Saturday, October 4, 2008


While intended to inspire... this actually offended me more than anything.

It focuses only on women... and then narrows the focus down to YOUNG women... and then in so many words lays the blame for the economy and the entirety of our country going to hell in a handbasket.

Now, I am NOT political.  Not in even the smallest sense of the word.  But this?  This pushed me a bit off the deep end.  Sure, maybe there are some that will set a reminder to run out and vote in November to "take back our country," but honestly?  It makes me laugh at the sheer thought that trying to make the downfall of the wars, the financial crisis, the high unemployment rates, rest on the shoulders of today's American women?  Where do they honesstly come off?  And *my* vote is going to fix that?!?  Really.  If someone could show me proof of little ol' me making THAT big of an impact on the rest of the country, then by all means!  I will parade into that voting booth with pride.

Until then, however, I sit and shake my head at the shambles that has become the "Land of the Free."  And how the people who mastered this video apparently feel that bullying is the best way to make a difference in the way we feel about our country.

3 Harmonizations:

Valerie said...

I guess it's all in your interpretation because I did not take away from that clip the same thing you did.

I saw it as the same woman ( which could have just as easily been a man ) in reverse progression talking about why people didn't vote and what could happen by people not using their voice and casting their vote.

When people are young, they don't think of the issues that effect their future. Many dont think beyond what is happeneing this weekend. That's the message I got from that.

Use your voice now.... by casting your vote.

Valerie said...

I also think you have absolutely right to complain about our country and it's state of affairs if you don't exercise your voice ( ei vote ). I do not mean this as a personal attack on you either Larissa. I hope you know that. I just feel extremely passionate about politics and do my part to ensure that my views are heard and implemented.

Larissa said...

No offense taken, Val... And where as I CAN see your stance on it, it was just my immediate take on the video. =)