Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yep, that title may just be MINE a lot sooner than I expected!!

I decided to look into a few more schools today as I dealt with a RAGING migraine that rendered it impossible to do much more than still as still as I humanly could. I filled out an online form for more info from Kaplan, and *literally* 30 seconds later - the phone rang.

The man I spoke with was INCREDIBLY nice, very understanding and observant, and actually made a complete effort to relate to me on a personal level. He's actually going to review my FAFSA application TOMORROW already, and give me a call back tomorrow evening.

The estimate for time needed to obtain my Forensic Crime Scene Investigation Bachelor's Degree? 2 to 2 1/2 years. FABULOUS! Especially since I can complete EVERYTHING from home, even at 3 in the morning if I happen to not be sleeping well (like usual!). So far, it sounds like it's going to be a go - especially since their tuition includes any and all books and software needed for each class, and I'll have full access to the University of Alabama's online library - and the option for them to mail me any book from the library, free shipping, if I feel the need to have it actually IN my possession, as long as I pay the return shipping. GLADLY... works for me.

So, here's where I stand. I can start either October 15th (for $17 off each credit hour cost) or on November 5th. (Or even later, if necessary.) I will definitely be getting a GOOD chunk of financial aid, and actually qualify as a *special circumstance* due to the loss of Ralph's income - which, of course, means more financial support for the goverment for schooling. And, IF there is anything left over that FA won't cover, then I can get a federal loan that doesn't have to be paid back until up to 3 years after graduation, and can be spread out over 20-30 years, even. SO. I'm actually feeling a bit optimistic about the whole thing!

Besides, I figured that if I keep that pace to finish in less than 3 years... I should have my degree in hand by the time Greyson starts *official* school... and then I can run off and play Grissom. Heh.

So, tonight I tackle the FAFSA... and tomorrow? Get it all discussed with me and just what the next course of action will be! *sigh* Let's hope that this entire plan DOESN'T fall the way of MOST things I try and plan for!! I need a *little* something good and productive going on around here. ;)

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