Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Day in Pieces

*Didn't fall asleep until after 5:30am.  Woke with alarm at 8:00.
*Called Financial Aid regarding the block on my Student Account for Kaplan.  Discovered NOTHING was missing, and the woman I spoke with had *no clue* as to why it was disabled in the first place.  DUH.
*Logged into my account to check that was fine and good, then rushed to get ready to leave for my torture pain clinic appointment.
*Left the house at 8:35am.  Luckily, missed the rain by about 5 minutes.
*Arrived at clinic at 9.  Met with psychologist Idon'trememberhisname.  Nice guy, seemed to understand WHY I am a veritable train wreck of emotion lately.  Thank GOD.
*Met with Joe the PT at 10.  Apparently, the words 'jerk,' 'twist,' and 'jolt' are against his professional religion.  He is determined to eliminate them from my vocabulary, as well.  Otherwise, understanding in my pain issues, but ultimately *confused* when it came down to realizing that my pelvis is tilted forward and also at an upward angle to the right, and the fact that my right leg has no 'give' when weight is applied, whereas it should retract slightly into the leg-hip joint... therefore, I walk like I have one leg longer than the other, because in essence, I *do* because of the non-movement on one side.  He is "concerned, and definitely needs to look into what's going on in there."  Fantastic.  Just don't hurt me in the process, k?
*Met with Colleen the OT at 10.  Nice lady.  More than likely won't require sessions with her, unless she is insistent on getting me to lift and carry over 40lbs.  Which, eh.  I don't really care about it until Grey reaches that weight and by then?  He shouldn't be wanting to be picked up and carried all too much, anyways.  But we'll see.
*Spent 45 minutes filling out the MMPI - which eventually made my hand fall off, since it consisted of 534 T/F questions and DAMN BUBBLES that I haven't had to fill in 7 YEARS.  Seriously.  I am typing this with a pencil in my mouth, pecking like a bird.  Heh.
*Tried to get a soda from the machine in the hallway.  Put in $1.00 for an $.85 soda.  Was told to fuck off and use correct change.  Was given 2 golden dollar coins AND an additional quarter back...but no soda.  I gave up, and pocketed my profit.
*Waited until 1:10pm for someone to bother to come get me for my (what I THOUGHT was) appointment with the main doctor.  Apparently, all I was seeing was the team nurse for final paperwork and bullshit I had told everyone else I saw 14,234 times that morning.  Was told they were having a "team meeting" on my special ass tomorrow afternoon.  Was given an appointment for 9:00am on Monday.  Joy.  Can I go home now?
*Left the building at 1:30pm.  After being there for 4 1/2 fucking hours.  EAHUFEHFALDBFDL!!!!  NOT a fun way to spent the morning after only 2-ish hours of sleep.
*Got Wendy's for the boy & me for lunch.  Had one of their new "dipped" chicken sandwiches.  YUM.  Satisfied. 
*Realized I was.  Trudged upstairs to investigate my online classrooms a bit before ACTUAL seminar at 7pm.
*Took a nap at 4:30.  Woke up at 6, not feeling much better than before.
*RUSHED through preparing dinner for Grey, while leaving Ralph to fend for himself.  I had time for NOTHING, as class was starting, oh, THEN.
*LOVED my seminar.  Teacher is a lawyer, and used to run her own firm specializing in domestic violence and assault.  She's FUUUUUUNNY!  And the online environment & set-up is pretty snazzy.  Class seems enjoyable.  Teacher already praised my level of participation & assistance with other students.  Turning into teacher's pet on the first damn day.  Ugh, here we go again.  Heh.
*Checked out my OTHER class.  HOLY shitonastick.  Prof is a retired Deputy Director for the Criminal Justice Institute in...somewhere, LOL.  But he's ALL up in the discussion boards already, and seminar isn't until MONDAY night!
*Attempted to do my first discussion board post regarding the surrendering of personal freedoms in order to facilitate the safety of the general population.  Wound up typing half a FUCKING NOVEL before realizing, uh... he only wants a minimum of 100 words, and this is NOT a term paper.  Heh.  I think my brain went into HAPPY DANCE BACK IN COLLEGE MODE and tried to pile drive a thesis into the poor discussion forum.  Cut and pasted what I had typed for possible further use, and STILL couldn't make my brain slow down.  Instead, commented back and forth TWICE with another student's submission, each of THOSE being at least 100 words.  *sigh*  I gotta try and BREATHE a little on this, I can see.  Maybe I'm just all too excited, and not quite used to the "intro-type" classes anymore, since I've already got 2 1/2 years under me.
*Spent 11pm - 12:30am TRYING to get Greyson to settle the HELL down, instead of wanting to jump on the bed, or talk incessantly about the spider under the table making a web when we went for ice cream DAYS ago, or the fact that he has all of a sudden decided that he wants to pee standing up JUST TODAY, and managed to stay dry from 6pm on DUE to this fact, and on and on and blah blah blah ears bleeding now must make him stop.
*Thought I'd pass out once his eyes were *officially* closed.  NOPE!  I'm HERE!  And I'm trying to resist the ITCHING temptation to log back into class and attempt that DAMNED discussion Q again.

Someone slip something into my drink, please.  I think a nice sedative would do the trick. ;)

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Bee said...

Dude! How could you not be OUT after that day you had?? Seriously!

And also?
"Apparently, the words 'jerk,' 'twist,' and 'jolt' are against his professional religion." Hilarious!!

HappyHourSue said...

Sorry you had such a lousy day: maybe this will cheer you up: