* gained an unexplanable amount of weight over the course of the last 6 months... SO, I'm having blood work to check my thyroid among many, MANY other things.

Apparently, bill collectors are one of the LOWEST forms of life on this planet, and have absolutely *no* concept of not "having friends to give you money."  Because, since we are already to the point where Ralph is having to ask a friend to borrow money to pay our CAR payment so, ya know, we have a CAR... it should be "okay to lie about the amount" in order to give the self-serving bastard on the phone money to pay off a $431 bill.  Even though, "everyone has friends, and everyone needs help," APPARENTLY, my friends are those who should have barrels of extra money to generously throw at me to pay *my* bills.

Apparently, making a woman *cry* over the telephone with incessant threats and accusations is NOT beyond this particular breed's capability.  Neither is initially REFUSING to allow this woman's husband to speak to a supervisor.

Apparently, some people don't agree with making the choice to feed your young child over paying an outstanding credit card balance IN FULL RIGHT NOW.

Apparently, a certain person working for the local public school district have nothing better to do with their day than to maniacally switch between a position of support and brown-nosing and a venomous, accusatory, all-knowing WENCH.  Because, SERIOUSLY?  Is it REALLY necessary to telephone twice within a half-hour period with COMPLETELY opposing information that, in honesty, has NOTHING to do with the person making these calls?!?

Apparently, my luck has STILL not changed.

Apparently, I *can* still be bitter about my car being stolen and never recovered 2 1/2 years ago, while containing a $100 stroller, carseat base, clarinet, and tennis racket.

Apparently, I am finding that while I have a lot of support from places that I never would have expected it (and am SO grateful for it.  Seriously.  No words to express my gratitude here, people.), I do NOT have even an INKLING of support from about 99% of the places that I *would* have expected it.  I am suffering an absolutely bittersweet revelation from this fact.

Apparently, I need to completely rethink where my alliances lie... which saddens me completely.

Apparently, I am still able to manage a supreme functional capabilty when it comes to education.  For now, at least.  THANKFULLY.

Apparently, a certain person is finding it NO concern of his to pay a PENNY of $6100 after owing this exact balance for over FOUR YEARS.  Even though he is getting married in 9 days and owns a NEW FUCKING HOUSE.

Apparently, we may have to fill out paperwork for not just one, but TWO court cases *very soon*.

Apparently, I am feeling like a bit of a fuckup because I have yet to get pumpkins to carve or put up the very few Halloween decorations we have, even though Halloween is generally my favorite holiday.

Apparently, I need to stop blogging right now... because apparently I cannot find anything constructive or positive to address.

5 Harmonizations:

Valerie said...

Are you taking seroquel? Not that I expect you to answer me on the blog itself. I just emailed you back.

Me said...

aarrghh, I had a whole comment typed and then I lost my network connection. Ok, let me try again.
I'm so sorry that you are under so much pressure and pain. It really sounds like you need to do some serious "friend pruning" right now. I know from personal experience that it's a very difficult and painful process, but getting the negativity out of your life will make your outlook on most everything better. Hugs to you Larissa.

Larissa said...

Ha, Valerie - yes, they have drugged me with Seroquel to make me sleep at night. (I have NO shame anymore... I think it's part of that OH WELL deal I'm having right now).

It's worked twice now... about to go try for #3! Heh.

moo said...

I'm sorry. I hate bill collectors.

Bee said...

Okay. There was this one douche bag who kept calling MY cellphone for my little brothers bill. I told them to fuck off repeatedly. They did not.

I filed a report with the FTC, told the fuckers to stop calling me and then faxed them a copy of the report. They stopped.