Wednesday, October 29, 2008

*Doing a Happy Dance*

SCREEE!!!  My lost CD of my musical compositions (including all those that are still "in progress" and those that I did not include on my first mastered CD) has been FOUND!!!  Ahhhh!!!  Along with a copy of the software I use for notation and sound editing!!!

Can you tell I'm just a BIT excited?!?!?  OMG!

Sorry... I'll *try* to contain my ravenous joy at least a little, because otherwise?  I may never leave this computer for the next 84 days 48 hours while I go through everything that has been lost to me for the last FIVE FUCKING YEARS!!! 

Seriously.  It all got misplaced during my move away from the ex from HELL, and had pretty much resigned myself to the probablility that he had KEPT all of it, much like the numerous OTHER things that never made it back into my possession, though SOOOO not his.  Bastard.  Grr.  *deep breath*

But!  My music and I have been reunited!!  My inner composer can spread her wings once more!!

Of course, that's granted I find the TIME between school, PT, OT, pain counseling, psych appointments, pumpkin carving (yes, I am LATE!  I am tackling that, oh, say, NOW!), and shla;dhu;igdababn;adij;ndao'c ohmygodIhaveSOmuchtodo!

WHEW!  Maybe I should just play some of my work in the background while I carve... should stir up some MAD creative mojo, right?  Maybe it will help in writing my criminalistic screenplay for class, too...  Hmmm...

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