Monday, October 27, 2008

Trick or Treat! Too bad we got a TRICK.

I would love to say that yesterday's first Trick or Treating adventure stayed as happy as this:

Or, especially this:

However... we couldn't POSSIBLY be as fortunate as that!!
It all started off great... Greyson looked absolutely *perfect* as my own, miniature Jack Sparrow. I mean, honestly - the costume suited him SO well, I was truly impressed by the whole ordeal - and he was SO unbelievably excited to venture out into his first actual Halloween experience.
The first house we stopped at, the poor little boy was a tad confused, however... since he tried to go *into* the house when the caught-off-guard old Asian man opened the door to Greyson's Halloween cuteness. Heh. CLASSIC. After that, however, he was MUCH more adapted, and knew that, um, they're not opening the door for you to go IN, just so THEY can come OUT! LOL!!
He somehow managed to be the sweetest child ever during the entire process - thanking each homeowner profusely for the small piece of hyperactivity delight they put in his bag, and then running back to our sides with proclamations of, "That lady/man gave me MORE candy! Wasn't that so NICE of them?" Yeah - my kid's got mad appreciation, yo. ;)
All in all, he walked a good 4-5 BLOCKS on his little two year old legs and feet, managed to somehow lose his pirate sword in the process (there goes $1, down the drain, LOL), and thoroughly entertain numerous parents and children alike with his outright adorable little self. One woman even kept us standing at her house for a good 5+ minutes, just because she wanted to listen to his "cutest little voice" for a longer period of time.
In this time, we learned that one of her three cats is also named Greyson (Grayson?), since he is, indeed, gray. Hmm. Okay. On to the next house now, huh, crazy cat lady? Heh.
For wandering a neighborhood that was rather laden with people who either were a) not home, b) PRETENDING that they were not home, or c) somewhere ELSE because their house was on the market, he got quite a stash, including numerous treat BAGS from some of the more spirited contributors. =)
We got bombarded by some pretty fierce winds throughout our walk, and after about an hour or so, little man was ready to go home, satisfied with the endeavors of the afternoon. Whew!
Move on to me going to pick up dinner from KFC (no WAY was I in any sort of shape to COOK anything of substance after a LATE night at hubby's show AND Trick or Treating! Heh.). All was A-OK when I left, with Greyson happily playing on the computer.
30 minutes later... hmm, SO not so much. I walked in the door, bags in hand, to a SOBBING little boy, still in dark eyeliner from the previous festivities, pressed against the refrigerator door, with Daddy and Gia (grandma) at his side.
The world had apparently come crashing down on his sad little shoulders, and everything was against him, all at once. We *finally* managed to get him to agree that it was okay for us to go eat dinner, that Gia could sit down to dinner with us - but of course, he added the stipulation that "Caillou would help him not be so sad." Umm, okay. I wasn't aware that cartoons about a four year old BALD child who socializes with a rather LARGE redheaded population for being a Canadian cartoon had those healing properties, but SO BE IT. He stopped his sobfest, and kinda spaced out staring at the TV, only taking about two bite of the food that I honestly had to FEED him.
It was after the third bite went largely unchewed and then spit out onto a napkin, that he came to nuzzle against me... and I nearly recoiled at the fact that he was HOT. I mean, WOW, fever hot. And he started the tears again with claims that his tummy HURT. Even to the touch. Uh oh.
He registered around 102. He got some Motrin. I decided to give the medicine a little time, and see if I could get some more ANYTHING into him, if his tummy would feel better.
And so Greyson became a bit more like Greyson again in about 15 minutes. He ate a little more, had some juice. Seemed like we were at least *okay* for a while. Bedtime wouldn't be too far off (since he has played the role of "Super Grey, the wonderous two year old NON-napper" for God knows HOW long now), and we'd make it through this.
He fell asleep after some general grumbling and such just after 9:00. I followed suit I'm assuming about half an hour later... the wonders of my new medication. (Can you hear it? The universe sighing in contentment as a result of my ability to finally get some SLEEP?)
But! Lo and behold, it is 4am, and the young one, after a good 15 of squirming in his sleep, wakes up. And moves against me. And is scorching my body with his flesh ohmygod. Another temp check brings this "Attack of the Fever: Part II" in at nearly 103 degrees. I am NOT amused - not in the slightest. He has NEVER had a fever over even 101... and that was ONCE. Okay, get him some water, some more medicine... we can do this. No reports of anything hurting this time... just whining and complaints of wanting DVDs in bed with him. Um... don't think so, but here's something to drink!
I needed a brief sanity break, so around 5:30, I headed upstairs for a smoke (I KNOW, I know...) and to not be victim of the fidgety whining that was my feverish child.
I came back downstairs to Daddy laying with Greyson, and me getting bombarded by cries of, "You go sleep in the livingroom! DADDY is laying down with me! YOOOOOUUUU GOOOO SLEEEEEP SOOOMMMMEWHEEERRREE ELLLLSSSSE!" Eek. Okay. Couch is NOT my friend, so here I am... awake since 4 am. My two men, the big one and the little one, fell asleep somewhere around 6:00. Now I'm just waiting for the peds office to OPENDAMNYOU kindly begin their business day, so I can call up and make an appointment for, oh let's see, like ASAP. Either that, or I really have no problem of taking him to the ER if they won't see him today, because, um... 103 fever? NEVER in his life been this high before? Came screeching into existence a mere 90 minutes after coming home from Trick orr Treating with him being happy as a clam? I don't THINK so... not taking my chances, in all honesty.
So, wish me luck that the smiling precious one you see in the photos at the beginning of this post? That he comes back soon.
Thankfully, I myself have no appointments today. At least I can be attentive until I have Seminar for one of my classes tonight. *sigh*

2 Harmonizations:

Bea said...

The pics are soo cute!! He's the perfect little Jack!! Our trick or treating is on Halloween ~ so I am excited!!

Larissa said...

Hooray!! The first Halloween is always fun - this was the first time we actually took him trick-or-treating, but there have been Halloween costumes past!

Have fun! We are actually going AGAIN on Halloween day, as long as Grey is feeling up to it. =)