Thursday, October 2, 2008

Word To Your...

If you are in need of some SERIOUSLY off-the-wall humor, check out Word To Your..., a downright *hilarious* photo blog!

I honestly laughed the ENTIRE time, and went all the way through the archives...  I'm amazed that I can still BREATHE after all the laughing I did!

Seriously - with the absolutely bizarre photos here, there's no way that you won't be entertained.  =)

2 Harmonizations:

Kari said...

Omg that is soooo funny! I know what I'll be looking at tonight when I can't sleep. I got a few pages in and had to force myself away to get some stuff done around the house. Thanks for the link!

Larissa said...

I was IMMEDIATELY sucked in... and wound up reading every. songle. page. LOL

Have fun with it later, Kari!!