Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You'd think God was a screwdriver...

For the way that I have been dealing with life lately.  (Did ANYONE catch that?  No?  Ah, HELL with it... I'm not trying to be witty anymore right now.  Hmph.)

I got an email timestamped at 5:33pm from Kaplan, stating that my student account was full-speed-ahead.

I *attempted* to log in at 8:17pm - UBER FAIL!  I got a message that my "Student Account has been Disabled."  Wha?

At 8:19pm, I call Technical Support, only to be told that according to them, there is a notation on my account that I am missing financial aid documents.  What are they?   They haven't a clue - just that Financial Aid closed... *19 minutes ago* and I'd have to call them in the morning.

I have completed my FAFSA, and gotten confirmation from Federal Aid.

I have signed my Master Promissory Note for student loans, and gotten confirmation from THEM.

I have ENROLLED with Kaplan for my first two courses... the first of which starts TOMORROW NIGHT @ 7.

I got my BOOKS for said course this morning.

I'm lost.  I now need to call Financial Aid at 8am BEFORE my 4 hour Pain Clinic session at 9.  Aaaaagh!

I was also attacked with guilt spoken to about the stress that the hubby is under about being the *sole provider* for the last 3 years.  Um, yeah.  I'm feeling it, too.

OF COURSE, that has been *quadrupled* since we got a letter stating that after a MONTH of waiting?  Unemployment has denied him.  Even though they told him they saw no reason to not accept him.  Hmm.  Appeal has been sent, thankyouverymuchyouevilshitheads.

So, I've been plundering through various job listings in search for SOMETHING that I could possibly accomplish while sitting on my ass still remaining at home and caring for my son & my own medical conditions.

Did you know that I can be a Greeting Card Writer?  Honest.  I am a published poet, so now I get to plunge through my YEARS' worth of poetry and then maybe try writing some more.  Hey - it's worth $300 a pop if they are selected. =)

I've also applied for a couple medical transcription jobs, since hey!  I did that when I worked at a podiatry office (feet - ewwww!), even mid-surgical assistance.  Yes, I am that good.  Hah.

So, we'll see.  It seems that's all there IS around here lately - a whole shitload of "we'll see."  It's what I have to tell Greyson every time he asks for a new toy he sees on television, or whether or not we can go someplace that, no doubt, costs money.  Hell, it's what I have to mentally tell myself every time I look at a bill that comes in the mail.  "Will this get paid?  Hmm, we'll see."  "Will they repo my car?  Hmm, we'll see."  "Will we be living off Ramen noodles and Kool-Aid soon?  Hmm, we'll see."

Meanwhile, I have *SO* much to look forward to in the morning, you know, with all the veritable poking and prodding that awaits me while I see not one, not two, but a battery of *6* specialists in the morning, to try and evalute my condition(s) and 'see what they can do for me.'  Ha!  I'd like to see what they can do for me, too - but don't expect me to not bring my worthless pain medication with me!  Take THAT, herniated disks and fibromyalgia!!

Who am *I* kidding?  It's 3:30am and I have to leave at 8:30... I'm screwed.  And it's NOT the nice kind, either.

Hope your Wednesday is better than mine is projecting to be!

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so NOT cool said...

I worked as a medical transcriptionist ... kind of. I was a speech recognition editor, so the doctors dictated their reports, which was fed through speech recognition software, and then I'd edit the final document. I really liked it except for the fact that I can't sit for such a long period of time.

I hope that your school/financial aid issues get figured out quickly.