Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biofeedback and Cars: The Movie

Well, back to the land of busy, busy, busy!

Yesterday was spent with TWO FREAKIN' HOURS at the pediatrician's office, for the doctor to, for startes, tell ME to "SHUSH!" with his finger pointed at me when trying to tell him what was going on with Greyson... apparently, the word of a two year old is concrete, and "We don't need your help, MOM.  He's extremely atriculate - let him speak for himself."  WELL, then.  Fine.  I was also told by the doctor, "I'd hate to be his teacher."  Mmm.  'Kay.  Yes, he's VERY vocal, and knows what he's talking about.  Excuse me if I'm used to people, ya know, not *quite* always understanding the speech of a TWO YEAR OLD.  Bah.  A comment about him being, "not a very big boy," but having "a wide jaw - he's like a little man" made with a *complete* look of disdain and accusation, as if I'm not FEEDING my CHILD made me want to chuck my pocketed cellphone at the back of his big foreign head.  With brute force.  I was NOT amused, especially when we left the office without even a direct diagnosis, other than a muttering of, "Well, there's just the slightest inflammation here..." while poking at his eustachian tubes.  Hmm.  Ear infection.  Ya don't say.  OH WAIT!  I think I recall telling the nurse (who, by the way, entered "patin informality" into the computer when told that at 4 weeks old, Grey was diagnosed as having a patent foramen ovale) (dipshit) that I suspected that, since he was complaining of discomfort at the back of his jaw when chewing.  Hmm.  But no.  MOM NEEDS TO SHUT UP.  Hmph.

It also snowed while we were at the doctor's.  YES, you heard me, IT FREAKING SNOWED.  And today it was 55, and it's supposed to be *70 degrees* on Friday.  Riiight.  Gotta LURVE some Chicago wonky weather.

I also had seminar last night for my Criminal Justice Systems course... which was hilarious because we were given the guidelines for, get this, a SCREENPLAY that we have to write - by next TUESDAY! - about a burgular from arrest through sentencing.  TUESDAY!  Arrgh.  I think I might be a little LESS stressed about this if I *didn't* have a background in theatre and knew just oh SO much I could do with this assignment.  Bah.

And then today, today I had one of my wonderful and oh so interesting trips to the pain clinic, where I was hooked up to a computer with some whacked-out ELECTRODES to measure the electrical activity in my muscles.  Yeah.  I felt like a science experiment.  And I was!  I then got to listen to the droning voice on the "relaxation" CD while hooked up to this machine so we could see if there was any progress with the techniques.  Umm, if the woman (man?) on the CD were any more distraught sounding themself, I probably would have DIED in that recliner.  So, I'd have to say no.  Heh.

And then I had PT, where I was told that, "Hmm, you seem to be having some serious myofacial issues in this side of your back and hip."  Naawwww, REALLY?  Maybe that's why I've been in pain for the last 18 months?!? 

Why, yes!  I am a bit on the snarky side today!  Thanks for noticing!!

So, I guess I get to do a bit more "hands-on" treatment Thursday at my next PT appointment.  Fun.  I can lie there and hope he doesn't hurt me.  All while being reminded of the four evil words that MUST be removed from my vocabulary. LOL

On the upside?  Greyson completed a *24-piece puzzle* this evening - all on his lonesome!  I am GENUINELY impressed, since this particular puzzle is aged 4-7 years:

I know!  I'm so proud of my little monkey!
He's proud of himself, too.  Don't you love the t-shirt?!?  LOL

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